Gray, white, chestnut hair … What color of clothes to choose?

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Gray, white, chestnut hair ... What color of clothes to choose?

I'm brunette

Whether your dark hair is hot or cold, it does not matter. To find your look, also take into account your complexion. For example, the blue sky enhances the freshness of a porcelain complexion, the red boosts it and the blood orange highlights matte skin. Good-looking effect assured!

I have a red mane

We take advantage of our capillary flamboyance and the clarity of our skin to draw in the warm register of spicy colors like the saffron or orange, which combine perfectly. On the other hand, the association with a complementary color like the fir green contrasts by giving character.

I've got brown hair

If you have a rather dull complexion, it is dope with a beautiful nuance vitamin like mandarin, which at the same time wakes the hair. With a clear skin, we choose a tone that is both calm and luminous like celadon. You do not want to think more than that? Take khaki, he likes all skin tones!

My hair has whitened

Either one looks for more brilliance and one tries oneself with the acidulous colors type lemon yellow. Either we prefer to wrap with a soft shades of shades ranging from the sage petal pink to the sweetest tone of raspberry. In any case, freshness assured.

I have gray hair

We warm up their ashen side with warm colors, even downright franks like the poppy or golden yellow if you have tanned skin. With a diaphanous complexion, we favor the range of roses Cotton candy, tea or candy: paler they may extinguish your pepper and salt instead of magnify.

I am blonde

If you have sunbathed, you will be radiant with shades of blue jeans, periwinkle or lavender. To raise a clear complexion, rather than the bright pink a little too Barbie, you can play the subtlety with the coral, powder and fishing. By cons, we forget the total look monochrome, boring.

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