Hairstyle, make-up … 5 tips to save time in the morning in your bathroom

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Hairstyle, make-up ... 5 tips to save time in the morning in your bathroom

The return of holidays often rhymes with "good resolutions": do more sports, go to bed earlier, eat better and ... stop running in the morning! To get there, some tricks are well known: prepare the outfit the day before or set up breakfast before bed ... But do you know that you can also optimize the time you spend in the bathroom and come out just as pretty? To help you lighten your morning timing, here are reflexes to the pros, storage tips and formulas that know how to do everything in one gesture or almost!

1 / I sort the products

Whether on the shelf, in the makeup case or on the edge of the tub, the accumulation of tubes and unused pots requires to search sometimes long before finding the right. The solution ? Sort and tidy efficiently.

Effective storage: Discard all expired products. To know how long formulas are kept after opening, rely on the picto-shaped pot open on the back. Some have never been started or used infrequently, like a perfume, a cream or a mascara? Give them! For the rest, store them by families (cleaners, day creams, styling products etc), in baskets for example and trade the makeup kit against an organizer: a sort of special sorter brushes, makeup and lipstick. You will quickly see the difference!

2 / I use multi-function formulas

To take care of hair and skin, choose multi-purpose products allows you to manage several steps in one gesture. Essential when running after time.

Express formulas: The top? The oils that are ideal for sublimate the hair and nourish the skin after the shower. But you can also bet on facial treatments that offer multiple benefits: hydration, correction, protection, perfection and makeup base. Some are used even on the face and eyes. On the hair side, opt for a shampoo with integrated conditioner or for a "10 in 1" treatment spray, unbeatable to reveal a dreamy hair in record time!

3 / I wear makeup in the right order

Follow the same steps as the makeup artists pros allows to limit the number of small retouches along the way.

The quick make-up: Start with your eyes, especially if you use eye shadow. In this way, if pigments fall on dark circles or cheeks, or settle on the upper eyelid, you can remove them without having all the complexion to rework. Then make up the eyelashes, then go to the application of the foundation and the corrector, some products do both. Well, too, multifunction blushes, which also apply on the lips and eyelids ! The trick in addition: fix the makeup with a specific mist for a perfect all day.

4 / I reduce the drying time of the hair

Playing the hair dryer right out of the shower thinking it's the fastest way to get a good haircut is a mistake. The stage takes indeed twice more time thanwith a good pre-drying.

The spin that changes everything: Twist the lengths and wrap them in a microfiber towel, time to wash your teeth, face, apply a day care. Unwrap the towel and finish wringing by squeezing the hair inside it without rubbing it. You can now finish with a hair dryer with a powerful airflow: in 5 minutes maximum the hair will be dry and tamed. The extra advice: if your bathroom is wet, finish drying in another room, the operation will take even less time!

5 / I use a heating tool to comb my hair

There are few brushings made with a hair dryer and a successful brush on the first try! Fortunately some heating brushes do all the work for you, or almost.

The accelerated brushing: These tools dry (the lengths must be well pre-dried) and form at the same time. Tie the hair and start with the hair of the neck. Work on wicks about 3 cm wide. Wrap it around the brush, then make it down and slide to the tip gently. Insist a few moments where you want to give the movement and voila! Do the same for the rest of the hair. Good to know: most of these brushes are sold with several tips to change style, more or less smooth, curly or wavy.

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