Health : Foods to lose weight in summer: here are some helpful suggestions

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Health : Foods to lose weight in summer: here are some helpful suggestions

what foods to lose weight

With its sun-filled days and idyllic hours spent on the beach, summer is the perfect time to slow down your daily pace a bit and enjoy the outdoors before temperatures start to drop again. Unfortunately, for many of us, summer is also the time of year when we consume a lot of unhealthy food like large fresh cocktails, sweets and frozen seafood which leave us with an unpleasant swelling sensation. . But if you ever want to lose weight effortlessly, then there are plenty of food alternatives to lose weight in the summer and we are here to help you with that.

Summer is the perfect time to take care of your health and your line and eat foods to lose weight

foods to lose weight easily

With all the fresh vegetables and fruits that exist in the summer, it’s really not difficult to replace everything that makes you fat with healthy things that are good for our size and that are also very delicious. So to prepare for summer and get in good shape for the beach, add these weight loss foods to your daily menu. And make sure you stay away from all those foods that are really bad for your tummy and your waist!

Cherries are a great food for losing weight in summer

cherries: foods to lose weight


Often chosen for their health benefits, these superfoods do more than just satisfy your sweetness needs and are also very effective weight loss foods. Cherries are filled with resveratrol, an antioxidant that has very serious forces to transform your body. Scientists at the University of Washington State have found that mice that were fed high reserve doses were able to convert excess white fat in their bodies into brown fat which increases metabolism and helps burn. more calories. And scientists at the University of Georgia in Athens have also found that reservatol supplements also reduce weight gain and demineralization of bones.

Portobello mushrooms are low in calories and ideal for grilling

foods to lose weight: mushrooms

Portobello mushroom

Say goodbye to the burgers! This summer, the most fashionable choice for grilling is portobello mushrooms. A low-fat substitute for menus that go very well with heart-good ingredients like garlic and olive oil, portobello mushrooms is good for your taste buds and your size. Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found that portobello mushrooms are effective in stabilizing women’s blood sugar and reducing insulin spikes, preventing cravings for sugar, and keeping unwanted weight away from your waist.

Opt for cucumbers to be fresh and well hydrated in summer

weight loss foods


Stay fresh like a cucumber this summer by making this vegetable part of your menu because it is among those ingredients for weight loss. The super hydrating cucumber is low in calories and packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and may even reduce the risk of hypertension. Researchers in Indonesia have found a significant reduction in blood pressure in older women whose diets were supplemented with cucumber juice. This is proof that this delicious vegetable can even help you live longer. And who wouldn’t want that?

foods to lose weight: grapefruit


Who would like to spend time around the oven when temperatures are so high in summer? Instead of spending time in your kitchen, enjoy an easy and refreshing breakfast by making grapefruit a part of your regular routine. In addition to its large vitamin C content, which can boost your immune system and help you fight summer colds, grapefruit is a great choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. Scientific studies suggest that grapefruit can help stabilize insulin levels and thus cut your cravings for sweet things. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that obese adults who ate half a bowl of pure grapefruit juice before meals lost significantly more weight than the other controlled group who just drank water before meals .

ceviche as a main course


The ceviche is a great choice for summer nights when you want an easy and quick meal but you don’t want to order a take-out menu from a restaurant. By combining citrus fruits with a fish oil rich in omega-3 that will help you feel full while fighting inflammation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, ceviche is a low-calorie way to satisfy your hunger. And even better, scientific studies suggest that the hot peppers and lime juice that are added to this popular meal in Latin America is part of the list of foods for weight loss. Scientific studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition show that capsaicin, the spicy flavoring compound, helps overweight people lose significantly more weight than those who took a placebo.

salsa sauce recipe


Bring warmth this summer by preparing lots of fresh salsa and your body will be very grateful to you. By combining onions rich in antioxidants, jalapenos that revive the metabolism and citrus fruits that help weight loss, salsa is there to offer you lots of healthy ingredients. But its main compound, the tomato, is perhaps the best ingredient of all the ingredients in salsa. Scientific studies at the Harvard School of Public Health have found that lycopene, the pigment that makes tomatoes red, can lower the risk of stroke by around 55 percent.

watermelon cocktail recipe


Being healthier this summer begins with a pillar with which you are already familiar: watermelon. Containing over 90 percent water, this delicious fruit is a great way to stay fresh and well hydrated even on the hottest days of summer. Researchers at Purdue University at the University of Kentucky found that mice that consumed watermelon juice lowered their cholesterol, the amount of plaque in their arteries, and lost more weight than the group of mice that we don’t did not give a carbohydrate solution without melon.

recipe for my corn manager

Corn on the cob

Seasonal vegetable and easy to cook, you could adopt corn on your menu to prepare healthier meals right now. In addition to containing about 2 grams of fiber every 60 calories, corn is an excellent source of lutein and zooxanthin, a pair of phytochemicals that researchers at the University of Vienna have linked with lower levels of related macular degeneration. at the age.

idea for iced coffee

Iced coffee

Yes, that’s right – your morning drink has great health benefits. Researchers at the University of Exeter have found that supplementation with green coffee extract results in greater weight loss than placebo in the test subjects. A scientific study at the University of Minnesota has shown that drinking coffee has reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes in patients over 20 percent. But to be part of the foods to lose weight, you should make sure not to put too much cream in your coffee: a large part of the varieties of coffee offered are filled with corn fructose syrup, emulsifiers and preservatives which can very well sabotage your weight loss.

