Health : Essential oil diffuser to enjoy the benefits of plants at home?

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Health : Essential oil diffuser to enjoy the benefits of plants at home?

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Essential oils are liquid substances derived from aromatic compounds in plants. Very concentrated, they make it possible to benefit from the therapeutic powers of the latter. More and more popular, these products have a very wide application at home, in particular thanks to an essential oil diffuser.

How to use essential oils at home?

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Let’s start by saying that essential oils are almost never used on their own. Moreover, such an application can be dangerous for health, as it can cause reactions due to the high concentration of oils. Their use is also not recommended for pregnant women, especially during the first months of pregnancy.

To take advantage of these popular products, we usually opt for one of the following two processes:

  • diffuse an essential oil to benefit from its aroma and its therapeutic effects;
  • dilute an essential oil to apply it to the body and integrate it into a beauty or household product.

Essential oil diffuser – what’s the difference between different types of devices?

essential oil diffusers

The diffuser is the most common way to enjoy the aromatic molecules of essential oils at home. Specially designed for this purpose, such a device is the ideal solution to benefit from the advantages of aromatherapy, the healing powers of plants or, quite simply, to make the atmosphere of your living space more pleasant. In general, we distinguish between four types of essential oil diffusion:

  • by ultrasound, also called by misting;
  • by nebulization;
  • based on gentle heat;
  • by ventilation.

Of these four types of diffusion, the first two are the most used today.

Ultrasonic and nebulized diffusers – what are their advantages?

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Most modern diffusers are manufactured in such a way as to release aromatic molecules without heat and over a large area, while maintaining the properties of oils. This is particularly the case with devices that operate by ultrasound and nebulization. Nowadays, they are preferred in most interior spaces.

Designed to run cold, the two types of devices offer different advantages.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers and misters work with a water reservoir to which drops of essential oils are added. When lit, they diffuse aromatic molecules into the air with ultrasonic vibrations. These devices may have different capacity as well as many other features. Among these, an LED night light with changing colors, several modes (automatic shutdown, timer) or even smart options (Bluetooth connection, Wifi, speakers, etc.). They are ideal for diffusing an essential oil and humidifying the air in a room at the same time.

Nebulized diffusers

Nebulized diffusers, on the other hand, are prized for their ability to spread essential oils evenly throughout the air. Depending on the model chosen, you could enjoy the therapeutic effects of a plant over several square meters. Made of noble materials (wood, ceramic), they work with a pump and do not require the use of water. Particularly effective, they make it possible to flavor the interior space in a very lasting way in just a few minutes.

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