Health : 24 good resolutions 2020 for a better and happier year

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Health : 24 good resolutions 2020 for a better and happier year

good resolutions for 2020

You know the cliché: the first of January we are all always so full of good resolutions and ready to start a better year. But then February arrives and with this, your bad habits come back. Yes, it’s always been like this until this year.

When it comes to good resolutions for a happy 2020, instead of thinking about what you 'need' to do or what you need to do, try to focus on doing more things that make you happy. . Yes, because good resolutions rooted in self-criticism or in the desire to "repair" can never work, because toxic for us. On the contrary, good resolutions born from a desire or from joy and pleasure are much more likely to keep us motivated.

List your good resolutions for 2020

good resolutions for 2020

So what can these ‘new’ good resolutions look like? You just have to start thinking about what will be the best version of yourself. And this is not a fixed version at all, but a version of the self that is simply "improved". Then from there you can start creating your good resolutions for the coming year that will form the basis of this image.

Every year we have parties and the purpose of these parties is to remind us to live better. The New Year is a chance for a new start, for new intentions – a time to redefine yourself and learn not to take your life for granted. So in this article you will find some good resolution ideas to make you feel better in 2020 by starting with a resolution for your resolutions.

List the resolutions you make

to do list with good resolutions 2020

Create a checklist for each resolution you follow.

It is advisable to carefully consider in detail the steps you need to take to accomplish each of your goals for the 2020. Finally ready to start your own kitchens? You will need more than just funding and the internet, but this is a good start. Check every little step you take and savor the little boost of dopamine you get as you progress. Writing your long-term resolutions will also help you free up space in your brain to think more about what you're doing.

Hear what your body wants

good resolutions to eat better

Learn more about intuitive eating

Forget the fact of counting calories and fad diets. In 2020, try to better understand what your body is trying to tell you and what it really needs at some point. Intuitive eating is an antidote to dieting and the trauma it can create. It's all about listening to your body's clues. That's all.

Too much coffee is bad for your health

good resolutions: less caffeine

Reduce your coffee consumption

'Don't come to me! Not before I’ve had my coffee Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, it seems that we all walk with caffeine. But as you certainly know, too much caffeine can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In general, do not neglect your body's signals when it is tired and do not stay long while watching your favorite series on TV. Try to limit yourself to 400mg of caffeine during the day, which should be enough to keep you motivated in the morning.

Complaining prevents you from succeeding

good resolutions: fill up less

Stop complaining all week

Sometimes we just need to talk about what's bothering us but negative energy always finds a way to destroy us if we left it. Unless you're complaining about finding a way to change what you don't like, complaining won't help. Instead of complaining, use this time to find a solution to your woes. The less you complain, the happier you will be in 2020.

Good resolutions 2020: clean up your social networks

social networks in 2020

Clean up your social networks

Do you ever look at your Instagram and feel bad afterwards and not for the reason that you wasted too much time on it? It only takes two seconds to change this. How? 'Or' What ? Don’t follow people who believe you’re a “before” image or “project” on Instagram. Instead, try to find posts that motivate and inspire you. Or delete all the social networks you have. Because there’s no real reason to keep an app that makes you unhappy while using it.

good family resolutions

Find the balance between work and family life that's right for you

The irony in trying to find the balance in your life is that often the fact that people torture themselves because what is good for them is not what the culture of 'well-being' says it must be. But instead of torturing yourself, try to find practices that fit well into your work and family life routine. If you are not a yogi or do not like to meditate, then do not do it. Take the time to do what is right for you and makes you happy and accomplished.

good resolutions; clean his house

Spend five minutes each day cleaning and storing

Many things in your house or apartment are much dirtier than you think, starting with the dish towel, bed sheets or makeup brushes. By taking just 5 minutes every day to wipe the front of your coffee maker glass or change your sheets once a week, you'll live in a cleaner, healthier space.

good decisions for 2020

Do something that scares you every week

Or why not every day? This does not mean that you should go skydiving every week but instead of not letting fear prevent you from doing certain ordinary activities. Working on your fears will help you lead a life with fewer regrets and more challenges to develop yourself into new horizons.

good resolutions: be nice

Be kinder to others

You are allowed to have a bad day, but you are not allowed to attack others because of your bad day. Instead, make a promise to yourself this year to take another second to respond with compassion and kindness even in your most frustrated moments. Having kindness and compassion for others is one of the most important aspects for humans.

have fun in 2020

Turn 2020 into a year of fun

And yes, this is perhaps the best of the good resolutions that we can make. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or a dessert day when you’re not exercising, make the decision to do more things that make you happy without feeling bad afterwards. Pleasure is a very good thing. We are always taught that pleasure should not be too much and that it should be earned. But you don't have to deserve your pleasure and this is very important to know to each of you that you hesitate to please yourself.

