Health : How to make a homemade face mask to protect yourself from coronavirus?

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Health : How to make a homemade face mask to protect yourself from coronavirus?

homemade coronavirus face mask

Surgical mask, ffp2 or ffp3, homemade coronavirus mask … These days, the question of whether to wear a mask on your face or not to protect yourself from a possible risk of contamination with covid-19 is debated. In this article, we offer some tips on how to make a homemade face mask and how to handle it.

Authorities in some countries insist that wearing a mask cannot protect us from the virus. Other countries have already imposed this means of protection on their citizens as a compulsory measure in public spaces. As we know, wearing a mask is a popular practice especially in Asian countries. In these regions, this practice was still common before the spread of the coronavirus around the world. In France, apart from medical staff, wearing a mask is still a personal choice. And if you want to make a homemade face mask, you can get started right away.

How to make a homemade face mask to protect yourself from covid-19 contamination?

homemade mask for the face covid 19

In this article, we offer some options in this regard. But, before you bring your homemade mask for the face outside, make sure you know how to wear it. In fact, according to many specialists, wearing a coronavirus or other mask is not very effective if you do not follow the instructions to put it on and take it off properly.

Why make your homemade face mask?

coronavirus surgical mask

If you want to make your own protective face mask, you can take several approaches. As you have probably already learned, different types of masks offer a different level of protection. Some are recommended especially for people who already have a virus, so that they can protect those around them. Others, with filters and other means of protection, are more effective. They are thus worn by people who are at the forefront in the fight with the virus.

Below, we offer a tutorial to make your protective mask. The model was tested by the Shenzhen Hospital in Hong Kong. According to his team, the method achieves 90% of the filtering efficiency of an ordinary surgical mask.

wear a coronavirus mask

According to the Associated Press, as of March 3, 2020, more than 92,000 people worldwide had been infected with covid-19. By that date, 3,100 people had died. To date, people with the disease have increased significantly, which confirms the violence and the speed with which the virus spreads. Even if the virus spreads very quickly, it should also be noted that more than half of those infected have already recovered. A large part of those infected, around 90%, may present with mild or mild symptoms. Many of them do not require hospitalization.

Is the face mask important to fight covid-19 contamination?

surgical mask filter covid 19

Like the common flu, the coronavirus is above all a virus. According to most specialists, like the common flu, coronavirus infection is the cause of the appearance of anti-bodies that help fight the infection. According to current research, these antibodies can protect people who have already been infected with covid-19. However, some studies also find cases of re-contamination.

In this context, the American general surgeon Jerome Adams urged calm: “caution, preparation, but do not panic”.

coronavirus barrier gestures

According to recent research, there are two important ways to protect yourself and prepare yourself against Covid-19 contamination.

  • It’s first of all hand washing and disinfection regular and thorough.
  • In second place, the wearing a face mask antiviral in public spaces and in interiors frequented by many people.

In many cities, these places frequented by a multitude of people are, in fact, all the spaces that are literally behind the front door of the house.

With the global shortage of surgical masks, fpp2 and fpp3, here is a simple and personalized way to create a homemade single-use face mask. Use it to protect yourself and your family. The method was developed by the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital.

Tutorial to make a homemade face mask

covid 19 face mask

Here are the materials needed to make a homemade face mask as instructed by the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital.

coronavirus mask tutorial

Materials required

  • 2 sheets of paper towels
  • 1 sheet of Kleenex (tissue paper)
  • 4 feet of elastic twine
  • Masking tape
  • 2 plastic wrapped wires
  • a perforator
  • scissors

Instructions for making a homemade face mask

Before you start making your homemade face mask, start by assembling your materials. If you are confined with your children, you could try to explain to them that you are working on a project that will allow you and your family to protect yourself. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to work with them or ask them to help you with some of the steps below.

diy mask covid 19 face

Here are the steps to make this homemade face mask.

Double the two paper towels by placing them one on top of the other.

Place the tissue paper on the paper towels to form 3 layers. Then cut them in half to form two long rectangles
Use tape to close the short ends of the two rectangular parts by wrapping tape from front to back.

Drill two holes at both ends of the sealed sides.

Glue the plastic coated wire on the side of the paper towel, in the center of the lower quarter of the rectangle. This part will be used to adjust the mask on the nose.

make a homemade coronavirus mask

Cut the elastic chain into 8 equal parts.

