Health : How to strengthen your immune system

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Health : How to strengthen your immune system

How to strengthen your immune system

How to strengthen your immune system ? At a time of the greatest epidemic in the world that mankind has known for several centuries, this question seems to be very topical. We looked at it!

How to strengthen your immune system ? – The essential to know at the end of winter and at the beginning of spring

how to strengthen your immune system and fight viruses

The human body is like a huge city. He easily gets used to a lifestyle in very diverse conditions. But there are also a lot of things you can do to help her boost her immunity. The gestures and behavior to adopt in this regard are to be followed, particularly during the period of transition from one season to another when the viruses are more easily spread. During these periods, our bodies are also more exposed to their effects.

The human body is created with brilliant possibilities for self-regulation. The nervous, hormonal and immune systems are its three essential “units” in this regard. It should also be noted that intense and prolonged factors and damage are the only ones that can create a serious imbalance, capable of acting on our immune system. But, precisely, these are the effects produced by certain organisms and viruses that attack our systems in late winter and early spring.

How to strengthen your immune system ? – What we can do

immune system booster tips

Many people hope to find an easy way to keep their immune cells and antibodies in top condition. But be aware that looking for simple ways to do this is rather utopian.

In fact, the immune system is a concept that encompasses several elements. Each of them requires specific gestures and measures to function properly. This means that there are important differences to take into account depending on the enemy you want to fight. Examples of these are bacteria, viruses, tumor cells or inorganic particles, as well as the regulation of allergic and autoimmune processes.

How to strengthen your immune system by following the methods of conventional medicine?

immune system medicine

Conventional medicine has developed methods for the protection and treatment of some of the thousands of diseases that threaten our bodies. This threat is greatest when the body is not well protected by its immune system. These are methods of stimulating specific immunity and treating diseases already known or diagnosed for a person.

In principle, when we are in good health, the resistance of the body increases. And this is true not only for these individual attackers like viruses but also for all possible attackers.

Fostering general immunity requires a lot of hygiene in the first place. This concerns, of course, the hygiene measures imposed by the public authorities. But also the personal responsibility of each. It is important to keep in mind that the proper functioning of the immune system depends on almost all of the essential elements of our lifestyle. It is only second that is influenced by additional methods and tools!

How to strengthen your immune system every day

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The immune cells and secretory proteins have considerable resistance under normal conditions. But they are sensitive to the accumulation of various toxins from the outside environment. In addition, this sensitivity is also increased when faced with metabolic waste.

In this regard, it is important to emphasize the role of external “poisons”. In this group, heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, gaseous ingredients and particles released by means of transport or of industrial origin can be classified. As we know, certain products like alcohol, tobacco and certain aggressive drugs can also seriously damage the body. This is why, when we ask ourselves the question of how to strengthen our immune system, we must take into account the negative effects of these products.

Pay attention to what we consume but also to the quantities we consume

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Even more serious may be the impact of consumption which damages the body from the inside. This is, in a way, a type of “internal self-poisoning”. It’s mainly about eating unhealthy food. These include the excessive consumption of animal products, refined vegetable oils and sugars and overly salty dishes. This is especially true if these foods are consumed daily, for years and in “industrial” quantities!

In addition, eating without moderation, even healthy products, leads to the progressive accumulation of waste in different parts of the body. In short, anything that exceeds the needs of the body is in fact a burden for it.

Eating in moderation is essential to keep your immune system healthy. For example, we could try to eat only one main meal (preferably lunch). For the rest of these meals, you can use light and healthy food. To purify your body on a daily basis, you could opt for fruit twice a day. Healthy juices, smoothies and shakes are also ideal in this regard.

Is there a link between daily routine and the immune system?

how to strengthen your immunity

When we ask ourselves the question of how to strengthen our immune system, we must also pay attention to our daily routine. This is another critical moment that affects our well-being and our health. For example, not having a sleep routine is a problem that affects the lifestyle of many people. And it can seriously affect our health.

In addition, moderate physical activity, preferably fresh air, is absolutely essential. Without such activity, all organs and systems of the body are weakened. On the other hand, fatigue also leads to an immune decline. Lack of adequate sleep prevents immune cells from resting and regenerating their activity.

Adequate alternation of physical and mental activity and rest remains an essential component of care for our general health. And this is especially true for our immune system.

In principle, the minimum physical activity can be half an hour in the morning. You could add to that half an hour of moderate activity during the day. As for sleep, you can usually stay up until 10 p.m. This will allow you to get up early and have enough time for different “hobbies”.

How to strengthen your immune system with useful bacteria against harmful germs?

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Another obstacle to normal immunoregulation is the poor state of the flora in our bodies. This factor is beginning to gain increasing importance. This is especially true for the gut. In this context, we speak of “microbiome”. It is associated not only with digestive disorders, but also with common disorders affecting the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems, endocrine glands and detoxification systems.

