Generous chest: what bra to choose after 50 years?

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Generous chest: what bra to choose after 50 years?

You are luscious? Are you having trouble choosing the bra that showcases you? Discover all our tips and tricks to find the model that will fit your morphology.

It is not easy to find the right model among all brands of bra, and even more so if you have morphological constraints to meet. Rule number one: focus on comfortable materials and optimal support to always feel at your advantage. Comfort, elegance and modernity are the key words for a successful purchase. Rule number two: Learn to showcase your strengths by choosing the right bra model for your chest. Review of detail.

The bra without underwire

Ultra-comfortable, it is aimed at women looking for a good support thanks to specific materials such as cotton, stretch or elastane. It often has wide straps and an elastic support under the chest. As for color, opt for sober (black, off-white, pastel shades), for more discretion under clothing.

The minimizer bra

It allows you to cheat and visually reduce the volume of the most generous breasts. The model has wrap-around cups and tops to slightly flatter the chest to make it more discreet. It also offers good support, thanks to the wide straps. We love the models with details of lace or satin that give chic to these underwear.

Padded bra

It is a model whose cups are reinforced by the presence of more or less dense foam or shells that offer more rigidity and therefore better support.

The push-up bra

Contrary to popular belief, the push-up is not only to increase the size of the chest. He will also go up the breast by moving it. It highlights your neckline by ensuring a sensual and natural roundness to your chest, it is the perfect model to combine comfort and seduction. Go for it!

In short, we avoid:

  • the triangle bra because its shape is not suitable for strong breasts. Less nested, it has slender straps: its maintenance is not enough.
  • all the frills, flying and others that bring a useless volume.
  • colors too flashy, often unflattering.

Trick lingerie

If your bra becomes too small, gain 5 centimeters of chest by opting for an extension. Very easy to use on all models of bra, just insert it into the already existing hooks, and the round and played!

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