Tie the strings through the four-hole holes, adjusting the knots to fit around the ear.

The mask is worn on the face, fixed with upper and lower elastic bands, two each, on the ear.

How to make a homemade face mask to protect your eyes

coronavirus homemade face mask

To enhance the effect of your homemade face mask, you could also wear eye protection. According to research on covid-19 infection, it is transmitted through contact with the mouth, nose and eyes. For this reason, protecting the eyes is just as important. If you have clear glasses, you can use them to create a screen in front of your eyes. Otherwise, here’s how to make homemade protection.

Steps to mask the face and protect your eyes

Cut the clear plastic back in half. This will serve as a waterproof shield for the facial mask. Place a piece on the edge of the glasses with fixing clips. This is to block the respiratory droplets.

If you are not wearing glasses, drill two holes in the upper left and right corners of the plastic and attach the rubber or elastic bands through the holes.

Finally, hold the elastic bands on the left and right sides of the transparency to fix the position.

If you don’t have tape, use a stapler to attach the elastic bands or cords. The flat surface of the clip should be close to the face to avoid scratching your hand or face.

Tips for making your homemade face mask and using it to protect yourself

covid 19 homemade face mask how to wear it

As mentioned, contamination with covid-19 occurs primarily through contact with the mouth, nose and eyes. For this reason, it is important not to touch your face before washing your hands and to protect its areas in particular. It is for this reason that particular emphasis is placed on barrier gestures.

Wearing a homemade face mask can protect you if you know how to handle it. Here are our helpful tips on this topic.

how to wash hands barrier gestures

Wash one’s hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before making and using your homemade face mask.

Put on your homemade face mask

When you leave the house, put your homemade face mask in a zippered storage bag. So you could keep it safe. You can also take several masks to be able to replace the one you used if necessary.

When putting on your homemade face mask, consider placing it so that the inner layer of tissues covers your nose and mouth. The paper towel layer will be placed from the outside.

homemade diy face mask

Replace your homemade face mask

Like the other masks, the one you made at home should be replaced often. This is important especially if you are going to spend several hours outside. It is important to respect this gesture also if you know that you are close to a person who is positive for covid-19.

Replace your homemade face mask often, that is, every one to two hours. A sign that the mask needs to be replaced is that the handkerchief will get wet. Never reuse your homemade face mask. Each copy should be discarded once it has been used.

To protect yourself, remember: wash your hands before removing your protective equipment.

How to remove your homemade face mask

When removing your protective equipment from covid-19, remember to have disinfectant on hand. First remove the clear plastic backrest. Then wash your hands. Then remove the coronavirus mask for the face.

contamination covid 19 barrier gestures

How to get rid of your coronavirus mask

To avoid any risk of contamination, it is essential to throw your mask in a covered bin. For an additional degree of protection, you can provide a plastic bag. Place the coronavirus face mask in the bag and close it well before putting it in a covered bin. After this manipulation, wash your hands again immediately.

By throwing away your protective gear this way, you will minimize contact with droplets that can transmit covid-19 infection. Be aware that studies conducted on the virus indicate that it can remain on various surfaces for several hours, even a few days. Its resistance depends on the type of surface and the environmental conditions. For all these reasons, it is essential to never come into contact with a homemade face mask already used.

How to disinfect the face mask protecting the eyes

Since coronavirus can survive for hours (or even days) on plastic surfaces, it is equally important to properly disinfect protective equipment for your eyes.

The plastic file used to protect your eyes must be sterilized after each use. To do this, you can use diluted bleach, an alcohol-based disinfectant, a hand wash or dishwashing solution. Studies have shown that the coronavirus is destroyed on contact with alcohol-based soap and disinfectant. For this reason, you can very well use this type of product to rinse your equipment thoroughly with water before reuse.

Note: if the plastic in the transparent file is already contaminated or broken, it must be discarded. After these manipulations, do not forget to wash your hands.

coronavirus risk of contamination

Where to wear your homemade face mask

Put on your protective equipment if you are visiting a place where there are many people. Wear it in high-risk locations, such as a hospital or clinic. You can also use it if you have symptoms of upper respiratory infection to protect the people around you.

In any case, remember: if you have symptoms, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

covid 19 mask how to protect yourself

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