Health : Feng shui cooking – what does feng shui art say about food?

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Health : Feng shui cooking – what does feng shui art say about food?

Did you know ? Feng shui art can give us advice not only on the layout of the kitchen and other interior spaces but also about food. Festive is arts also affects the way of eating and also gives symbolic value to certain fruits associated with good energy. Below, we talk about these little-known principles of millennial art in an article specially dedicated to the subject of feng shui cooking!

Feng shui cuisine – what does Chinese art say about fruits and their energy?

kitchen feng shui food symbols fruit

The art of feng shui attributes special energy to fruits and symbolic value to its foods. The use of its fruits is considered to be associated with the explanations provided by ancient texts. This generally associates this type of fruit with longevity but also with wealth with prosperity or even with fertility. In short, according to the art of feng shui, certain fruits have positive energy in certain areas of life. Thus, not only their consumption but also their use in interior decoration can be useful in attracting this positive energy around you and your home.

For example, it is possible to use images of these fruits or small decorative objects to display in your home. For this, professionals generally advise to be guided by the symbolism of the fruits but also by his instincts in this area and by the general principles of feng shui art.

Below, we present the fruits most often used in the context of feng shui and what is the energy associated with them.

Peaches are a symbol of love

fishing feng shui symbol

Peach is one of the fruits most often used by feng shui for its symbolic value. It is known for its symbolic value linked to immortality. It is also considered to be a heavenly fruit. These two values ​​are also associated, because this fruit is present in many legends which relate to divine and immortal beings.

By association, fishing is also associated with wealth, health and abundance. While it does not provide immortality for men, it is nevertheless considered conducive to healthy living and longevity.

In addition, this fruit is also associated with love and marriage. These fruits are one of the most popular fruit symbols in Chinese art. In the Asian country, it is also believed that peach blossoms bring joy, love and good luck. Last but not least, peaches are also good for your health! They provide us with potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, K, C, so it is pleasant to eat them more often when they are in season.

Pomegranates are a feng shui fruit associated with fertility

pomegranate fruit feng shui symbolic value

Because the pomegranate is full of juicy seeds, this fruit is considered a symbol of fertility in feng shui. It is also used as a remedy for problems associated with infertility.

Pomegranates are fruits also associated with happiness for the family. By conjugation with fertility, pomegranates carry the symbolic value attributing them luck for the descendants of a family. In China, young couples often use the pomegranate as a decorative object that can bring harmony and joy to the family.

Grapes are fruits associated with abundance

grape feng shui kitchen symbol
In the art that touches on feng feng shui cooking, grapes are a fruit that symbolizes abundance of food. By extension, this fruit is also associated with abundance and material wealth.

To go further, grapes are also associated with fertility and prosperity. Like pomegranates, these fruits contain seeds and this is probably where their symbolic value comes from. You can take inspiration from the Chinese to decorate your home with this type of fruit with images that reproduce it to attract the good energy associated with it.

Whenever the season permits, place a bowl of grapes on a table in your kitchen or elsewhere in the house. According to fengshui, this fruit symbolizes material wealth, success that comes in the near future, and if already achieved, these fruits help to preserve it. In addition, it is believed that grapes bring good luck and fertility.

You can also see it in the form of beautiful pendants for a necklace, bracelet. We must not forget that its regular consumption provides us with phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamins. So many reasons to enjoy this fruit!

In the art of feng shui cooking, apples are considered to be a symbol of peace

fruit feng shui apples

In the art of feng shui, apples have always been associated with good energy and, in particular, with peace, good health and harmony in one’s home. One of the explanations for this interpretation is that in Chinese, the word “apple” is very close to that meaning “peace”. It is therefore by extension of the phonetic value of the word that this association occurred.

As apples are available in different colors, we can have fun refining their symbolic value through the shades. For this, we can also associate the colors of the fruits with those of the feng shui elements.

Apples are fruits that have always been associated with good health because of their usefulness. They are rich in fiber, pectin, vitamins and minerals, useful for heart and digestive health. In feng shui, these fruits are associated with peace, harmony in the house, especially red ones.

In feng shui art, pineapples are considered to bring good luck

pineapple symbolic value feng shui

Here is another interesting fact for our feng shui cooking section: the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the expression “good luck”. It is probably for this reason that pineapple has become a popular traditional symbol in feng shui art. Here, it symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and, more generally, prosperity.

