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Health :

explanations, vitamins and other remedies

fight against fatigue spring physical exercises

Fight against spring fatigue: why are we tired? How to explain it and overcome it?

Fight against spring fatigue: why?

When spring arrives and temperatures rise, the moral goes up but often we do not feel in top form. Why ? The days are longer. There is the change of time that makes you lose an hour of sleep. This loss can only disrupt our circadian rhythm. Summer time is therefore a desynchronization that we have to get used to over time. Everyone at his own pace!

fight against fatigue spring change time summer

Fighting against spring fatigue therefore has a biological reason

Whether a lazy or a pump stroke, spring fatigue has a biological reason. After March 20th, which is the spring equinox, the light, which is our metronome measuring our rhythm, beats measures that the body follows a little harder.

Fighting fatigue spring remedy insomnia

The sunshine time increases by four minutes each day. To follow this new rhythm, you have to get up four minutes earlier each day.

fight fatigue spring well sleep

By adapting, one gets tired. In addition, with the lengthening of the day, we go out more at night and even if during the day we are tired, we force ourselves to stay up longer at night.

fight fatigue spring sleep enough

Fighting the fatigue of spring therefore has a biological reason hormonal

When the rays of the sun reach the hemisphere of the Earth which is inclined more towards it, it makes spring, it makes spring also in the human body! The secreted hormones wake up and begin to make their effects.

fight against fatigue spring adaptation

There are those who keep the body awake and those who, on the contrary, put it to sleep (for example, melatonin, which is the sleep hormone). This lack of balance and this chemical side that shakes the body, is spent energy and the man suffers.

fight fatigue spring good sleep

Fighting the fatigue of spring therefore has an environmental reason

When the seasons change, you are lethargic instead of feeling full of energy. After hibernation, in the spring, you feel exhausted.

combat fatigue spring blow pump

How to explain the lack of tone? First, because of the change of time, the day is getting longer, but when you get up early in the morning, especially in the early spring, it is not quite day yet.

fight against fatigue spring move

Then allergies proliferate in the spring. They cause sleep disorders. Many people complain that they can not sleep well because of allergies or those of their partners.

fight against fatigue spring time summer change

Finally, as it gets warmer, people want to ventilate their homes more often. The air is cooler, we see the windows open and we remain exposed to the permanent outside noise.

fight against fatigue spring time summer

Lethargy, exhaustion, depression, what are the undesirable effects in early spring?

The side effects do not affect everyone. Some pass through. The arrival of spring for them is like the arrival of everything they see before moving on. But those who have trouble adapting especially at the beginning, may have mood disorders. But it is the least terrifying effect one can have when one does not sleep enough. Indeed, depriving oneself of sleep is dangerous.

Fight against fatigue spring period adaptation

Fight against spring fatigue and lack of sleep because of the danger that the body risks

Various studies have shown that lack of sleep can be the basis of the development of diseases whose effects can be dangerous. Indeed, a link has been shown between lack of sleep and colorectal cancer.

fight against fatigue spring air move

But also, a causal link has been shown between lack of sleep and obesity. Dangerous connections exist between obesity and diabetes. Also, between obesity and the risk of heart disease. Hypertension, atherosclerosis, the list is not long but the end can quickly happen because of the infarction. There is also a link between overweight or obesity and questionable fertility.

fight fatigue spring tips

Lack of sleep weakens our immune system and the risk of catching even a cold increases. Everyone knows that the immune system fights against infections and inflammations, so it is vital to sleep well and recover our strength.

The sight can also suffer.

Fight against spring fatigue caused allergies

Fight against spring fatigue and lack of sleep because of the danger that the brain risks

Less sleep can mean memory loss. From there, the risk of fatal accidents is higher. The cerebral mass would remain unharmed we slept well. Less sleep would mean a four-fold increased risk of stroke. "People who sleep less than six hours a night were four times more likely to have stroke symptoms than their normal-weight counterparts who slept between seven and eight hours," says Megan Ruiter, a researcher with UAB.

fight against tiredness spring relax

Fight against spring fatigue and lack of sleep because of the danger that the spirit risks

On a smaller scale, the lack of sleep causes a greater emotivity. The lack of sleep makes us less attractive, more difficult to approach, so sadder.

fight fatigue spring that eat how to do

In terms of the greatest harm that lack of sleep can cause, "the brain seems to return to more primitive circuits, in that it suddenly seemed unable to put certain emotions into context in order to produce a controlled and appropriate response. As researchers from different schools of Medicine at Berkeley and Harvard Universities have shown.

Fight against fatigue spring exposure sun

Lack of sleep has effects on concentration. Exhaustion and the loss of the ability to focus are therefore linked. Memory loss, or even memory loss, are the inevitable results after a short and ineffective sleep.

Fight Fatigue Spring Nature Walks

How to fight against spring fatigue?

Spring fatigue can turn into fatigue. It can become chronic too. It is important to consult the advice of a doctor in this case. The diagnosis he makes will be accurate and you will know how to respond to the lack of your body.

Fight Fatigue Spring Frequent Walks Nature

You will know especially the cause to be able to remedy it. Nobody can evolve with diminished mental capacity, increased and unstable emotions, and even less with diminished energy.

