Forked hair: 3 homemade tips to remove them

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Forked hair: 3 homemade tips to remove them

The hair once pushed can not regenerate like the skin, for example. Only the bulb is poweredThat's why the rest of the fiber must be pampered to keep pretty tips.

1 / Make masks

To prevent the hair from separating and forming a fork, it is important to make care regularly. The use of a conditioner at each washing is necessary and professionals advise to make a mask once or twice a week. Choose one for dry or weakened hair in the trade or you can also make a house.

Mix three tablespoons of honey, one egg and a tablespoon of olive oil or argan. Apply the mixture on your tips and leave about twenty minutes minimum.

2 / Make oil baths

Always in prevention or to limit the multiplication of forks, make oil baths once a week. Be careful not to apply it on your roots at the risk of greasing. Which oils to choose? Those of sweet almond, avocado, olive and argan are recommended: they go feed the fiber and sheath the hair.

3 / Cutting his spikes

This is the last resort if your forks are already installed. If cutting can prove to be a test for some, it is nevertheless the Only solution. Several possibilities are available to you: go to the hairdresser or do it yourself. A professional may possibly advise you for a change of cut or color. If you decide to do it at home, start by drawing a line in the middle of your hair (dry) then tie them in two equal low duvets. Then slide the elastic along the duvets to the length you want and cut!

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Here is another tip to cut your damaged spikes yourself!

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