The problems linked to this intestinal flora are more and more cited today. Often, after other unsuccessful healing attempts, one of the “keys” is precisely the restoration of this niche linked to the “internal ecology” of the organism.

Let’s say it again: eating a healthy diet should be a major goal. A number of pro- and prebiotics and other methods can also be useful, especially for restoring intestinal flora

What is the relationship between the immune system and the brain?

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How to strengthen your immune system is a question that also affects our knowledge of the brain. Of course, psycho-emotional adjustment is also very important. In the emerging branch of psychoneuroimmunology, the risk of infections, allergies, autoimmune and tumor processes is closely monitored. In particular, the functioning of the immune system is associated with the severity and duration of negative stress.

The means of stabilizing the psyche have been tested for centuries by various techniques for the body. We know some of them well: breathing, yoga, tai chi, prayer and meditation, these are some examples of common techniques. Other modern examples are autogenic training, mindfulness, emo-trance, certain varieties of energy psychology.

Mental health and good humor strongly depend on nutrition, movement, rest. In general, they can enjoy a lot of the benefits of a holistic approach!

How to strengthen your immune system with specialized modes of regulation?

Herbal products for indoor and outdoor use are the result of centuries-old traditions in Eastern and Western schools of herbal medicine. These products are made up of various techniques. Among them, methods such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy and homeopathy. Some products also focus on minerals.

So, are these products beneficial for our immune systems? You should know that their minimum doses can be useful for certain fine adjustments. But they cannot replace serious deficits. This applies in particular to elements such as magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium and other essential elements of health and in particular immunity.

Today, many people around the world suffer from poor nutrition. In this case, dietary supplements are recommended. These are to be taken, preferably according to an individual regimen determined by a specialist. The latter principle also applies to vitamins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.

How to strengthen your immune system through physical procedures at home?

how to fight diseases

How to strengthen your immune system at home? Massages, steam baths, inhalations, washes … Can these procedures help us to boost our immunity? The answer to this question is “yes”. These procedures are good auxiliaries of immunity. This is especially true for faster purification in the early stages of “mundane” respiratory infections.

To promote healing and recovery from illness, you can also go out in the wild. But beware, in cold and foggy weather, it is advisable to remain cautious. Under these conditions, we are more exposed to volatile particles. They are inhaled and can attack our body.

Certain elements of Chinese medicine can also be beneficial for the immune system. This is particularly the case with massage. They can be used provided they are applied according to the methods prescribed by specialists. Of course, for an optimal result, we will call a specialist. He will know best how to apply traditional techniques depending on the specific case.

Characteristics of diseases and their prevention during cold seasons

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How to strengthen your immune system is a question we often ask ourselves during transition periods from one season to another. At this time of year, the body is more fragile due to the change in diet. Often, too, one can suffer from fatigue linked to a change in schedule or lifestyle. All of these factors can weaken the immune system. It becomes more fragile and more exposed to virus attacks.

Viral upper respiratory infections are most common during these times. They are often followed by bacterial infections. These can cause complications affecting the sinuses, middle ear, larynx, and lungs. Maintaining cleanliness and limiting casual contact with many people is important during this time of year. We will also try to limit contact with the chronically ill, young children and frail adults.

Food is a key point during this time of year

It is also very important to monitor your diet. We recommend that you regularly favor whole plant foods in winter. They can be eaten raw and undercooked. You can also taste them in the form of juice (carrots, red beets, cabbage, lemon, pomegranate, etc.), shakes and smoothies. To supplement fruits or vegetables, they can be supplemented with superfoods. In addition, they can be supplemented with certain foods whose popularity is low but growing and which have excellent qualities on the immune system. Examples of these are fermented nuts or quality kefir (for non-vegans), as this breaks down the heavy casein component of the protein.

The consumption of other dairy products should be limited because they produce too much mucus. However, when too large quantities of it are present in the body, the additional quantities could feed the bacteria. Most fresh herbs have positive effects when consumed in moderation. Like raw vegetables, they have a direct and indirect effect. They limit the growth of pathogens and strengthen the immune system.

What is the relationship between the immune system and allergies?

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Very often, inflammatory processes in the nose, ears, throat and lower respiratory tract are also allergic. Again, the optimal strategy is to combine nutrition and balanced lifestyle options. One can also use herbal and mineral supplements. We also suggest that you favor calcium and magnesium and other additional methods.

If it is a food or seasonal allergy (pollen allergies are mainly spring and fall), it is important to monitor how sensitive it is, including through special tests. By knowing the allergy you have, you can take steps to avoid its symptoms. It is also possible to take steps in advance to fight your allergy in the future.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor for advice tailored to your situation

The question of how much we can protect ourselves and when to see a specialist has no clear answer. In fact, the answer for each specific case. It depends on the extent and quality of our health awareness, the general state of our immune system. If you are sick and the symptoms persist, consulting a doctor is essential. This is particularly the case during the period of a pandemic, such as the one we are experiencing today.

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