Fight fatigue enough sleep

Natural solutions to remedy spring fatigue

To avoid having a blow pump, that is to say a fatigue occurring suddenly, because that's how it happens, go for walks to air your head for a few minutes!

fight against fatigue spring treat by physical activity

Use vitamins and antioxidants to fight against spring fatigue

To relieve fatigue, vitamins must be used. Vitamin C is the one that must be present in your menu. In which fruits and vegetables can we find vitamin C? There is vitamin C in kiwis, oranges, blackcurrant, but also in peppers, broccoli, guavas, etc.

fight fatigue spring clean your body

To fight against fatigue, it is necessary to absorb antioxidants. What is it ? An antioxidant is a molecule that prevents or sometimes just slows the oxidation of other substances. Although all oxidation reactions are necessary for life, some are destructive to her. Antioxidants are necessary for life because they protect the body against many diseases. Here are some examples of antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, enzymes, etc.

fight against spring detox fatigue

In which fruits and vegetables are there antioxidants? There are some in oranges, peppers, tomatoes, peaches, but also in some meats, such as turkey and pork.

Fight Fatigue Spring Healthy Eating

Take magnesium to fight against spring fatigue. This means that you have to eat dried fruits and oats. By eating meat, vitamins and antioxidants, we fill the winter deficiencies and strengthen the immune system. In the meat, there is especially iron, also important to restore strength to the body.

fight fatigue spring eat light

Detox to fight effectively against spring fatigue!

If you have eaten a lot and especially fat in the winter, it is time to clean the body. By cleaning the body, you will restore strength. We do this by paying attention to what we eat. So, to avoid repeating ourselves, we will be adding foods to the already long list of foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

fight against fatigue spring allergies

So do not forget to eat carrots, spinach, avocados, fish bringing you omega 3 (herring, sardines, salmon, etc.). That way, your body cleans and you maintain your cognitive abilities.

Fight Fatigue Spring Salad Rainbow Colors

Exercise to energize the body and fight against spring fatigue

The practice of physical activity fights against spring fatigue. You are physically tired but you are energizing yourself. By moving, you bring energy to your body because you give it an oxygen supply. A few exercises in the morning and secret body hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins. The first reduces fatigue. The others put you in a good mood.

fight against fatigue spring sports activity

To fight against the fatigue of spring, it is necessary to remember with relief that the change of summer time, it was the last in date!

For a little over 40 years, the change of time was watching our watches twice a year. This year, Europeans will switch to summer time for the last time. On October 27, some countries will set the astronomical time, winter time, other countries may choose to stay in winter time. Each state can decide for itself.

fight against fatigue spring gain energy

How to prevent spring fatigue (for anything that does not affect the time change)?

We must follow more or less the same advice as those listed above but must begin to do before the arrival of spring! A question then arises: if we start to always prevent, does this mean that the symptoms will never appear again? Well, if you start to prevent, you may not necessarily stop healing but at least you will not do it consistently.

fight against fatigue spring eat fruits

Start by detoxifying your body. This is the most important step. By stopping eating too much fat while starting to eat healthy and drink lemons, you will make it much easier. Once the body is cleaned and enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, you will feel better! Stronger, healthier, safer, more toned, more beautiful, less sad.

fight against fatigue spring prevention

To prevent the blows of pump in spring, expose yourself to the sun as much as possible before his arrival

Since a few years now, there are days in February during which it is very beautiful and very hot. Enjoy it to the full!

fight against fatigue spring before after arrival

Sunbathe for at least 20 minutes a day. Vitamin D intake will be ensured. Why is the synthesis / manufacture of this vitamin so important? Vitamin D facilitates the absorption and fixation of calcium and phosphorus at the bone level. Calcium is essential for mineralization, formation, solidification and renewal of bones. Both, calcium and phosphorus are important for teeth!

fight against fatigue spring prevention diseases

Another role of vitamin D? It stimulates immunity, improves muscle performance, and reduces the risk of certain diseases, such as cancer, dementia or cardiovascular disease.

fight against fatigue spring booster vegetables

Vitamin D: natural or synthetic origin

If its origin is not due to the exposure of the sun, it can be of vegetable or animal origin. It is found mainly in dairy products and some oily fish.

fight fatigue spring vary fruits vegetables

To avoid any risk of osteoporosis and rickets, especially important in children, take cod liver oil. It is a dietary supplement in liquid form, capsule or capsule. There is natural vitamin D2 and natural D3. If both are biochemically close, D2 can not be found in plants.

fight against fatigue eating green spring

In addition, it was realized that its absorption caused the rate of D3 to drop in the blood. The D3 comes from fish (cod liver or halibut oil), vegetables (lichen which is a plant between the mushroom and the seaweed) and lanolin (a fat of sheep's wool whose molecule is similar to the vitamin of our body).

Fight against fatigue spring way effectively

When you are prescribed synthetic D vitamins, you must be careful not to pre-dose. Indeed, in case of predisposition, the body will be saturated and the synthesis of vitamin D will be blocked.

fight fatigue spring enjoy move

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