Hair: find out why they should never be tied in the shower

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Hair: find out why they should never be tied in the shower

Do not wash your hair every day to avoid damaging the scalp, which is very important to avoid dandruff and other problems related to too frequent washing with aggressive products. The solution ? Space the shampoos. But that means that between each wash, the hair is attached in a ponytail or in a high bun to avoid getting wet. Find out why this habit is to forbid.

Too much pressure

The hair fiber is fragileespecially if it is discolored and wet. Indeed, if she is full of water, her scales are weakened and she becomes very elastic. Result, it can break more easily and eventually, your hair is less beautiful. That's why it's do not brush them when they are wet or sleeping while they are still wet. During the night, rubbing with your sheets can damage your mane.

Tying her hair with a elastic in the shower would be as bad. The reason ? Even if the hair is not directly put under water, they absorb moisture. Deycke Heidorn, a New Yorker hairdresser explains to Bustle magazine that elastics exert too much pressure on the hair fiber, then very fragile because wet.

Replace the elastic with a clip

But then how to tie her hair during the shower? Exit the darlings, the expert explains that it is necessary to bet on the big clawsbecause they hold the hair without crushing it. Another tip: put all your hair on top of the head to avoid pulling too much and tear them off.

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