Health : Detox tea – how to drink tea to detoxify the body naturally?

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Health : Detox tea – how to drink tea to detoxify the body naturally?

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Detox tea or detoxifying tea, what is it? And why have they become so popular in recent months? Today, we are looking into this subject.

The detox tea, how does it work and what are the best teas to try?

Detox tea is a combination of herbs that help us to detoxify the body. You have probably heard of detox diets. Some of these diets work well but they are quite extreme. With detox tea, the body cleansing process is much simpler. In fact, just drink a detox tea daily for a while to benefit from its results.

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Of course, detox teas are much more effective when combined with a healthy diet without being extreme. Similarly, we recommend that you consult your doctor before deciding to add detox tea to your diet. This is the best way to make sure that you do not risk health problems related to the consumption of such a product.

Detox tea – what are the ingredients commonly found in a detox tea?

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Detox teas combine different ingredients to help the body detoxify itself. It must be taken into account that these ingredients are mainly herbs. They only help the body to clean itself naturally. It means that the purification of the body from the inside is a process. And that there is no magic ingredient that immediately absorbs all the toxins in the body!

There are a variety of herbs, roots and seeds that help the body to detoxify naturally. The vast majority of detox teas use a combination of specific ingredients. Among them are products such as dandelion root, a powerful antioxidant that also helps improve immune health. A detox tea may also contain ginger root. This is used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The root yellow helps to improve the health of the liver. This is another ingredient very present in detox teas. In addition, these also contain anise seeds. These are a diuretic that transports toxins from the body to purify the body.

In addition, detox teas also have burdock roots. They are used for their high content of antioxidants. As a result, they help to detoxify the body. They also help to improve the health of the skin.

Dill seeds are known for their antioxidant properties. Thus, they are often present in the ingredients of teas detos. Finally, green tea has many benefits and its leaves have antioxidant properties that also rank among the ingredients of detox tea.

What detox tea drink to cleanse his body?

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Currently, there is a boom in sales of detox products. The detox tea are naturally part of very popular products. And there are plenty of different detox tea options. So, is there a difference between these products? And which one to privilege for his routine?

Below we review some of the most popular and easy-to-find detox teas on the web. We review combinations of ingredients but also brands that make the buzz right now. You can take a look at their ingredients and the properties they have in order to decide which of them is best for your routine.

DeTox Yoga Tea

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This is a natural detox tea that contains a blend of herbs. It can help the process of body cleansing.

Made with a natural blend, this detox tea is made from Indian sarsaparilla root, cinnamon, ginger root and female root. In addition, it also contains burdock root, dandelion root, cardamom pods, cloves, black pepper, among others. The mixture is also caffeine free. It contains mainly organic ingredients.

According to the creators of this composition of detoxification ingredients, it helps the body cleanse itself by increasing the performance of the liver and kidneys. They recommend drinking three cups a day for up to 30 consecutive days. Those who would like to continue conosmming beyond this period, are advised to take a break of a week before drinking again.

Puka detox tea

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Pukka Detox Tea is a detox tea known to be simple and effective. it is based on anise, dill seeds, cardamom. By mixing unique and very powerful detoxifying herbs, this product forms an effective cleanser that has the advantage of also having a very good taste. The detox tea in question also contains 100% organic ingredients and is completely decaffeinated.

Its blend includes anise, fennel seeds, cardamom pods, licorice root, coriander seeds and celery seeds. This natural combination of organically grown products provides the impetus for healthy body detoxification. According to the creators of this blend, particular care has been taken in the aroma of the product to make tea consumption a pleasant experience.

Detox Traditional Medicinal Tea

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Another popular ingredient combination is the Daily Detox Tea. This product features ancient recipes adapted to modern lifestyle. They have a completely natural taste that is excellent. It is characterized by the balance of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty aromas. The ultimate goal of its creators? A wonderfully complex flavor and aroma.

Its 85% organic blend includes several detox ingredients. It includes chicory root, dandelion root, schizander fruit extract, lychee extract, licorice root, ginger, anise and kukicha twig and almost decaffeinated. To enjoy it, it is recommended to consume the drink 30 minutes before or after the meal. For this, simply pour boiled water on two tea bags detoxification. Cover the cup and let infuse 10 minutes. Squeeze the tea bags to ensure optimum quality in the cup. Drink up to two cups a day ..

Triple Leaf Detox Tea

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Triple Leaf Detox Tea is a blend of cleansing and revitalizing teas with more than 20 powerful herbs. The blend is based on the knowledge of Chinese medicine, used for thousands of years. And it's the basis of much of modern medicine. As a caffeine-free mix, this detox tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.

This detox tea contains red clover, dandelion leaf, Asian banana leaf, ginger root, asparagus root, among others. Traditionally, these herbs were used to support the healthy function of the liver, kidneys, lungs and blood. And they also have the virtue of cleansing the body of toxins. According to its creators, this drink also helps to enjoy a clear and healthy skin. It increases the flow of energy to the body and mind. The taste is light and is naturally caffeine free.

Get Clean

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Get Clean is a powerful Tea Republic product. This detox tea is a very good product and very complete. It is naturally free of caffeine. So you can use it at night without worrying about sleep problems. You will enjoy a delicious taste of vanilla and hazelnut.

It consists of organic rooibos, white spines, Indian sarsaparilla, dandelion root, chicory root, burdock root, red clover and almonds.

