Hair styling with an iron: 5 ways

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Hair styling with an iron: 5 ways

You are mistaken if you are sure that a hair straightener is a tool that is necessary only for owners of fluffy, wavy or, in extreme cases, porous and fluffy hair. In fact, even fans of a straight square need this useful gadget. Moreover, it will not interfere with the happy owners of perfectly straight and smooth hair. The main thing is to use it correctly.

Using the iron correctly refers to four aspects:

  • The use of thermal protection means.
  • Choosing a temperature that will cause minimal damage to your hair.
  • Activation of the ionization function.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly before flattening or styling.

When does the Remington hair straightener become the fashionistas’ right hand?

Beautiful styling of short hair

Almost all fans of the classic straight square or square with lengthening are familiar with the problem of unruly hair. If part of the head of hair strives to live its own life, the hair curls inward or, on the contrary, sticks out, you can get rid of this nuisance that spoils the perfect bow with the help of an iron heated to medium temperature. It is enough to use it as a leveler, carefully correcting all the “flaws” of the hairstyle.

Root volume

If nature has not rewarded a lush shock of hair, an electric iron will help to add a little volume.

The algorithm for creating a voluminous hairstyle is as simple as possible. First you need to turn on and heat the iron, then divide the hair into strands (the same or different for the effect of negligence) and create a slight lift at their roots.

Curls for any length

No matter how funny it may sound, but with the help of a straightener, you can form almost the most beautiful curls. They need to be done in stages:

  • thoroughly treat hair with thermal protection;
  • turn on the iron and heat to the required temperature;
  • divide hair into parts (future curls);
  • clamp one strand between the heating surfaces of the iron and wrap it around the base several times;
  • slowly, turning clockwise, lower the iron along the strand;
  • process the finished curl with a lock and repeat the procedure for each strand.

Quick styling “pigtails”

Lovers of the light wave that comes after sleeping with pigtails can get the desired perm much faster than overnight. You need to braid any number of braids (for large curls, 4-5 braids are enough, and for small ones – 10-12) and go over them with an iron. It is supposedly necessary to “straighten” the pigtails, and then – to undo them.

“Beach” curls for long hair

At home, you can create a “beach” styling, which often naturally occurs in curly girls due to wet weather.

To create such a hairstyle, you should:

  • divide your hair into 5-6 equal parts,
  • wrap each part in a tourniquet and secure at the bottom with an invisible or elastic band;
  • warm the harnesses with an iron and dissolve.

To enhance the effect, loose hair can be lightly tousled with your fingers.

The main feature of the iron, which was originally created exclusively for straightening curls and waves, is its versatility. It is suitable for shaping big waves in the style of the 60s and small curls that resemble the once popular “chemistry”.

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