One of the most delicious fruits, helping to burn excess fat has also become a popular traditional funshui symbol of wealth and prosperity. You could therefore use it in its natural form or in the form of decorative objects to attract good energy.

Oranges are a symbol of freshness

oranges feng shui kitchen

Oranges are another very popular fruit. To explain this, we will think in particular of their powers in terms of cleaning but also their very fresh scent. In addition, their bright color is particularly suitable for interior decoration.

If you are familiar with the art of feng shui, you have probably heard that it is advisable to keep oranges in the living room and in the kitchen. It is a way of attracting freshness and cleanliness in the house. In addition, oranges are considered to be bad energy repellents.

The aroma of oranges always acts positively on our energy levels. The scent of this fruit is so fresh, even cleansing. According to feng shui art, their color brings good energy. In addition, mandarins and clementines are also considered fruits that attract prosperity.

Feng shui cooking – how to use these fruits to attract good energy to your home?

fruit kitchen feng shui value

To take advantage of the good energy of the fruits mentioned above, we will display them according to the energies we are trying to attract. The traditions that have developed around these fruits are also at the origin of many symbolic values ​​associated with semi-precious stones and objects that represent these fruits. Today, we use them, just as we do for the fruits themselves.

In short, to enjoy these fruits as part of a feng shui decoration, we can use the fruits when they are in season and their symbolic representations the rest of the time.

Feng shui cuisine – what Chinese art says about food

diet according to the seasons

Another interesting thing about our feng shui cooking subject is that this art also says a lot about how to eat and its importance. If we want to summarize the principles of this art, we could say that eating seasonal food, we take care of our body with energies and vital forces that are fresh and good for the organism.

Seasonal nutrition also helps maintain vitality and a healthy weight. Here are some interesting tips for those who would like to try out feng shui cooking principles for their diets.

Align your diet with the seasons of the year

seasonal fruits and vegetables feng shui

Seasonal feeding has important health, economic and environmental benefits. By consuming fresh, local produce, your diet contains a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system during times of seasonal change.

In addition, it is a more profitable solution because the abundance in quantity keeps the prices low. In addition, seasonal produce is usually harvested locally, which means a lower carbon footprint.

Here is how to align your diet with the seasons while following the principles of feng shui.

In spring

seasonal summer healthy foods

Spring is the season for fresh beginnings and the Wood element. The focus is on the liver and gallbladder. A healthy liver builds strong, fluid energy throughout your body and mind.

The best foods for spring are associated with light and detox. Young plants, fresh green vegetables, sprouts and raw foods. These foods emphasize the yang, uplifting, and expansive qualities of the season.

In summer

feng shui food according to the seasons

Summer is the season of the Fire element, characterized by hot weather, long days, and the conservation of energy in heat.

The best foods for the summer are those that allow you to cool off. Salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, light carbs, and raw foods are great for this season. The focus is on the heart and the small intestines. The heart regulates blood circulation. A calm heart brings clarity and peace to the whole body.

In summer, we will pay attention to the challenge of air conditioning. It can “trick” your body into “thinking” that the season is cooler than it really is. So avoid eating heavy “winter” foods to avoid this effect.

In autumn

autumn feng shui kitchen

Autumn is the harvest season characterized by the element Metal. Now is the time to enjoy more hearty foods and flavors. The Chinese organ systems are the lung and the large intestine. The lungs receive vital Chi from the air and mix with the Chi extracted from food to distribute it throughout your body.

Choose foods that are more astringent to represent the movement of metal contracting inward. Ideal foods include sour flavors like sourdough bread, pickles, cheese, and yogurt. Also favor hot foods to eliminate toxins such as hot peppers, garlic, ginger, radish and foods rich in vitamin A. They will help you strengthen your immunity. Also opt for foods like winter squash, pumpkin, mustard greens and other dark leafy vegetables.

In winter

feng shui cuisine seasonal foods in winter

The best foods for the winter (water element) are hot and expansive: stews, casseroles, dried fruits and beans, food that warms and nourishes us while we expend energy in the cold and fortifies the kidneys.

Salty and bitter foods like seaweed, miso, escarole, and quinoa have a centering quality and move energy inward. The Chinese organ systems are the kidney and the bladder. The kidney provides heat and energy and serves as the basis for the body.

In short, eating in season ensures your good health, offers great taste and value, and it’s better for the planet too!

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