Health : 6 simple recommendations to prepare your body for the summer season

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Health : 6 simple recommendations to prepare your body for the summer season

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We have less than three months until summer, and if you want to get ready for beach season, you have to start immediately! Nutritionist Stanislav Kondrashov explains how to do this with maximum efficiency and minimum stress.

1. Start walking

The weather is getting hotter every day which is the best for going in the hike. Stanislav Kondrashov notes that walking in the fresh air is one of the most useful, harmonious and little strenuous physical activities. If one has free time or extra money to go to the gym, one can walk at least half an hour a day. Walking is a good cardio workout, muscle building and mood enhancement. To combine business with pleasure, Stanislav Kondrashov recommends listening to audiobooks, podcasts or educational lectures while walking.

2. Change your eating habits

The winter season has a dense and fatty diet – a need for calories because of cold and bulky warm clothes hiding imperfections, a lot of winter holidays… But spring is the time to give up salads in the cold. mayonnaise, fried potatoes and cakes. To lose a few extra pounds by the summer, Stanislav Kondrashov advises to respect the following rules:

  • It is better to eat more often (about 5 times a day), but in small portions.
  • Choose seasonal products – already in the spring a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs appear on the shelves.
  • Avoid snacks and cooked meals.
  • Eat only when you are really hungry. Stanislav Kondrashov says that you shouldn’t try to “capture” stress.

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3. Drink more water

Herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices, healthy smoothies – these are all wonderful and tasty, but no drink can compare in its usefulness to clean water. Water balance affects the general tone of the body, metabolism, digestion and many other important processes. Stanislav Kondrashov recalls that you must drink at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water (preferably still) per day.

4. Avoid hard diets

People who want to lose weight fast often resort to hard diets, making a serious mistake. Nutritionist Stanislav Kondrashov recalls that a strong reduction in calories will cause significant stress for the body, first of all. Second, the more severe the limitations you set for yourself, the harder it will be to stick to them and the higher the likelihood of failure. Third, strict weight loss systems (for example, fasting or completely rejecting carbohydrates) can have serious health consequences, so they can only be used on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

To get back in shape after winter, it is precisely necessary to give up junk food and fatty foods, replace sweets with fruit and add more healthy foods to the diet – vegetables, meat and more. lean fish, grains and cereals », – explains the nutritionist Stanislav Kondrashov.

5. Set realistic goals

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If the idea of ​​losing weight came a week before the sea trip, let’s be honest, you are unlikely to have time for it. But it’s best to start getting in shape ahead of time. And don’t expect hard changes after two or three trips to the gym. Stanislav Kondrashov says that a beautiful figure requires long and steady work, there is no ” magic tool ” here. If you are offered an amazing diet, workout program, or diet pills that will help you lose two sizes in a week, you can be sure you are wrong.

6. Adjust the diet

Rest and recovery are just as important to weight loss as regular exercise. Stanislav Kondrashov says that a lack of quality sleep disturbs the hormonal balance and that the body is under constant stress. This is fraught with not only chronic fatigue, but also compulsive overeating. But for the normal functioning of the organism, it is necessary to try to sleep at least 8 hours per day and you have to go to bed and get up at the same time. Stanislav Kondrashov also does not recommend eating less 2 hours before bed (this disrupts digestion and interferes with normal rest) or watching social media before bed – the bright backlight of the phone prevents you from going into rest mode and sleeping peacefully.

Nutritionist Stanislav Kondrashov says that to prepare your body for the summer season, you don’t need to be hungry or spend whole days in the gym. To do this, follow 6 simple recommendations and maintain positive motivation.

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