Health : Heatwave tip – how to fight the heat without air conditioning?

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Health : Heatwave tip – how to fight the heat without air conditioning?

summer heat wave tip

There is no doubt that air conditioning is the best protection against the summer heat. But during a time of the covid-19 epidemic, many office buildings have shut down their ventilation systems for safety reasons. Besides, there are also people who do not like the air passed through the air conditioning system and prefer to do without it. Whatever the reason, the main thing on a hot summer day is knowing the right steps to cool off without air conditioning. In this article, we’re talking about a few heatwave tips that could help you beat the heat even if you don’t have air conditioning!

Heatwave tip – how to beat the heat without turning on the air conditioning?

heat wave without air conditioning

Below, we offer 5 easy-to-apply heatwave tips and tricks that will allow you to cool off during the summer days. Let’s go and explore them together.

Heatwave tip – keep out of light and sun

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About 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-glazed windows turns into heat. The latter increases the temperature at home. In summer, the windows facing west and east allow the most heat to penetrate.

how to cool a room without air conditioning

Curtains and blinds in the home are a good solution to this problem. Although the effectiveness depends on the type and color of the material, studies show that curtains in light tones and medium thickness of the fabric can reduce the heat in the room by up to 33%.

The most effective thermal protection are external blinds and canopies. These can reduce solar invasion to 80%. An awning or sun shelter is also a good option because it protects the windows from heat, sunlight and heat. Such an accessory can reduce solar heat in summer by up to 65% in south-facing windows and up to 77% in west-facing windows.

Heatwave tip – choose the right fan

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Fans cannot lower the temperature of the whole room. This is because the electricity that drives the fan turns directly into heat.

fan against heat

However, they can add a bit of freshness. When the fan blows the air around, it helps the sweat evaporate from our skin, and it cools us down. Ceiling fans are considered to be the most efficient because they “spin” the air around the room and create the effect of wind.

Portable fans can work well too, but they are only effective if we use them correctly. This means using them only when the outside air is cooler than the air inside the room. In other words, they are more effective at night than during the day.

Cooling Tip – Stay Hydrated

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Often, drinking water is one of the best protective measures against heat and overheating of the body. This is because our bodies need water to effectively cope with hot temperatures.

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When it gets too hot, your body starts to sweat, and the evaporation of the sweat cools the skin and helps cool the whole body. The problem is that excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. And the body can become dehydrated even before we notice the first signs of this problem. The most important thing is to drink water often and in small amounts.

Of course, the amount of water we need to drink per day depends on our weight. However, people who exercise should drink more water, especially in the heat.

How to cool off without air conditioning – use damp towels

fight against heatwave

Applying a cool, damp cloth directly to the skin can help lower the temperature. Experts recommend putting it on our pulse points. This way, one will have a feeling of freshness right away. These points include the back of the neck, under the armpits, on the wrists or groin.

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In these areas, the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin, which means that the cold will extract more heat from the body and lower the temperature more quickly.

Important – never apply the method for long periods of time. The general rule of thumb is no more than 20 minutes every two to four hours. A curious fact is that a cool bath and shower contrary to expectations increases our core temperature, while hot showers – with a water temperature of around 31 degrees, can actually keep us cool by increasing blood flow. towards the skin and allowing more heat to escape from the body.

How to fight against the heat – choose foods that bring freshness

heat wave food tip

Finally, in summer, it is essential to consume healthy foods. Some of them might even help you cool off on the hottest days. Of course, you could go for the ones you like the most. But if you need a little idea, here are a few examples:

  • The salads. Vegetables contain a lot of water, which can help cool down. Cucumber, for example, contains 96% water.
  • Watermelon isn’t just a favorite fruit in the summer. It also has a water content of 90%. It also provides us with vitamins C and A, and the antioxidant lycopene, which also helps protect against the sun.
  • Fresh mint can be grown in the garden and provides an immediate cooling sensation. This is a zero calorie supplement that will refresh any drink or dessert.
  • Peppers. Eh yes ! It may sound odd, but chili peppers are a great way to beat the heat. Spicy foods are a great way to beat the heat because they cause sweating, and it’s nature’s way to cool the body!

how to stay cool in summer

Here are 5 tips and heatwave trick that everyone can apply to fight against hot days. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it even if you have air conditioning at home!

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