Gaia Herbs Detox Tea

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This detox tea is ideal for a daily purification of the body. It is made with various natural ingredients to help detoxification. Gaia Herbs has been created as a powerful detox tea, rich in antioxidants and very beneficial ingredients. A tea blend without caffeine and very natural.

This product consists of rooibos leaves, ortosifón leaves, burdock, licorice roots, dill seeds, star anise, artichoke leaves, aloe vera, among others. This mixture maintains the body's natural ability to purify itself. Thus, we feel healthier, we have more energy in everyday life. In addition, it tastes great with the essential oils of mint and lemon added to the aroma.

Rishi white ginseng detoxification tea

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White Ginseng Detox Tea is a detox bio tea made by Rishi Teas. It is a combination of white ginseng, schizandre and burdock root. Among many other 100% organic ingredients, it is also loaded with antioxidants. Its major drawback is its price which is more expensive than other detox products.

This detox tea is a blend of natural and organic decaffeinated tea and several ingredients, such as white ginseng, schizandra fruit, burdock root, rosehip, mint, raspberry, dandelion root and root. licorice. This blend contains most of the most popular detoxifying ingredients on the market, with the added benefit of white ginseng. It is 100% organic and decaffeinated, so you can use it whenever you want and it tastes smooth but good.

Detox Tea Natural Celestial Spices

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Detox Natural Celestial Spices tea is a very rich and stimulating tea. It is based on a combination of white spine, dandelion, echinacea and more.

This detox tea helps the body in its process of natural purification. It is recognizable by a sweet and simple aroma of spices and vanilla, you can drink this tea in the morning, afternoon and evening. Totally natural and decaffeinated. The blend of this tea contains white spines, dandelions, echinacea, red clover and more.

Dandelion root detox tea

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The main ingredient of this detox tea is often used in teas and detox supplements. Dandelion is a powerful natural ingredient. It improves the health of the urinary tract, kidneys and liver.

This detox tea from Kiss Me Organics contains dandelion root as the main ingredient. It is complemented by the addition of cinnamon and hibiscus from Ceylon. These are two delicious ingredients that also help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar. It perfectly supports the detoxification of the liver and kidneys toxins that can accumulate over time.

It promotes healthy digestion and helps the body absorb more nutrients. In addition, it also improves physical and cognitive functions. Raw vitamin dandelion root is rich in vitamin A, C, D and B complexes as well as iron, potassium and zinc.

A diet rich in these nutrients can help treat mood disorders. Also liver disorders and stimulate a weakened immune system. Hibiscus has been proven to help regulate blood pressure and cinnamon regulates blood sugar and lowers bad cholesterol.

Organic hibiscus detox tea from Buddha Teas

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Hibiscus tea has a great list of health benefits, including powerful antioxidant properties. Hibiscus flower is the only ingredient in this organic and natural detoxifying hibiscus tea from Buddha Teas. It is loaded with antioxidants excellent for the body.

This organic hibiscus tea supports the cardiovascular system. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and has a biological certificate for agriculture in the EU. This fruit flavored tea has a good hot and cold taste, with just a touch of raw honey or a natural sweetener, it is perfect.

Detox tea Yogi Berry

Hibiscus and acai superfoods are the two main ingredients of this detox tea called Berry DeTox Yogi. The product is, of course, rich in antioxidants. It is characterized by its slightly sweeter taste than other detox teas. This is due to the addition of aromas of stevia leaves and natural berries. According to its manufacturers, this detox tea is ideal for those who want to start consuming detox drinks for the first time.

Kusmi detoxification tea

An incredible blend of natural detoxifying green tea, matte and lemongrass. Kusmi Detox Tea is a refreshing drink to drink hot or cold. Sold in a beautiful metal box, tea is also a great gift for tea lovers.

This detox tea is known for its revitalizing blend of cleansing herbs and natural citrus fruits. In addition to purifying the body from the inside, this drink also acts as a stimulant. This is so thanks to its high dose of pure caffeine. It is soothing and refreshing when consumed hot. But also refreshing and delicious when caught with ice cream in summer.

Reishi tea detox with ginger and turmeric tea

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Ginger and Turmeric Herbal Detox Tea is a product that combines natural warm ginger with turmeric and lemon. It is a simple and very healthy product.

He suggest you use proven herbs and extracts to create a healthy and delicious tea blend. Because it does not contain caffeine, you can enjoy it at any time of day or night. The blend of this tea contains several healthy ingredients. Among them, we find organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, organic licorice root. In addition, it also contains organic lemongrass, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, essential oils of orange and lemon. Finally, it is a completely decaffeinated product that has an incredible flavor.

Teami detox tea

The latest detox tea on our list includes powerful plant-based ingredients, including senna leaves and roots, hawthorn berry extract, lotus leaves and rhubarb. This tea focuses on the health of the colon and digestive tract.

It will help you eliminate excess waste from your body and achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.

This detox tea contains a blend of traditional organic herbs with oolong, mate, green tea, lime leaf extract. These ingredients are also supplemented with lotus leaf, ginger root, dandelion leaf, rhubarb root, senna leaf and root. Finally, it also contains hawthorn extract, lotus leaf, lime extract, psyllium seed coat, Phaseolus calcaratus seed, poria, walnut stem bark coconut, the valerian root.

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