Food, sport, clothes … 6 tips to live well its rules

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Food, sport, clothes ... 6 tips to live well its rules

The rules accompany the life of women from puberty to menopause. And for many of them, it's far from being a pleasant moment. The symptoms that are added to menstruation are painful: pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, digestive disorders, chest pain, migraines or nausea.

Rather than taking medication every month, a proper lifestyle can reduce premenstrual symptoms and thus provide better conditions during menstruation *.

Promote an anti-inflammatory diet

The rules are often accompanied by digestive disorders such as bloating, aerophagia, constipation or, on the contrary, diarrhea. The idea is to go to anti-inflammatory foods and digest easily.

To do this, avoid over-consumption of dairy products and red meat. Bet on foods rich in B9 and calcium (green vegetables, legumes, spirulina ...). Providing sources of fiber (whole wheat, black bread, white beans or dried fruit) as well as products based on omega-3 (chia seeds, flaxseed or oily fish) respectively facilitate digestion and stabilize mood. In addition to meals, drink 1.5 L of water a day especially if you have heavy leg problems and / or constipation.

Boost the body with minerals

Women may be prone to iron deficiency during menstruation. To compensate, consume iron through spirulina, spinach, lentils or dark chocolate ... If anemia is important and recurring, see a doctor. This one may suggest you to supplement the diet with a cure in the form of food supplements.

Another important mineral is magnesium. It is a natural anti-stress that allows better management of lower abdominal pain. Find it in bread, rice, lentils, bananas and some mineral waters.

Soften his sport session

Contrary to what one might think, it is necessary to continue to practice a sport during the rules. Proper physical activity helps to reduce fatigue and pain. According to a study published in early 2019, of 14,184 women surveyed, 78% said that the sport reduces the symptoms related to their menstrual cycle through moderate activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Better to wait until the end of menstruation to do intense sports sessions. Prefer gentler practices. You can also take advantage of this moment to try calmer activities like yoga or walking, especially if you are prone to stomachaches, heavy legs and chest pains.

Enjoy moments of relaxation

During menstruation, women may be more stressed. Relaxation, in addition to a regular sport, is recommended. It can be brought by meditation sessions, sophrology, breathing, a massage or even a bath.

Bet on comfortable clothes

Comfort is in order, adapt your wardrobe! It is advisable for women with chest pain to wear a good bra that should properly support the breasts. You can also wear a bra at night to reduce tugging. At the bottom, favor cotton panties better adapted to hygienic protection.

To avoid the feeling of heavy legs, put on loose pants that do not tighten and socks that do not cut blood circulation. If you have uterine or intestinal pain, avoid socks that tighten your stomach.

Choose a suitable hygienic protection

The choice of hygienic protection is yours. While some women prefer the comfort of a towel or menstrual panty, others prefer the discretion of a tampon or a menstrual cup. You can vary the solutions according to your desire, your schedule (work day or weekend at home) and your sports activity.

The most important thing is to respect the advice of use, which will avoid you a cystitis even a syndrome of the toxic shock: protections kept too long or toilets too spaced favor the infections. A tampon should be changed every 4 to 8 hours and a disposable or reusable sanitary napkin should not be kept for more than 4 to 5 hours. The menstrual cup should be emptied two to four times a day according to the marks. As for menstrual panties, this is the only protection that can be kept all day long.

* If the pain is too great and / or recurrent, talk to your doctor.

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