Grains of beauty: we have them with the eye!

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Grains of beauty: we have them with the eye!

I plan a regular check

The best way to spot moles early is to consult the dermatologist once a year.

I observe myself from every angle

In addition to your dermato appointment, perform at least three times a year the ABCDE test, validated by the health authorities. In front of a large mirror, examine your entire body from head to toe. If it seems to you that one of your moles has evolved recently with regard to the criteria below, consult.

Self-examination with the test "ABCDE"

A ... Asymmetry
The pigmented spot or mole has a non-circular shape, with two halves that are not alike.

B ... Irregular edges
A mole is serrated, poorly defined with sometimes an extension of the pigment of the skin around the spot.

C ... Non-homogeneous color
There are several shades: black, blue, brown, red or white.

D ... Diameter
The size of the mole is increasing (usually greater than 6 mm).

E ... Evolution
Any spot that changes appearance quickly (shape, size, thickness, color) must be examined without delay.

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