soup for weight loss


Refreshing yourself with a bowl of gazpacho can turn this year into the year in which you have finally managed to shed those few extra pounds. Filled with lycopene-rich tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic and onions, this cold soup will speed up your metabolism. Among the other ingredients of the soup is also olive oil which could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 35 percent, according to a scientific study published in “BMC Medicine”. Gazpacho is a very good choice for anyone who wants to make their health a priority.

blueberries for weight loss


The secret of the perfect body? Opt for blue. It doesn’t matter if you put blueberries in your smoothies or eat them all by yourself, every time you eat these fruits, you are doing something very good for your health. While blueberries are not red in contrast to many other sources of resveratrol, blueberries are packed with vitamins and substances that could help you lose weight. These are also foods with a low glycemic index which means that they could not cause insulin spikes like sweets.

oysters for weight loss


Hurry to the bar with seafood and secure a healthier future. Oysters, for example, are an excellent source of Omega 3 which, according to a scientific study published in ‘Apetite’, is linked to a feeling of increased satiety in overweight and obese adults. Anyone trying to fight hypertension could add oysters to their menu, too. Researchers at the University of Utah, Salt lake City have found that omega 3s significantly reduce air pressure.

guacamole recipe


While it will be difficult to say that fried tortillas are a healthy food, their delicious accompaniment, guacamole probably is. Avocados are a great source of healthy monosaturated fats, while the other ingredients in guacamole like jalapeños, lemon juice and onions rich in quercetin have all been linked to weight loss.

shrimp are good for your health


This coral colored crustacean is very good when it comes to your health. Shrimp is not only a great source of low-calorie protein, but it’s also a great source of inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids that can help you lose weight.

how to eat strawberries


Make your menu even more delicious by adding strawberries. A bowl of strawberries has only 47 calories and has almost 3g of fiber good for the intestines, 141 percent of the daily vitamin C dose and lots of energizing vitamin B6. Strawberries are also a suitable source of iron for vegans which helps to combat anemia fatigue and weight gain. So before you go to the beach this summer, make sure you add strawberries to your diet.

idea for grilled salmon

Grilled salmon

Instead of taking a hamburger that is not good for your arteries with grilling again, lighten your summer menu a little by opting for a grilled salmon. Full of protein and omega 3, salmon is a choice for heart health and is also one of the foods to lose weight this summer. Just make sure you choose wild salmon instead of farm salmon. Wild salmon contains lower levels of omega 6 that cause inflammation and higher levels of omega 3.

idea for salad tomatoes


No matter if you eat them in soups, salads or salsa, tomatoes are a refreshing way to add antioxidants to your diet, making every meal even more satisfying. While lycopene-rich tomatoes are delicious to eat on their own, seasoning them with a little oil and barbecuing makes them even healthier and even tastes better. But don’t try to get the same benefits from ketchup: this sweet sauce contains more sugars than tomatoes.

recipe with summer peach


Adding peaches to your menu could help you have a healthier summer. Peaches are an excellent source of vitamin C and beta carotene which are both linked to an improvement in the immune system and also to weight loss. If you’re trying to make healthier food choices, then peaches are a great ingredient for making sorbets: just mix them in the blender and freeze them to make a sugar-free dessert that the whole family will love.

eat lobsters recipe


Treat yourself to freshly caught lobsters and you would be healthier, too. A lobster of about 450g contains about 260 calories but also 50g of protein and almost 20 percent of your daily dose of potassium. Like many other creators who live in the sea, lobster is also a very good source of omega 3 and is a great addition to your healthy diet.

chicken kebab skewers

Chicken kebab

No matter if it is meat, fruit or something else, there is really no doubt that everything is better when it is on a skewer. Fortunately, chicken can also be very healthy. Add chicken and vegetables on skewers and put them on the barbecue to ensure a meal full of protein, fiber and lots of vitamins and antioxidants. For an even more delicious meal, try eating sweet potatoes with protein. Scientific studies suggest that foods rich in beta-carotene like sweet potatoes could reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, loss of vision and may even have a protective effect against the bad rays of the sun.

hummus is good for health


It’s no surprise that hummus is on our list of the best foods to lose weight this summer. Chickpeas are filled with nourishing protein, fiber and vitamins and also with heart-healthy tahini and lemon juice. Instead of opting for a box of crackers, cut out some crispy vegetables such as peppers, radishes, carrots and celery and eat them with hummus. You’ll save calories and fill up on fiber – two major keys to sculpting your tummy for the summer season.

healthy food


A medium-sized artichoke contains about 7 grams of belly-friendly fiber, and fortunately, this vegetable is both very versatile and very delicious. Cut and marinate artichoke hearts and put them in your salads, in your vegan omelet or boil them whole and season with lemon juice for a quick and satisfying snack.

recipe with Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

Eating a bowl of Greek yogurt will not only help you cool down, but it will also help populate your stomach with robotics and keep you slim. Consume more satiating protein in your diet more easily by replacing fresh cream and ricotta with protein-rich yogurt. And if you ever want to experiment, you can also taste the Icelandic-style skyr, which contains more protein and has a lighter and creamier texture than Greek yogurt.

recipe idea with pomegranate


Pick up some juicy pomegranate arils and feel free to put them on top of your parfaits, smoothies and cereals in the morning. This superfood is packed with free radical-fighting polyphenols, a class of antioxidants that have been shown to shrink fat cells. On top of that, this exotic fruit contains a solid dose of fiber that regulates the stomach to help you control your sweet cravings.

ideas for a summer meal

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