Health : how to improve your sleep during the heat wave

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Health : how to improve your sleep during the heat wave

idea for sleeping during the heat wave

You’ve probably wondered what to do to be able to sleep well in hot weather. Summer is a great season, isn’t it? Barbecues, beach, walks … and endless nights spent wondering how to fall asleep when it is really too hot outside and inside. Yes, it’s not always easy to know how to sleep in hot weather.

For those who are a light sleeper, summer presents many new challenges. And even for those who usually fall asleep when their head falls on the pillow may have trouble sleeping well during the heat wave when the bedroom lacks fresh air. And with rising temperatures, it is possible that we will start to feel more and more cranky, irritable and so tired that it becomes impossible to enjoy the good weather during the day. For pregnant women, staying cool is also difficult especially since their body temperature is naturally higher during the pregnancy period.

The solution that seems very obvious to all this and that allows you to have a calm sleep in the cool is probably the air conditioning. Air conditioning can keep you in the ideal room temperature for sleeping. But the problem is that air conditioning uses a lot of energy to cool. So, are there environmentally responsible and inexpensive ways to help you get to sleep when it’s hot? Certainly ! Read!

The tips in this article will help you sleep well in hot weather and wake you up more restful

how to sleep well when it's hot

Opt for cotton

Keep satin, silk or polyester bedding for the cooler times of the year. The bedding in light colors and made from Egyptian cotton or other light cotton is breathable and really excellent for improving ventilation and air flow. In summer, cotton sheets will really help you if you are wondering how to sleep in hot weather. And according to scientific studies, cotton will allow you to enter the restful sleep phase much more easily than larger fabrics such as wool for example.

Put your sheets in the fridge before bed

Putting your sheets in the fridge like for example in the fridge or in the freezer for a few minutes before going to bed will help you fall asleep more easily when it is too hot. Do not forget to place the sheets first in a plastic bag before putting them in the fridge. Lying down on cool, even cold sheets won’t guarantee you stay cool all night, but will give you a brief respite from the heat and humidity.

Buy a hot water bottle

No, this is not a joke. Who could know that our best friend in winter the hot water bottle could also help us to sleep when it is hot? If you’re too hot and you can’t fall asleep, then this tip can really help. Take out your hot water bottle and fill it with ice water. And in case you want to make your bottle even colder, you can put it in the freezer for ten minutes before bedtime and take it out just before bedtime by putting it next to you or on you.

Drinking a large glass of water before going to bed could help you feel cooler at night

drink water to hydrate

Be creative

If you think the fans would just blow hot air, then you’ve got it all wrong. Adjust the fan so that it faces the window to allow it to push the hot air out. Adjust the ceiling fan so the blades rotate counterclockwise, allowing them to pull in and out of the fresh air instead of just spinning it.

Sleep like an Egyptian

Egyptians know very well how to sleep when it is too hot. The Egyptian method says to wet a sheet or towel using cool water and use it as a blanket. Place a wet towel over your body to avoid wetting the mattress.

Choose large pajamas for sleeping

Less is definitely more when it comes to hot summer nights. Opt for a large and soft t-shirt or shorts or underwear for sleeping. Sleeping naked during the heat wave is a subject of controversy. Some people believe that sleeping naked helps them feel less warm. Others think that going natural means sweating on the body instead of sheets.

Fans are a good solution for the hottest days and nights

use a fan

Think of the old-school method

Do you remember the mimic when the refrigerators were boxes of ice that contained real blocks of ice? Maybe not really. And yet this tip comes straight from the ice age. Make yourself a DIY air conditioner by placing a shallow pan or a bowl filled with ice in front of a fan. The breeze will wash away the cool water from the ice when it melts, creating a refreshing mist.

Create cross breeze

Position a fan in front of the window so that the outside wind and the fan combine to make a cross breeze. You can even place multiple fans in the room to create an even louder airflow.

Work on your pulse

You need to cool down, right? Then apply a block of ice or a cold compress on the points of your pulse on the handles, the neck, the elbows, ankles or behind your knees. The effect will be very refreshing.

good sleep tips

Refresh your bed

Try the cool pad topper. These types of mattress toppers are not only energy efficient and very soft, but they are also very soft and create an extra layer below you when you sleep. Scientific studies show that these mattress toppers create a cooling effect powerful enough for you to stop getting too hot and sleep better at night.

