Health : how to make him happy and what to do to raise him happy?

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Health :

how to make him happy and what to do to raise him happy?

happy child how to grow up happy

What is a happy child? Who can answer the question of what is happiness? Are there definite answers to questions about the real needs of children?

Happy child or spoiled child?

How to make a child happy without spoiling him? We ask ourselves this question because, normally, every living thing thinks that it is happy when it has what it desires, when it wants it and does what it likes when it likes it. Happiness is not exactly that.

happy child growing up without stress

What is a happy child? What is happiness in general for every human being?

First, the desires change. To respond, therefore, to temporary desires by the satisfaction of temporary needs is only a satisfaction of transitional satiety. What is happiness? Happiness is accepting, caring for and living well with oneself.

happy child allow them to dream

From this fact, satisfaction is permanent. We feel good, we are good about ourselves. The happy person is appreciated, loved, respected. Not more than usual, not by everyone. But at the moment when the person appreciates himself, assumes, respects himself, all around is only a confirmation of what he is already.

happy child feeling safe

Steady happiness is the one that allows the happy person to evolve

Happiness is a pleasant sensation. The one who feels it makes fun of all that is circumstantial, like age, appearance, sex, everyday life.

happy child having friends playing together

All can not be all the time, but happiness or self-love allows the happy person to adapt and normally cope with difficult, hard, twisted, gruesome episodes in life.

happy child laughing with family

True happiness, it is the one that allows the happy person to be in reality

For happiness, the happy person must be very realistic. It must be able to assume itself in reality as it is. However, happiness should not be confused with submission. To be happy is not to suffer life as it is.

happy child time together quality

It is rather accepting the inevitable, the uncontrollable, which does not depend on the person himself, without stopping to fight to change what is wrong and to believe that everything improved.

happy child show doing together participate

Be happy, whether happy child or happy adult, the concept is universal, but happiness is subjective, individual

Happiness is subjective, individual, but the concept is universal. So, a happy child, to use the subject of this article, is not a child whose desires are all satisfied. The contribution of this momentary satisfaction may be like happiness, but it certainly is not. It relieves when the transient desire is satisfied but does not solve the real need.

happy child be fascinated

This one is not to feel disappointed or unhappy if the desire in question can not be satisfied. Recall that the human being is so made, he wants what he does not have. Since we can not have everything, we must learn to make priorities and accept the reality that we can not have everything.

happy child smiling laughing together

Happy child is one who is not frustrated when he can not have what he does not have

To teach a child to be wise is not to ask him to look philosophically at life from the moment, nor to submit to all the laws and rules created by his parents. It's just not being frustrated with two realities: one, that life is unfair and the other, that it's life.

happy child spending time with family

This means that he must be able to retain and control his desires and try, if possible, to have them realized, to realize, especially not at all costs, or to postpone for later.

happy child often say that you love him

A child can very easily confuse happiness and pleasure

Feeling pleasant sensations can be linked to happiness but also to pleasure. A child can not know the difference. It is sure that he will confuse the two realities. Tobogganing or swinging, eating ice cream or sweets, all this is having fun. Being able to enjoy small pleasures from time to time is happiness.

happy child having unforgettable childhood

So, in the depths of all happiness, it's mastery. Master everything, to wait, to appreciate, not to get frustrated, to accept, to want, to be proactive but to be able to postpone for later, in short, to be ok with the situation that presents itself knowing make efforts and appreciate these.

happy child grow up loved

A happy child is a balanced child

Happiness is a kind of fulfillment. The fulfillment is in balance. A balanced child is a happy child because he or she is good in his head. When the child is in his head, he smiles and laughs when the situation is pleasant and a fortiori funny.

happy child doing crazy

He also cries when the situation is sad but he understands, assimilates and moves on to something else. Such a child does not confuse positive and negative moments, ups and downs, and discerns good and bad. He must know the sadness and know how to deal with it.

happy child help love adult confidence

How to raise a happy child?

Love him as he is! To love him as it is will allow the child to listen to the advice and reproaches that are made to him.

happy child moving having friends

Unconditional love from parents is a necessary component for the happiness of the child. However, setting a framework that can at times make the child doubt that the love from his parents may not be unconditional, is also mandatory.

happy child mutual help mutual understanding

The happy child will feel comfortable in the society around him. He will freely discuss his feelings and all he feels in general (joys, doubts, etc.). The happy child is a child who has many friends. In this way, he will focus on some of his qualities with some, and with others he will display his other qualities. Moreover, and above all, he will enjoy staying alone when he has to.

happy child help them cheer them

A happy child does not get bored

As the happy child is in his skin, he is not dependent on others. However, this does not mean that "to be bored" is wrong or bad! What do we mean by that? Well, very often, parents think that doing nothing (being unoccupied) is, for sure, bad for the child.

happy child teach him independence resilience

They forget that when they were small and when they had nothing to do, just look at the sky or the horizon, or look out the window or in a park, like that, quite stupidly, as they say , they manage to activate specific areas of their brain, which scientists call "default network".

happy child control his feelings

The default network of every human being

The default network plays a fundamental role in the emotional stability of the child, the construction of his identity and memory in general. If a child does not activate his or her own default network often enough because of attention being captured by distractions and ongoing activities, the brain will be overworked, the child will feel more stress and happiness will be reduced.

happy child let them do sometimes what they like

To reduce the stress because it is not good for anyone, we advise the daily breaks between activities, during which we must let the child do nothing or let him do what he likes to do the most in the world .

happy child framed freedom

A happy child is eating well and doing regular physical activity

You must know, eat fruits and vegetables. If eating 5 to 8 a day seems too much, eat anything, that's good too! What remains mandatory without any tolerance is to let your child do physical activities or physical activity at least 1 hour a day!

happy child playing together

Since our daily life pushes us or forces us to spend time in front of the screens, we must try to limit this time to two hours a day at the big max!

happy child time quality family

Parents Reminder: Regularly tell your child that we love him and spend time with him

You have to find time for your child. Moreover, this time must be a quality time! What does that mean ? This means staying with your child, listening to them, letting them feel protected, listened to, possibly understood, and above all, to develop their sense of belonging.

happy child make him understand

How to spend quality time with your child? Make home-cooked family meals as often as you can. Try to accompany your child in physical activities, in other words, play together, move together!

happy child build confidence

Communicate, ask questions and ask questions. As a teenager, if your child is reluctant to tell you about their fears and secrets, involve another trusted adult to better understand their inner world.

happy child having self-confidence

Finally, make it clear that there is nothing more natural than making mistakes. Because people are attracted to ease and it's natural, teach them how to make healthy, more difficult choices into easy-to-use choices. How to get there ?

happy child grow up happy

Help them develop and increase their curiosity, concentration, persistence and resilience. Work together on adherence to good habits. Persevere until the habit is transformed into a simple automatic mechanics.

happy child parents behind

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