Hair loss: can we stop their fall?

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Hair loss: can we stop their fall?

Losing your hair is not inevitable: it's normal that they fall because they evolve according to a particular cycle. There are two cases of abnormal capillary loss, acute and chronic. The acute loss is passingit does not last very long and is very common in women. "It is commonplace and often happens after childbirth, during a change of seasonduring a period of stress, from tired or after General anaesthesia"says Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.

On the other hand, chronic loss, she, lasts on of long periods. "It can be spread over 3 months or more than 6 months", says the expert. Its causes? An inappropriate pill change, thyroid problems, iron deficiency or vitamins (D, B12 ...). "Tobacco and pollution may also be factors that encourage chronic capillary loss "warns Nina Roos. She is often treated with local treatments to rub on the scalp: "It is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe an adapted treatment".

How to fight against hair loss?

1 / Use the right products

"We have no leverage for everything, we can not act on all the factors that make to fall hair" says the dermatologist. Nevertheless, we can limit the damage. Whether you suffer from acute or chronic loss, it is advisable to avoid making too frequent smoothings, applying chemicals on the hair or tying them too tightly. Also think about adapting your hair routine : "It is necessary to use very soft shampoos adapted to the frequent use not to attack the scalp".

2 / Adopt a good diet

Then you have to adopt healthy lifestyle. "It starts with a healthy and balanced diet, rich in iron"explains the expert. It is then necessary to reduce or stop consuming tobacco, which plays a role in the health of the hair. Just like urban pollution : "You should at least rinse your hair at night when you come in to remove dust and dirt".

3 / Sports

Regular practice of physical activity is also very important because "It helps oxygenate the scalp and stimulate blood circulationexplains the dermatologist, it also helps reduce stress, one of the factors of hair loss.

4 / Make cures

To make up for the seasonal hair loss, the dermatologist advises to make vitamin B12 or yeast beer supplements in autumn and / or spring, when the lifestyle, climate and diet tend to change.

Thanks to Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist, for her advice.

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