Hair: 20 shampoos to adopt to boost their volume

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Hair: 20 shampoos to adopt to boost their volume

What shampoo for my flat hair?

Privilege light textures, which clean without weighing down. Anti-oily hair shampoos can also help you get more volume: it's indeed sebum which tends to weigh down the hair and give that impression of flat hair.

Side formulation, the shampoos that contain amino acids are particularly indicated for fine hair. They will stimulate hair growth and make them visually thicker. You can also trust shampoos enriched with bamboo extract. Its sheathing, softening and protective properties strengthen the hair and facilitate their disentangling.

Errors to avoid

In addition to adopting the right shampoo, some habits are to put in place to have thick and voluminous hair. Avoid putting a mask on every wash. Very nourishingit tends to weigh down your hair. The addicts to the conditioner will also take care to deposit the product only on the spikes and especially not on the roots to not grease the scalp. And for a volume effect that lasts, do not skip the texturizing spray (or dry shampoo). It creases the hair nicely to make it more dense and voluminous.

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