Hand washing, storage … What are the most common tocs?

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Hand washing, storage ... What are the most common tocs?

Obsessed by hygiene, microbes or insects, anxious by storage or change or tormented by the fear of being at the origin of a misfortune? No doubt, you are one of the 2% to 3% * of French people suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Chronic psychic disease, OCD is characterized by two types of more or less pronounced symptoms: obsessions, recurring thoughts and annoying that cause anxiety, and compulsions, uncontrolled repetitive behaviors. We tell you more.

Obsession, did you say obsession?

Dirt, hygiene, contamination or even sexuality, these obsessions most often concern specific themes. "They appear for no reason in the mind of the patient in a constraining and intrusive way", can we read on the website Ameli Santé. "They can even seem very unpleasant, unacceptable or disgusting.In everyday life, these symptoms generate anguish and suffering".

Obsessive-compulsive disorders are the fourth most common psychiatric disorder (after phobias, addictions to alcohol and drugs and depressive disorders). If they vary from one patient to another, in the same patient, they are most often linked to a central theme. Non-exhaustive list.

The obsession for washing hands

Hand washing compulsively up to 100 times a day, cleaning for several hours, repeated cleaning or social obsession with being in contact with people, objects or places considered as "Dirty" this TOC arrives at the top of the podium, the most widespread. It affects mostly women.

The obsession with forgetfulness and / or error

While the obsession with handwashing affects mostly women, the obsession with forgetting or error is more common among men. It results in the constant fear of having forgotten to do something and / or having done it badly. Example: check several times that the front door is closed or the gas is off.

The obsession with the order

Stow at all times, fold your clothes, arrange them in a precise arrangement ... The person obsessed with the order does not support that an object is not in its proper place. She needs symmetry.

The obsessive fear of throwing

Another common OCD is to be afraid of throwing things out of fear of separating from a good or important paper. Direct consequence: the patient accumulates and piles up everything.

The obsession of the body

This OCD is based on an exaggerated complex that the patient in question will spend his time camouflaging. On the program: nose considered too big, acne ... Makeup, clothing, accessories, all means will be allowed to hide it, modify it.

* If the statistics estimate between 2% and 3% the number of French people who suffer from OCD, it is estimated that this figure is below reality. And for good reason, some people do not consult and are not taken into account in this census.

Sources: Ameli.

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