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Calories Swimming - How to Lose Weight With Swimming During Holidays?

calories swimming vacation weight loss

Swimming and weight loss during the summer? Can we enjoy the holiday season, the sun and the beach, while burning calories? This is a question that often arises as the holidays approach! In this issue, we are looking at the issue of swimming calories that can be burned by taking advantage of summer and holidays. Read on to learn how to lose weight (or continue to lose weight) through swimming.

How to burn swimming calories and lose weight with swimming during the holidays?

One of the good things about the summer is that it is full of opportunities to lose belly or extra pounds, more generally. Swimming provides us with one of these opportunities. In fact, swimming in the sea, in the ocean or in a swimming pool is one of the activities we practice most often during this time of the year. And that, almost daily! Therefore, nothing prevents us from burning calories through it, almost without any effort.

Calories swimming slim down with swimming

In addressing the subject of swimming calories and weight loss with swimming, it should be noted that this is a type of exercise. So, we strongly advise you to combine swimming with good diet. This is the best way to lose weight faster. In addition, if you wish, you could also add other physical exercises to your routine, such as, for example, those practiced on the beach or in the water. Here's how to make these physical activities more effective and lose weight with swimming!

Why burn calories with swimming on the beach is a good idea?

burn calories with swimming

Swimming to burn calories during the holidays is, above all, a pleasant activity. For many people, it's a far more fun experience than hours spent in the gym. Depending on the location and the region, you could take the opportunity to observe marine life, or even swim in a very picturesque setting.

the benefits of swimming during holidays

For example, if you spend your holidays in the Mediterranean, you can find beaches that are close to ancient cities. Take the opportunity to observe remains of these while swimming. On some beaches, this type of remains are at a very shallow depth. So, we can see them without doing dives.

All of these factors make weight loss with swimming an activity more fun and enjoyable than the exercises inside the house. But, in addition, swimming has proven effects on health.

to swim during the holidays

Benefits for our cardiovascular system

In addition to losing weight while swimming, exercising at the beach offers great benefits for our cardiovascular system. Swimming speeds up the movements. With the exercises practiced in water, the impact on the joints is much less important compared with other exercises, such as running or football games, for example. Swimming is the best way to lose weight if your back or knees hurt.

benefits swimming weight loss

Moving in the water reduces the risk of common incidents

Running or doing other exercises increases body temperature. For this reason, this type of activity burns more calories faster. However losing weight while swimming is much safer and more comfortable. Moving in the water reduces the risk of falls and other common incidents.

This is the reason why many people are more motivated to try to burn swimming calories. The results of these exercises are certainly slower. But, practiced longer, they also give very lasting effects.

swimming to lose weight during the holidays

A healthier alternative to warm weather exercises

According to some studies, doing exercises that warm the body too much is not advisable during the summer period. For example, running tends to increase body temperature further. In hot weather, this can have adverse effects on the body.

sport during the holidays hot weather

This is not the case at all with swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool. When swimming, we expose our body to an environment with a lower temperature. For its part, the body responds by seeking to adapt and generates heat independently, which helps us burn calories.

Establish a routine to slim down and lose calories swimming

calories swimming beach during holidays

When we start a new routine and, in particular, when we start exercising to lose weight, it is important to make constant efforts. And it's not just about losing swimming calories for a few days.

weight loss and swimming vacation

The duration of the sessions

Regarding weight loss and swimming, we recommend spending at least 10 to 30 minutes, about three times a week, swimming on the beach or in a pool. Of course, the more you try to swim, the more calories you will burn. Depending on your level and your pace, you could try a routine with two swimming sessions a day, for example. Or, you could swim longer once a day.

how to lose weight with swimming vacation

Speed ​​and style of swimming

The speed with which you swim and the different styles you practice will have an influence on fat loss. They will affect your plan to slim down with swimming. However, this is not a reason to impose an unbearable pace that will exhaust you quickly. On the contrary, experts stress that breaks in physical exercises are also important.

warming up before swimming weight loss

How to get started when you have not played sports before

When you have decided to burn calories with swimming (or with another type of sport), you have not necessarily prepared your body beforehand for these physical activities. This is especially the case for people who do not engage in physical activity throughout the year.

If you are in this situation, it is strongly advised to get used to your routine by making small cases. In the case of swimming, it is, of course, to make shorter sessions at the beginning. A good idea, for example, would be to start with a swim of about 10 minutes in length. Then, with each passing day, try adding another 5 minutes. Practice this until you reach half an hour of physical activity.

calories swimming vacation weight loss

Warm up

It goes without saying, as for the rest of the sports that one practices, before starting, it is necessary to make a warm-up. When you do an exercise, you put your muscles to work. For this reason, it is important not to skip this step. To get ready to burn swimming calories, stretch the muscles of your legs, arms and torso.

Diet to burn calories swimming

lose weight with swimming during holidays

As we have said, to slim down with swimming, it is important to combine physical activity with a proper diet. Fortunately, during the summer, it is not difficult! When it's hot, we tend to eat less and choose lighter foods. Here's how to adapt his diet to his plan to lose weight with swimming during the holidays.

diet weight loss summer swimming

Eat at least an hour before going into the water

A recommendation not to forget to realize your plan to slim down with swimming is to try to eat at least an hour before going into the water. You surely remember, this is advice your parents gave you when you were a child. And this is the most reasonable thing to do. This is because when one eats, the body immediately begins to digest food.

how to lose weight with swimming

And precisely, while the body is engaged in digestion, it sometimes produces physical reactions, such as gas and cramps. For this reason, it is advisable to leave the digestive system at least an hour to do its work. Otherwise, you are risking an accident in the water.

beach snack after swimming

Opt for a light snack after the swim

When you have finished swimming, you may have a small feeling of hunger. This is a completely normal reaction of the body. If you do other exercises, you have probably noticed that they have similar effects on the body.

When swimming to burn calories, it is advisable to eat balanced and not to abuse the quantities. This is a general recommendation for the summer period. After all, it is useless to do exercises if you opt for too much dishes afterwards! A small sandwich, fruit or a smoothie is a perfect option for the little ones after your swim!

Try other beneficial exercises to slim down that can be practiced in the water

slim down swimming burn calories during the holidays

As we said, doing exercises in the water has a lot of benefits. These activities are recommended for people suffering from back, knee and spinal problems ... They are generally beneficial also if you can not practice sports for a medical condition (for example, related to a problem of intestines or In addition, the exercises in the water allow us to cool off when it is too hot, and this is a good thing because, in this way, we reduce the risk of problems related to the cardiovascular system while burning calories!

swim to lose weight

If you like swimming, you could also enjoy a vacation to practice other physical activities in the water. In addition to swimming, you can spend your time at the pool or at the beach trying another sport. For example, you can do aerobic exercises in the water or play water polo.

In short, the summer offers us many beautiful ways to practice physical activities and do sports by the sea or in a pool. Take the opportunity to realize your plan to lose weight while having fun! exercises to do on the slimming beach

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