Good pajamas are the key

The set you choose to put on for sleeping is really the key to success. There are cooling pajamas that are made from moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton and bamboo, or high quality synthetics like CoolMax that keep you from getting too hot at night.

Drink water

How to sleep when it’s hot? The answer is simple: keep hydrated! Drink a large glass of water before bed. Failure to fall asleep, roll over in bed, and sweat at night can result from dehydration very well, so try to hydrate well before bedtime.

tips for sleeping during the heat wave

Take a hot bath

When you’re drenched in sweat, the last thing you’ll want to do is take a warm bath. But very surprisingly, taking a hot bath could work, according to a scientific study published in the magazine ‘Sleep Medicine Reviews’ in 2019. The heat of the water sends a rush of blood to the hands and feet where the veins get found just below the skin. This releases additional heat and cools your blood circulation. Ideally, you can take your hot bath at least an hour before going to bed to give your body time to cool down before going to bed.

Of course, if you have perspired too much to sleep, the cold shower may be more pleasant than the hot bath. Staying below the cool steam lowers the core body temperature and removes perspiration, so you will always come out of the shower feeling fresh and clean.

take a cold shower

Sleep closer to the ground

The warm air is going up, so try to set your mattress as close to the floor as possible. If you have an apartment or live in a one-story house, pull the mattress from a mezzanine or high bed and put it on the floor. And if you live in a multi-story house, try sleeping on the ground floor or in the basement instead of the floor above.

how to sleep well

Turn off the lights

This trick is self-explanatory. Light bulbs and even eco-friendly bulbs give off heat. Fortunately, in summer it is clear until 8 or 9 p.m. So take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Keep the rooms to sleep cooler in the evening using a minimum of light or not at all.

Cool the room temperature

Refresh the whole room by hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. The blowing brize will quickly lower the temperature throughout the room.

Keep the oven off

Summer is not a good time to cook a casserole dish or prepare a roast chicken. Instead, choose dishes at room temperature like salads for example to avoid generating even more heat at home. And if you ever want to eat hot, then prefer the grill instead of the oven.

sleep when it's hot

Avoid heavy food

Instead of opting for large and heavy meals, in summer you could opt for lighter dinners which are also much easier to digest. It takes the body much more energy to break down proteins than fats or carbohydrates. So swap the large steak for a plate of fries, vegetables or a salad.

Camp at home

Do you have a house with a small outdoor space like a veranda, a garden or an outdoor courtyard? Then it’s time to practice your camping skills by putting up a tent and sleeping al fresco.

Monopolize the bed

Sleeping alone has its benefits including plenty of free space to stretch out. Drowsiness in the open eagle position (i.e. with arms and legs not touching) is best to reduce body heat and allow air to circulate around your body.

Go for the rustic

When temperatures rise, swap your super comfortable mattress for a minimalist or bamboo mattress. These all natural surfaces are probably less comfortable, but they will not retain heat like soft mattresses and covered with fabrics.

how to sleep when it's hot

Be creative with grains

No, rice and buckwheat are not just for eating. These kitchen pillars can also help you if you don’t know how to sleep in hot weather. For example, you can opt for buckwheat pillows that do not absorb heat like cotton. And for a cold compress on a really hot night, you can fill a sock with rice and put it in the freezer for about an hour. The compress will stay cold for about 30 minutes – enough to help you fall asleep.

Practice your physical activity in the morning

Physical activity inevitably increases body temperature which is the last thing you need when trying to rest on a hot evening. So instead of exercising in the evening after work, you should try to exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning to wake up your metabolism and be ready to rest in the evening.

Keep your hands and feet outside the blanket

Taking your feet out of the blanket is the favorite trick of many people when it comes to cooling down on a hot night. And it’s actually a great idea. The fact that it is believed that we lose heat from the head is actually a comfortable idea, but our hands and feet are the key to staying cool at night.

take a hot bath

Drink something hot

Drinking something hot when you’re hot sounds a little confusing, but experts say that drinking a cup of hot tea or herbal tea can actually help regulate your body temperature when it’s heavy. Scientific studies have shown that hot drinks make you warmer at first, but they also make your body start to sweat more by releasing heat from the skin surface and this reduces the body’s heat storage. So the next time you can’t fall asleep because of the heat, make yourself a hot herbal tea and you will feel its positive effect.

ideas how to sleep when it's hot

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