Health : Effects of loud noise on health: what should you know?

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Health : Effects of loud noise on health: what should you know?

noise effects

Howling car alarms. Noisy trains. Low rumble of planes. Reading these phrases simply may make you want to cover your ears. Loud noises are capable of literally driving us crazy. But in addition to being very disturbing, the effects of loud noise can be dangerous for your health.

According to new scientific research by the University of Mainz Medical Center, an increasing amount of noise can actually bring the heart out of its natural rhythm. Called, joint fibrillation, this irregular heartbeat can lead to blood callot, stroke and even cardiac arrest.

The health effects of noise can be very serious

the harmful effects of noise

Anything that can cause restlessness, irritation, or changes in blood pressure can cause fibrillation. It is not surprising that irritating noise or noise in general can cause this irregular heartbeat, according to doctors.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated the risks and the effects of harmful noise. And there are reasons to believe that it is not just the noise level, but also the type of noise that can be hazardous to health. And after all, who gets full of the sound of the sea or the ocean?

Noise Can Lead To Hearing Problems

the health effects of noise

When it comes to ‘detecting a danger, we men, we give priority to what we hear instead of the level of its height. This is the reason why even during sleep, the brain ‘always hears. Even the sound of cars outside can cause the body to secrete cortisol even if you are asleep. Here are the other very negative health effects of noise:

Noise pollution can have an impact on morale

noise effects on morale

The effects of noise on hearing

We all have an odd feeling in our ears every time we are "bombarded" by loud noises. But we don't really know why. Exposure to loud noise can damage or destroy the hair cells inside the hearing organ.

There are about 10,000 small hair cells inside our ears that are responsible for converting every sound we hear into electrical signals. These signals are then transferred to the hearing centers in the brain, which allow you to enjoy sound, speech and music, while minimizing any unnecessary background noise.

The effects of noise can damage the brain

the effects of noise pollution on hearing

Exposure to loud noises can damage the hair cells at the base of the snail which results in a high frequency of hearing loss. Frequency or continuous exposure to loud noises that exceed 85 decibels can lead to hearing loss due to the noise itself.

The effects of noise on the brain

In recent years, experts have discovered that loud noise can damage both the brain and the ears. Loud noise can damage delicate nerve endings that transfer electrical information from hair cells to the brain, causing inflammatory reactions in the brain itself. As a result there is evidence that hearing loss may be linked to diseases such as dementia for example.

Noise can be linked to conditions like dementia

noise pollution and hearing

The effects of loud noise on mood

If, for example, you work in an office with a fire alarm that is always on, you will probably end the days in a very bad mood. Likewise if you work in any place where it has unwanted noise and you cannot escape it. Irritability and anxiety worsen in noisy environments. The noise creates more mental background noise which can make calming techniques or anxiety even more difficult.

Loud noise can reinforce feelings of anxiety and stress

the effects of pollution

Effects on the immune system

Indirectly, the amount of life and general well-being can suffer from noise, which in turn weakens the immune system. The stress hormone increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while weakening the body's ability to fight disease. Some experts believe that it does not matter what causes the production, no matter if it is noise pollution or something else in life, the effects are always the same: infections and colds. Chronic health conditions like diabetes or stomach ulcers are also linked to stress.

effects of noise pollution on the immune system

Noise and concentration

It is no coincidence that we need calm when we are studying or want to learn something. And if you are in a noisier environment, your brain must filter out the noises to allow you to focus. This extra work steals precious energy from more important tasks like focus and problem solving.

the effects of noise pollution

A Swedish scientific study has shown that people who work in noisy open plan offices are able to remember fewer words in a basic memory test. These people also felt more tired and less motivated to work than those who worked in a quieter environment.

the effects of noise pollution on concentration

Noise and sleep

Yes, that is obvious but it is better to repeat: too much noise can distract and stimulate the brain and make the process of entering a mode of relaxation and sleep more difficult. External noise in particular hinders the quality of sleep. And it will do a lot more than make you cranky every day. Poor sleep quality is linked to long-term health and can lead to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

effects of sosnore pollution on fatigue

Noise can prevent conception

Noise pollution or loud noises can affect fertility in humans, but it is not very clear why exactly. What seems obvious are the effects of unwanted noise. Researchers at Seoul National University have found that men who have been exposed to relatively high levels of noise such as air conditioning for 8 years are more likely to be diagnosed with infertility. . Women are also at risk. Nighttime noise exposure has been linked to abortions, premature births and birth defects.

So pay close attention to your surroundings and try to avoid exposure to noise and noise pollution if possible.

the effects of noise at work effects of noise on pregnant women noise pollution for pregnant women the mood effects of noise pollution effects of sosnore pollution on sleep

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