Health : Human design and bodygraph: a complete guide

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Health : Human design and bodygraph: a complete guide

human design

For a few years now, there has been a lot of buzz around the concept of human design. But what does it really represent and how to do your bodygraph? Find out in the following lines.

human design

The spiritual roots of human design

In 1987, on an island off the Spanish coast, Alan Krakower encountered an entity he called “The Voice”. It was a grueling ordeal that lasted eight days and nights in total. He quickly changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and started sharing the information that was “passed on” to him during the experiment. This information was the human design system, a vast source of knowledge detailing the function of our very existence.

The phenomenon of channeling information through mediumship. That is to say direct communication with the spirits of the heavens, has appeared throughout history, but at the same time it has always been debunked as a scam.

Our culture may have recognized the benefits of yoga or meditation. But are we ready to legitimize the information transmitted by other entities of the world or higher beings? Maybe not. Yet throughout history, enlightened people, those we call saints, mystics, and even scientists, have claimed to have received quantum leaps from their experiences with non-ordinary reality or divine inspiration. Ironically, this kind of often rejected experience is also at the root of all religions of the world.

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A journey inward

In many ways, the Western world is awakening to what the Eastern world has offered for a very long time, which is an invitation to travel inland, especially in the face of the most pressing problems. The search for answers for oneself can quickly raise existential questions. And yet people are looking today at a time when modern science can tell us more about the universe than ever before. Discovering human design is a journey of self-discovery. It synthesizes ancient knowledge, yet it aligns with modern scientific theory. Human design is gaining momentum because it gives you a unique user manual for making both insightful and empirical decisions.

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So what is human design anyway?

Human design begins by combining the fundamental aspects of esoteric wisdom that different cultures have taught for thousands of years. If you believe, for example, that the Hindus, the Jews, or the Babylonians were each on a significant piece of cosmic truth, then the human design system maps these teachings with mechanical precision. It’s a great self-understanding system that you can navigate on. Although you may wish to consult a professional to help you get started with the lingo.

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Human design synchronizes the western zodiac wheel with the Chinese I’Ching. This lights up a card of yourself called the bodygraph, which is unique. The architecture of your bodygraph finds its origin in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah. It is made up of 9 chakras connected by 64 doors and 36 energy channels which pass through you. This fluid energy map forms your identity and allows you to view and use the information as one. And if it sounds complex so far, it really is!


The bodygraph

Your bodygraph is fixed at the time of your birth. It depends on where you were born, similar to traditional astrology. At this precise moment, these two factors activate a handful of the 64 doors of your bodygraph. These activations wire certain traits that form your identity. The 64 doors are essentially codes, or archetypes, which come from the I’Ching component of the system. In addition, each door is expressed in 1 to 6 ways or lines, which are nuances of the line. Thus, the permutation system that governs your human conception is composed of 64 possible doors x 6 possible lines. Human design suggests that the meaning of the numbers 64 x 6 is no accident. In fact, it is symmetrical to our DNA code. DNA is constructed with 64 codons x 6 groups of amino acids per codon. Surprising, isn’t it?

spiritual life human design

A precise and unique path

In a theoretical sense, human design also demystifies how you are coded by the universe on your birthday. The idea is that at the time of your birth, each planet is in precise alignment with a door on the wheel of the cosmos relative to the Earth. These planetary positions instantly print their information to you. This cosmic printing process is not magical. Apparently, it is made up of tiny particles that exist in the realm of quantum physics. These subatomic particles are called neutrinos. They connect everything in the universe to everything else in the universe at a speed close to light like a network of invisible tissue. A stream of three trillion neutrinos crosses every inch of your body every second!

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Based on this imprint at birth, your bodygraph determines these basic characteristics about you:

TYPE | What kind of person you are

STRATEGY | How you should make decisions

AUTHORITY | How to access body energy to make decisions

PROFILE | Your combination of conscious and unconscious personality traits

The bodygraph and these features together are what Ra Uru Hu called a “Concrete map of the nature of being”. In other words, it’s a guide to being yourself that describes and teaches you at the same time. The precision of this “Concrete map” is really attractive and convincing for newcomers. The complexity of the moving parts is astounding, but so is the harmony. Once you understand the system enough for an image of your true nature to form in your mind, it is difficult to look away. Personal precision is liberating, and some say astonishing.

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Many people claim to encounter an extraordinary but familiar self-image that reveals their attitudes, behaviors and trends with surprising clarity. Given the overwhelming depth and precision of the human conception experience, some people wonder if there could be anything in the supposed mystical story of Ra’s original encounter.


Discover your human conception

YOUR TYPE | Understanding how to use your human design often begins with discovering the type of person you are. You belong to one of the four types of people distributed in the population: protester, generator, projector or reflector.

MANIFEST gift to the world: Initiate a
action strategy: Inform before you act

Gift to the World: The Value of Your Work
Strategy: Wait before responding

Gift to the world: Potentiate + guides others
Strategy: Wait until you are invited

Gift to the world: Show them the mirror
Strategy: Wait for a lunar cycle

No one type is better than another. Each type has a different virtue, or gift to the world, that offers a specific behavioral strategy for navigating the world so that you experience less resistance and more happiness in life.

human design

Your authority

The last major element of yourself is your authority which guides your decision making. Authority is the dominant type of energy you need to listen to when making a decision. There are many types of authority. For example, if you have emotional authority – the most common type in the population – human design requires you to feel your range of emotions over time in order to make a decision. Other types of authorities may ask you to listen to your environmental cues or wait for your gut reaction to a question. Going with your gut is a saying that resonates with a lot of people, but it’s just that some of us really trust it.

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Be yourself

Human design suggests that your mind is like a processor in your computer. The mind is the central processor of your reality, putting all your feelings and perceptions together in different ways, but you should never make decisions with them. The idea is that your logical mind is excellent at weighing the pros and cons of possible outcomes, but cannot be trusted as the ultimate decision maker. Therefore, living your human conception is like receiving a new internal compass that harnesses the power of your mind, but does not depend on it.

In the end, your human design emerges as a philosophical tool. It is not a belief system or mythology, because it is founded and fueled by information that you can actually experience and use. It’s often called a “user manual” to be yourself. It embodies the basics of Buddhism and Taoism, in that it provides a way to calm your mind so that you can awaken your body and possibly your mind to your basic truth, and then it adds the action step. It is like receiving your Dharma with instructions. It’s empowering, and for some, it can be transformational.

Ra also called human design the “science of differentiation,” which means that it celebrates the difference and the design of each of us. Understanding your organizational chart and the conceptions of others offers the possibility of adopting a new type of fundamental empathy that can improve your communication, your relationships and guide your higher goal in life.

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How to learn human design by yourself

To get started, create your basic human design graphic via Jovian Archive. Trust us when we say that finding your type might just mystify you – at first. Our whole team experienced it, until a more in-depth session with Ahram helped us understand the meaning of our type, our strategy and made sense of the colorful mess of numbers and lines throughout the board !

human design explained

So, do you find human design interesting? If this inspires you, you can consult our other publications dedicated to this subject.

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