French manicure

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French manicure

Perhaps the most elegant and at the same time appropriate in any situation is the famous “French” manicure. He immediately attracts attention with his modest sophistication, and is able to decorate any nails. It was created by ORLY as a universal one, so as not to change the varnish for each outfit. The effect of French manicure is determined by a special staining technology, when the emphasis is placed on the tip of the nail, usually of short length. Hands are prepared for the procedure with a traditional bath to soften the cuticle, then it is removed. A colorless base varnish is applied to the treated nail so that there is no “yellowness”. Then they draw a brand “smile”. To do this, the protruding part of the nail from the inside is highlighted with a white cosmetic pencil or specially produced applications. And the nail is varnished with transparent or flesh-colored. You can handle this procedure at home as well.

French coating
There are two options for applying a jacket – by hand and by template. French manicure templates can often be seen in nail beauty shops. Templates come in different shapes – round or corner. Straight templates are used for French pedicure.

“French coating by hand”
1. Cover the nail with a base under the varnish. Dry.
2. Apply white varnish on the free edge of the nail, starting from the center, and then on both sides. Dry.
3. Cover the entire nail with pink transparent varnish. Dry.
4. Apply lacquer fixer from above.

“French coating by pattern”
1. Cover the nail with a base under the varnish. Dry.
2. Glue the template to the nail so that the free edge of the nail remains open.
3. Apply white on the tip of the nail varnish
4. Remove the template. Dry.
5. Cover the nail with pink varnish. Dry.
6. Apply the lacquer fixer.

Today, a new version of the classic French coating is relevant, when not only the free edge of the nail is covered with white varnish, but also the half moon at its base. The half moon line should exactly repeat the smile line.

Decorating French cover
In addition to the traditional French nail design, additional types of decor are often used. For example, the well-known “Silver French”. When on top of the main design, the free edge of the nail is covered with white mother-of-pearl varnish, and fixed on top with a fixative. The use of rhinestones, ornaments for nails, painting transforms the French coating into an exquisite work of art. Such an elegant manicure will add perfection to the image of the bride, everyday life is appropriate at the holiday and in everyday life.

The main rule of the French coating is the use of two main dominant colors. In the classics, it is white and pink. In more modern innovative options, any combination of two primary colors is permissible, the main thing is that they are in harmony with each other and correspond to the image of a person. The nail itself or its free edge can be covered with blue, gold and even black. The number of variations is not limited, but such combinations must be justified by the general style. Additionally, the very edge of the nail or the smile line can be taken off with a decorative strip, as well as rhinestones, painting and nail decorations can be used. French manicure provides a huge scope for creativity. On its basis, a huge number of different compositions for nails can be created from classics to avant-garde and elite works for nails.

Permanent French manicure
Permanent French coverage can be created with nail extensions when the free edge of the nail is bright white. Such a permanent design is very convenient, it does not even have to be varnished, the nails acquire a well-groomed, healthy and natural look. If desired, such a “jacket” can be covered with milky pink varnish and decorated with rhinestones.

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