Health : Eating ice cream, how does it affect our body?

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Health : Eating ice cream, how does it affect our body?

eat ice cream that happens in the body

In summer, temperatures rise and we are increasingly looking to cool off. In hot weather, many of us fall for the idea of ​​eating ice cream. Delicious, it is eaten in just a few minutes. But, for quite a few people, the feeling of guilt remains for several hours after finishing this dessert. Is it worth the worry? And what happens with our body when we decide to eat ice cream? We bring you some answers to these questions!

What happens with our body when we decide to eat ice cream?

First, some basic information. Ice cream is made on the basis of water or milk. We therefore advise you to think about choosing the type of dessert. For this, do not think only of preferences and but also of common sense.

What is the difference between ice cream and sorbets?

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To make it easier to choose, here are a few points that will help you differentiate between the different types of ice cream:

Sorbets contain 85 to 90 percent water

First, we place the sorbet, the composition of which is made of 85-90% water.

Ice cream contains milk products

Second, come ice cream. They are creamy products, with a creamier texture and are prepared from cream, milk, yogurt or other ingredients containing lactose.

As for the advantages, in both species they are almost the same. But the calories are different. Cream ice creams have more calories (200-250 kcal per 100 grams) unlike sorbet (about 100 kcal).

can we lose weight with ice cream

Each ice cream contains additional ingredients that make it tastier and more appetizing

In addition, each ice cream contains additional ingredients that make it tastier and more appetizing. But at the same time affect the composition and energy value. It’s cocoa, nuts, fruit concentrates, sweeteners, syrups … And it’s these supplements (not the ice cream base itself) that make it more or less high in calories.

Eat ice cream: can you lose weight?

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Those who adhere to a particular diet should understand that a cone of ice cream once a week will not interfere with the diet. But if you are constantly counting calories, then choose sherbet. It is not necessary to favor sugar-free sorbets unless you have diabetes. You could also prefer milk ice cream, as opposed to cream based one, or, as a last resort, ice cream made with skim milk. In all cases, try to find ice cream without additives.

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What about stevia in ice cream?

Speaking of sugar: modern manufacturers are increasingly replacing refined sugar with stevia. This plant is 130 times sweeter than regular sugar. And it has the advantage of being harmless to the body. However, nutritionists are of the opinion that, despite its qualities, stevia does not meet our need for sugar. And after you’ve eaten such ice cream, you’ll probably want more and more, and more … which is not ideal when you pay attention to your figure!

What type of ice cream causes bloating?

difference between ice cream and sorbet

Bloating can be caused by many factors, but it is often associated with diet. Unfortunately, ice cream is one of the foods that can cause bloating.

Most people start to experience lactose intolerance with age. By some estimates, these people are about 75% of the people on the planet. The manifestation of this intolerance does not necessarily take the form of spots and shortness of breath. It can also cause bloating.

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How do you know if you are affected by bloating resulting from lactose intolerance?

How do you know if you are affected by this phenomenon? Conduct an experiment! You can do this by observing what happens to your body when you eat ice cream? Bloating can be a symptom of a food allergy. This means that your milk ice cream may not be the best dessert for you.

What type of ice cream should you use for more energy?

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Sorbet usually contains more sugar than cream products. This is related to the work of the receivers.

To improve the taste, water needs more glucose than milk. You probably know this if you’ve ever tried to make sorbet at home!

ice creams and sorbets calories

Are the ingredients in ice cream bad for you?

But things are not that dramatic. We know that sugar in a certain amount is necessary for our body because it helps us get energy faster. Therefore, if you need a quick burst of energy in the heat, you can afford to eat ice cream or, better yet, a fruit sherbet.

On the other hand, cream ice cream is a source of calcium and fat soluble vitamins. It’s a healthy supplement, especially if it contains other healthy ingredients like nuts. It can provide your body with more fiber, which is a natural energy.

Eating ice cream, how does it affect our mood?

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Calcium and phosphorus have a beneficial effect not only on bone health, but also on mood. This is the case on a daily basis but even more so during your period, for example. Eating ice cream also hides another bonus. This positively affects the production of the hormone serotonin. This lowers the stress level in the body.

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Not to mention that milk contains L-Tryptophan, an ingredient that naturally calms and helps relax the nervous system and prevent insomnia.

In short, ice cream is always a great idea! You just have to choose the right ice cream or sorbet, depending on your personal preference and what you need for food.

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