Health : Do you suffer from aviophobia – Conquer your fear of flying

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Health : Do you suffer from aviophobia – Conquer your fear of flying

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Overcome your fears of flying phobia with the best advice in aviophobia!

Many people are afraid of flying, which greatly reduces their activities. When you are terrified aboard a plane, there are many destinations you can not visit and many things you can not do. If you are ready to defeat your aviophobia, you can do many things to overcome your fears.

Know your triggers

The first thing you need to do is determine exactly what scares you when you fly. When you know what scares you and how to trigger the anxiety reaction, you will be able to handle that fear more effectively. Identify your triggers to better deal with your fears when your anxiety level is low. By learning what triggers you, it will be easier to overcome it.

Educate yourself

There is nothing more frightening than the unknown. Anxiety feeds on ignorance and if you dwell on catastrophic thoughts, your phobia will only get worse. It's your responsibility to know the facts better. This will limit the extent of your catastrophic thoughts. Learn what will happen when you board the plane. Find out what are the different noises you will hear. When you know what to expect, your anxiety may not be eliminated, but you will be better able to manage it.

Anticipate anxiety

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Anticipatory anxiety is in many ways worse than fear itself. It's the anxiety you feel when you anticipate your fears. It's the most intense fear you feel during the flight, but it does not accurately predict how you feel when you're in the air. In fact, anticipating being afraid to fly is often infinitely more terrifying than the experience of flying.

Learn to separate the danger from fear

It can be difficult to separate the danger from anxiety because the human body reacts in exactly the same way to both. You must be sure to label your feelings and emotions well. Make sure you have labeled fear as what it really is: anxiety, not danger. Tell yourself that anxiety aggravates your frightening thoughts and that it is more likely that something dangerous will happen. Remember that having anxious feelings does not mean that you are in danger. You are safe, even if you feel extremely anxious.

Recognize that anxiety and common sense do not work well together

Anxiety can lead you to believe that you are in a dangerous situation, even if you are completely safe. In these cases, your instinct will tell you that you should avoid getting involved in the situation. However, if you decide to follow this feeling, you will only reinforce this anxiety. Anxiety can be defeated by doing exactly the opposite of what your anxious feelings tell you to do. It's hard to fight what anxiety tells you to do, but you have to accept the feeling of unease that it causes.

Manage your anxiety in flight

Once you're on a plane, things do not always go smoothly. Turbulence can strike at any moment. It is therefore important that you learn as much as you can about aircraft and how they handle turbulence. This helps you understand what's going on and will help you better manage your anxiety. If you focus on managing anxiety instead of focusing on the end or severity of the turbulence, you will feel less scared. Tell yourself that you are safe even if it does not tempt you.

Tell other travelers how they can help you

The people you fly with must understand what scares you and how they can help you deal with your anxiety during your flight. You must be completely clear and clear about the factors that trigger you, and then specifically ask them what you think will be most useful.

Valuing each flight

The real key to overcoming any phobia is regular exposure. Each flight you take will give you the opportunity to expose yourself so that your next flight is easier. Your goal is to teach your brain to feel less aware over time of the triggers that trigger your phobias.

Follow these essential tips to defeat aviophobia and you will soon be ready to take a flight to the destination of your choice. While it's not easy to overcome all kinds of fears and anxiety, it's possible, and when you're successful, you open your life to new possibilities and adventures.

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