believe in yourself

Don't give up even if you fail

Even if it's one of those weekends where you end up spending too much money or one of those weeks where you can't find the time to go to the gym, don't give up on your good intentions. It's not an all or nothing question. Go back to the right path and reconnect with your vision for a better you.

plastic bottle

Buy yourself a reusable water bottle and really use it

Welcome to the new decade by doing something good for Earth. Globally, men buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute, according to Forbes, and most of that plastic doesn't end up in the trash. Too often, these plastics end up in the oceans and it’s certainly not good for nature. Every time you fill your bottle with water instead of buying a new plastic bottle, you're doing a little bit for the environment.

listen to others

Take small steps to become a committed citizen

No, you cannot solve all global problems on your own. But there are little things you can do as an individual to increase your civic engagement. And even a little something is much better than nothing. Try to volunteer when you have time, donate to a charitable cause and most importantly – vote in elections.

have a green plant at home

Have at least one green plant at home

With benefits like air purification, having a green plant at home can only do you good, and it's always a great resolution for the New Year. And even if you don't really have a green thumb, there are plants that are almost impossible to kill. Come on, go ahead and buy one!

take a break

Take a vacation once a season

Even if it is only a short weekend in a small town that you have not visited not far from where you live, a breakaway can help you rest and refocus when you are at work. Stop thinking about vacations as a pleasure and start to perceive them as a well-deserved break to come back more motivated next Monday.

buy clothes of good size

Buy clothes according to your body type at this precise moment

Instead of waiting for ‘one day’, find and wear the clothes you are feeling good in at the moment. That means buying jeans in the size you are wearing at the time, not the size you want to wear in three months or a year. After all, feeling good about yourself will never go out of fashion.

essential oils for the home

Fill your home with essential oils

Aromatherapy has now entered our lives and can actually do you good and make you healthier. Depending on the aromas you choose, essential oils have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, decrease stress levels and improve sleep.

read books in 2020

Read at least one book per month

There's nothing better than getting rid of the screens and opening a good old book. And yes, personal growth! How about a book that will make your heart beat very hard? Or maybe a book filled with a word of wisdom?

good resolutions; take care of his health

Invest in your health

Joining a sports club, going to a therapist or buying healthy food all costs money, yes, but it is money well spent. By focusing your finances on your health you may even end up saving money by avoiding the large costs often associated with chronic health problems. In addition, if you take care of yourself, then it will be much easier for you to take care of your family and loved ones.

lsite of good resolutions 2020

Listen more

Certainly you have ever accused someone of not listening to what you say to them often. But how often do you really pay attention to what you are told? Make an effort to really listen to the person talking to you by leaving your phone aside, looking them in the eye and making a deliberate decision to say nothing until they are finished . And voila, you will have a real face to face conversation.

make the list with exercises

Plan your sports exercises from week to week

This is one of the rather easy good resolutions. Choose a number of exercises you want to complete per week. Then at the beginning of each week, do your fitness program. This is a much easier goal to accomplish on a daily basis compared to a long term goal for weight loss. But in the end, you will see the weight go away thanks to your new consistent routine.

play sports and walk

Take 1000 more steps per day

If you don't have a fitness tracker yet, the 2020 is your year. You can walk everywhere. Go hiking, avoid using public transportation, or walk in a park. Walking will not only help you improve your metabolism, but it is also very good for your heart, brain, joints etc.

It is certain that you will not be able to take 10,000 more steps overnight. But instead of forcing yourself. Instead, start by adding 1,000 steps to your daily routine. When it starts to seem easy, continue with another 1000 steps.

play sports in the morning

Spend 9 minutes waking up your body

You are not asked to do great sporting feats every day, but starting the day with a little movement will help you feel much better and perhaps even more awake. You can try what is known as controlled joint rotations which include doing hand circles, hip circles or just bending and flexing your joints.

A good idea for a New Year's resolution: twice a week, take the time in the morning to spend three minutes each doing neck circles, ankle circles and hip circles. This will touch all of the typically tight spots helping you improve your mobility.

list its resolutions

Take the time once a week to write down everything you can achieve at work

We often tend to focus on what we have failed to do, but it is very important to think about our success as well. Even if you work as a team, watch your contribution to the success of your team and then put this list of success somewhere to complete it the week after. The key here is to celebrate and focus on everything you've done. Then you can show this list to your boss if necessary or add it to your CV. Follow your little successes to feel good and it will affect the rest of your life for the next year.

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