Health : Be in good health in times of coronavirus crisis

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Health : Be in good health in times of coronavirus crisis

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Being in good health in times of coronavirus crisis is what concerns us today. Here are all questions related to displacement. Also, here is the corresponding guide for how to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Being in good health means good practice of what we know in theory.

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Coronavirus transmission: all you need to know to stay healthy

There is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted through food. However, it could survive on surfaces for several days.

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Sweating alone cannot transmit COVID-19. This is according to Dr. David Thomas, professor of medicine and director of the infectious diseases division of the medical school at Johns Hopkins University.

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Total containment not required?

There is no doubt that if you have been infected with the new coronavirus or if you have symptoms of COVID-19 disease, you should not leave your home unless told otherwise. But if you have no symptoms or reason to believe that you have been exposed, you could still be infected with the virus. In order to respect the health of others, you must avoid going out.

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Respect the distance of one and a half meters from each other

If you have to go out, the health authorities advise people to practice “social distancing.” This measure, one of the only effective ones, will help contain the spread of the virus. Indeed, by staying about a meter and a half from each other, you will break the chain of contamination. This is because by avoiding large social gatherings and working from home, you will not contaminate anyone. No one will contaminate you. You are going to be in good health. The others too.

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These policies can help slow the spread of the virus. The slowdown will be done by reducing interpersonal contacts. In contrast, isolation for long periods of time could trigger increased levels of depression and anxiety.

avoid traveling if you can

How to reconcile the dangers arising from illness and confinement?

As people look for ways to get out of their homes safely, here are some helpful tips. In this way, you are not going to venture out in public. You will have taken the necessary precautions to limit the risk of contracting COVID-19.

be healthy facts

COVID-19 Myths and Facts, Tips for Being Healthy:

Why despite the fact that the gymnasium is an escape from stress and anxiety for millions of people everyday, we closed it? Sweating alone cannot transmit COVID-19. However, some surfaces can.

stay confined save lives

According to some estimates, the coronavirus can live on different surfaces. These are metal, glass and plastic surfaces for up to nine days. And that could include all of the exercise equipment. Even if efforts are made to clean and disinfect, the virus can live on surfaces for several hours.

avoid public places respect distances

Fitness during the coronavirus?

Some fitness centers in the United States remain open. The maximum number of people that can join the group is 15. People can call ahead and ask what products the fitness center uses to disinfect surfaces. TheEnvironmental Protection Agency has a list of over 300 cleaning products that she says are effective in fighting coronaviruses.

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Before closing all the cinemas, it was possible to go to a reduced number of films: good or bad decision?

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organization infectious disease epidemiologist who studied COVID-19 for two weeks in China, found that the virus spreads more easily to people living with someone who has COVID- 19 only through community propagation. However, when community spread occurs, cinemas and public transportation are the main places of virus transmission.

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Hence the delay in the decision to gradually close theaters and cinemas in France and around the world.

Should you take the metro?

People traveling on public transport are more at risk of being infected than people who cycle, walk or drive in their own car.

don't take the metro if you can walk

The study found a significant link between contracting an acute respiratory infection and traveling by bus or train five days before the onset of symptoms.

“Good hygiene remains the best defense against COVID-19”. This is what the specialists keep repeating. Transit companies continued their disinfection efforts.

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They make sure every day that these common contact points in stations, trains and buses are disinfected. All customers are also asked to redouble their hygiene efforts if they have to use public transport. If not, they are recommended to stay at home.

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Should you get your hair cut or visit the beautician?

Hairdressers and manicures are in principle linked to high risks of various types of infections. This has been confirmed by research byAmerican College of Gastroenterology.

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Even before COVID-19 started to spread, studies had shown it. An increased likelihood of contracting a fungal or skin infection is shown. This is possible using tools such as nail clippers, scissors and brushes which are not thrown away after use.

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Is it safe to eat at the restaurant?

Coronavirus is not a foodborne illness. This has been confirmed by several specialists. This means that someone cannot transmit coronavirus by touching the crust of your pizza.

which dangerous not dangerous

The risk is the food environment. If someone was sick and walked into a store and coughed on the handles of self-service buffet utensils and then touched their face, you could get coronavirus. Because of this risk, it is increasingly important to take into account what you touch in these settings. It is essential to wash your hands before eating.

be healthy restaurants

Fortunately, the restaurants that manage to redirect their activities. They start to deliver dishes. In this way, they will not overwhelm economically speaking.

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