Flea bites: how to recognize them?

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Flea bites: how to recognize them?

If holidays often rhyme with sun and idleness, it is also the period most conducive to bad encounters. On the way to the beach, at the corner of a street, by the pool, in a park ... In summer, all the animals are out, including fleas. Often associated with the ills of cats and dogs, fleas also attack, although more rarely, men. In addition to sucking the blood of these hosts, fleas can cause itching and transmit diseases and / or allergies. When they settle in your home and they begin to devour you, fleas are to disappear as soon as possible. Still, it is necessary to know how to recognize his traces on the body ...

Flea bite: how to recognize them?

Generally located on the calves or ankles, flea pimples look like very small dark spots, often reddish. They can cause severe itching or, in the most serious and rare cases, fevers or anemia. If the area is stinging, it can create crusts sometimes painful. The presence of blood stains on the sheets and clothes can also alert the existence of these pests in his home.

Flea bite: how to relieve them?

Areas affected by stings should be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic. In case of allergic reaction, it is recommended to consult a doctor. An antibiotic treatment may then be prescribed depending on the severity of the situation.

Flea bite: how to get rid of it?

To say goodbye to these invisible and leathery pests, everything is not so simple. All linens in the house should be combed. Start by dusting the floor with a powerful vacuum cleaner before washing it with detergents. A washing machine beat is also highly recommended. Inside: cushion covers, bedding, animal cushions and clothing. Minimum temperature? 60 ° to get rid of all the bacteria. Against fleas, we opt for a real job of ant!

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