Fine hair: we take inspiration from the stars to choose the perfect cut

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Fine hair: we take inspiration from the stars to choose the perfect cut

And no, celebrity does not necessarily rhyme with opulent and lustrous mane. The stars too can have fine hair and this is not inevitable. Surrounded by the best specialists, our actresses, supermodels and favorite singers are capped by the greatest experts and we can trust them when it comes to adapting the scissors to thin hair.

The ideal cut for fine hair?

A good hairdresser knows it, to keep a minimum of volume on fine hair it is necessary to play with the lengths, never too long to avoid the effect "filasse", we banish the taper that will greatly accentuate their lack of mass. We then put on a short cut, or mid-long and wavy for those who still want to keep a certain length. The square is the cut par excellence for fine hair, as can be seen on the model Karlie Kloss who wears it very well. We love it right but it can also degrade for a curved effect of the most glamorous. The fringe is also the friend of this kind of cut, if the shape of the face is oval it is even better.

Dare the color

The cut is already a lot, but to add a little more shine to fine hair we do not hesitate to opt for a color. We will have fun nuances as with a scan that will structure the whole. We can also turn to a strong color such as ash blond, silver-gray style as the singer Louane or a beautiful auburn. All according to the complexion of his skin obviously.

Find our selection of haircuts inspired by stars

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