Hair care: it's crazy!

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Hair care: it's crazy!

The pre-shampoo

Its mission: clean the scalp gently and soothe sensitive skin. Often presented as an oil, it is applied dry for about ten minutes. Then just rinse and shampoo. Convenient when the skin is scratchy, tight or particularly dirty.

The low shampoo

Inspired by the trend of "no poo", which consists of zapping the shampoo in favor of baking soda or cider vinegar, this product comes in the form of a sulphate-free, silicone-free, soap-rich cleansing cream . Low foaming, it is suitable for normal scalps and curly hair, dry, sensitized and colored. It can be used as often as desired, instead of the usual shampoo, or alternating with it.

The scrub

The scrub of the scalp allows, by mechanical exfoliation, to eliminate impurities, dead cells, residues of styling products and particles of pollution. Avoid it in case of irritated or sensitive skull. Some foaming formulas replace the shampoo, while the cream textures are used before him. The right gesture: apply the product line by line, then gently massage the scalp to take off all the dirt. To be done once a week, or every two weeks.

The conditioner

Indispensable for long and medium-length hair, the conditioner helps to absorb the fiber and facilitates disentangling. He also plays the role of beautifier. It is used after each wash on hair perfectly wrung (to prevent the formula is diluted), and sometimes requires a time of installation. Then, untangled with a wide-toothed comb up from the tips and rinsed thoroughly.

The mask

It is the friend of long and medium-long hair, attacked by the blow-dry, the chemicals, the solar exposures. Its rich texture heals and deeply nourishes the loops, the dry tips and restores radiance to the colored locks. Once or twice a week after brushing, apply on each bit by mixing well to penetrate the product. Let the necessary time, under a hot towel or a plastic cap if you want to strengthen the penetration of assets.

The day cream

In the manner of a classic facial, the hair declination hydrates daily. It is used every day if you want, on dry or wet hair, to heal the tips, restore flexibility and discipline the lengths, avoid frizz, and fight against static electricity. It can even help to take a few strands for an express blow dry. It is the smart ally between two shampoos.

Rinsing vinegar

This acidic preparation makes it possible to tighten the scales of the hair and dissolve the limescale residues contained in the tap water. A good way to optimize the shine of the hair fiber. To be straightened after each shampoo, or as soon as the hair is dull. There are also spray formulas to use pure.

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