Good Night Wishes Messages (pretty and cute)

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Good Night Wishes Messages (pretty and cute)

All day goes by and something wonderful comes at night because you can think about resting and dedicating a positive message as encouraging to that person you love very much.

Wishing sweet dreams and beautiful words to the person of your dreams is something wonderful and irreplaceable, causing a smile before going to sleep.

That is why I was creating these beautiful messages to dedicate good night and you can get closer and closer to the heart of the person you love.

Regardless of whether distance separates them, but love through messages brings them closer and closer to being together and that is what matters.

I hope you enjoy these sweet words and that the night is a moment of rapprochement with that special person in your life.

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Short Good Night Messages

Start to surprise the love of your life with these beautiful messages in pictures to go to sleep.

Goodnight love
  1. Let me dream of you I need a space to be with your side.
  2. You knew that the best place in bed to sleep with you is in your thoughts. Have a good night.
  3. Every night I look at the sky and all I do is think how happy we would be together; that’s why I wish you sweet dreams my love.
  4. When I was little they told me to count sheep to sleep faster, now I just want to count on you to have beautiful dreams.
  5. If the moon rises in the sky, I understand that my movement freezes and I can only think of you.
  6. Imagine how beautiful it would be if we only illuminate the sky, your heart and mine to illuminate ourselves.
  7. The only star I see at night is the one that lights the way to your lips. Good night!
  8. The heart is not in my chest but in the last person I think of when I go to bed and finish my day. Sweet dreams!
  9. To have beautiful dreams you simply have to remember and remember the most beautiful memory we have together.
  10. When I wake up I like him to say good morning to me the same thing happens at night before I go to sleep. You have a good night!
  11. If you believe in miracles you are on the right track. Good night.
  12. You just have to follow the stars to get to my heart.
  13. I think of you every night that passes in my life and I feel how important it is to be together in every moment.
  14. If you know how to listen to silence you will find my whispers approaching your ear to kiss you.
  15. As you don’t like sleeping with the light off, I took the dare to leave the moon on for you, enjoy it. Goodnight love!
  16. Please tell me what spell you used on me to make me fall in love this way.
  17. At night I hope that your spells of your gaze can appear on the webcam to show me how much you love me.
  18. I hope every day the kiss of good night you never forget it.
  19. The only witness who knows that I think about you every night is the moon and if you don’t believe me, ask her.
  20. Thank God we were able to spend this day in peace and harmony, rest and relax so that tomorrow is better than today.

Good night messages to a special person

good night sweet dreams images
  1. You are not just a special person you are the love of my life.
  2. Fill your heart with love to be able to see the world with different eyes and enjoy the darkness without fear.
  3. Rest my life that tomorrow will be much better I assure you.
  4. Do not give up a lost battle does not mean that you lost the war, go ahead and tomorrow will be another day.
  5. Do not lower your arms remember that there is always a person in the world who thinks of you every night.
  6. My love, I don’t give you flowers because I know you don’t like them, but I give you my heart because you are very special to my life.
  7. I am having a problem every night and it is that I dream of someone very similar to you, I need us to be together to get rid of the doubt.
  8. Did you know that the stars that you look at every night are my eyes that illuminate your dreams.
  9. I promise you will never have nightmares again if you stay with me all night and we wake up hugging each other in the morning.
  10. Nice night I wish you to dream with me and the ghosts disappear.
  11. Blessings I wish you for a pleasant sleep.
  12. Remember to never go to sleep with unresolved problems.
  13. You can’t go to sleep if you don’t have a dream or reason to wake up the next day.
  14. The only way I have to feel close to you is to dream of you every day and remember that you are real in my life.
  15. Do you know what your only flaw is? Not waking up next to me.
  16. I hope you had sweet dreams, because if I don’t have your smile every morning I can’t start my day.
  17. Try that when you lie down in your bed you do not sleep to rest but to dream and be able to be closer and closer to those you want.
  18. Turn off the moon when you finish dreaming.
  19. Something I’ve been waiting for since the morning I woke up. The day is finally over!
  20. If I didn’t know you existed, I would think you are just a dream.

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Messages to wish my boyfriend good night

night love
  1. That you dream of the little angels, dear love, you will always be present in my mind.
  2. Prince of my soul I wish you the best night, that this kiss reaches you and you feel it on your lips.
  3. Caressing you is what I hope but I know that it is impossible at this moment, with just one word from you I can wait for you all my life.
  4. I want to sleep next to you, without thinking about everything that happened to us, I want to hug you very tightly in our bed where it all began.
  5. I remember that day I met you and I hoped to give you a kiss just to taste those lips that in time were mine and will always be mine every night and tomorrow that I’m with you.
  6. Have sweet dreams my love, remember that while you sleep you will have a guardian of your heart by your side.
  7. I know that the impossible can come true and I hope that after tonight, everything will return without reproach.
  8. Lie down and get up not only to rest but to think what a surprise you will give me when you see me again. Sweet dreams!
  9. If you kiss me you make me float as if I were in a dream that has come true.
  10. Thank you for being my boyfriend, my husband, my lover, only what I hope is that you will be for the rest of my days.
  11. If I had to count all the obstacles that we went through to be together, it would not be enough for the whole night or the dawn to list it.
  12. I am proud of our relationship, of being sure that nothing and no one will break what we build and what we feel. I love you, my life.

Pretty and cute messages to wish good night

  1. My love does not reach the roses that I want to give you to be able to tell you everything I love you, rest and remember that tomorrow is our anniversary.
  2. I wanted to put a hundred rose petals on the bed but I remembered that the only flower that is worth it is you, I love you with all my heart that you rest.
  3. Nice words can come out of your mouth when you tell me to go to sleep that is why I always dream that the little angels that one of them is you.
  4. Beautiful dreams you make me provoke every time you look at me with that face of wanting to hug and protect me every moment we get together. Nice dreams my love I wish you from the heart.
  5. You know that you are someone special to me and never forget that since it only separates us from this reality when you sleep.
  6. God wanted us to meet at night when we look at the sky I hope that this beautiful moment never passes and is eternal with you.
  7. It all started with a friendship and now it is much more than just a feeling. Rest for tomorrow we will see each other.

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God messages to wish good night

good night blessings god
  1. Good night my love. God bless you and you can sleep with peace, tranquility and harmony.
  2. If happiness reaches your soul it means that the force of God passed to protect you.
  3. Rest that it is time that the blessings can do their job of taking care of us and giving us inner peace.
  4. The night serves to reflect and think about all the good things we did and forgive the bad things they did to us.
  5. If you do fall asleep on the pillow remember that I will always be by your side to cover you with your sheets and not go through spiritual cold.
  6. I met you, I fell in love and I felt that God gave us his blessing for life. Rest my love.
  7. May it be a pleasant rest and may our hearts be warm freeing us from evil.
  8. Almighty God to protect us from bad influences will be a request that we make of you to be able to start again on the path of good I thank you with all my heart for what you do for my family good night.
  9. My dreams can only be real when the Lord’s word blesses my deeds.

I hope you liked these beautiful phrases to go to sleep.

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