Health : Hyaluronic acid injection for genital restoration and for intimate problems in humans

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Health :

Hyaluronic acid injection for genital restoration and for intimate problems in humans

injection hyaluronic acid intervention without surgery

Hyaluronic acid injection, what to do and especially how? We have already answered in a previous article and in a very exhaustive way. In the present, we will look at the other two questions and you will have information from a very interesting angle.

Hyaluronic acid injection to restore the genitals

For the little reminder: hyaluronic acid is essential for the health of the skin. Major constituent of the dermis and the epidermis, it regulates the hydration and the reconstitution of the cells of the skin. It is also used in gynecology.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection

The genital restoration by the non-surgical technique requiring an injection of hyaluronic acid into the genitals is revolutionary, according to gynecologists. This technique without surgery also affects other disciplines, equally revolutionary (digestive surgery, urological, orthopedic, etc.)!

hyaluronic acid injection fight dyspareunies intromission

Hyaluronic acid injection for vaginal rejuvenation procedures

These cosmetic modification practices belong to aesthetic-cosmetic surgery. They are not part of traditional gynecological work. Gynecologists can however be interested. In fact, those who have a thorough knowledge of the subject, gynecologists but also andrologists, can preserve women and men from unnecessary real cosmetic operations.

hyaluronic acid injection second chance genital

What happens, in fact, is that there are patients who make erroneous conclusions about their sexual performance or their anatomical data that have nothing to do with sexual function and subjective experience. In other words, gynecologists must inform about the distinction between functional or psychic and anatomical problems before any cosmetic intervention and, a fortiori, surgical.

hyaluronic acid injection fight against vaginal dryness

For example, a woman who wants a cosmetic vulvo-vaginal correction for psychological reasons will be more difficult to meet the postoperative result. Indeed, the psychic disorder of the patient can be aggravated by the intervention.

genital hyaluronic acid injection how when

Hyaluronic acid injection for vulvovaginal reconstruction

Intimate drought? Want to make you rebuild the labia majora (labia majora)? It is possible with hyaluronic acid. Before one could only inject fat after liposuction or plasma enriched in platelets and growth factors. With hyaluronic acid, vulvovaginal reconstruction gives a second life to a woman who experiences uro-vulvovaginal disorders.

hyaluronic acid injection genital restoration

There are many indications, says Dr. Nicolas Berreni, obstetrician gynecologist and research associate in basic and applied sciences in Toulouse: "atrophic sclero lichen, vulvo-vaginal consequences after treatment of hormone-dependent cancers such as breast cancer after brachytherapy, but also in the case of genitourinary syndrome of menopause posttraumatic disorders of vaginal delivery: painful scars of episiotomy or after surgical excision: postnymphoplasty, post-vaginoplasty ".

injection hyaluronic acid genital menopause

Hyaluronic acid injection in gynecology

Hyaluronic acid is proposed submucosally to treat disorders of the trophicity of the genital sphere. The vaginal epithelium recovers its thickness, its vascularity, and its aspect which it had at the young woman, before the menopause. Better lubrication will soon occur in women with symptoms of vaginal dryness. The pH will drop significantly and the vaginal flora will rebalance.

hyaluronic acid injection give second vaginal life

In addition, intromission dyspareunia will disappear for several months. Dyspareunia refers to the pains felt by the woman during sexual intercourse. In this case another term is used, vaginismus.

injection vaginal hyaluronic acid freshness

This is only a type of dyspareunia and results in the involuntary contraction of the perineal musculature. In this way, the woman prevents any intromission or penetration. Among the causes of physical origin, mention may in particular be made of menopause as hormonal imbalance.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection for what reason

Hyaluronic acid injection post-operative vulvovaginal reconstruction

The perineum is a region rich in blood supply with multiple arterial anastomoses. The raised flaps on the perforators around the perineum resemble the petals of the lotus and can be used to reconstruct a variety of vulvovaginal defects. They can be used for vulvar reconstruction after radical vulvectomy.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection for best result

The effectiveness of hyaluronic acid treatment after serious operations in the perineal area has been shown to be significant. The treatment with hyaluronic acid brings in almost all the cases of intervention a clear improvement of the sexual health.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection why

This molecule provides a lasting solution to the problem of vaginal dryness especially following the decline in estrogen levels following hormonal therapy. Mostly regarded as a taboo, women almost never talk to their medical specialists.

hyaluronic acid injection rejuvenation

There are widely known treatments like egg or vaginal tablets, moisturizing gels or lubricants. But the molecule of hyaluronic acid has undisputed advantages.

hyaluronic acid injection vaginal repair

The molecule is a wonderful innovation in vaginal rehydration. It is characterized by its hygroscopy, which means that it attracts up to a thousand times its weight of water. Moreover, it is naturally secreted in the human body. The injection itself is a very fast practice in the office under local anesthesia.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection penile effects

Hyaluronic acid injection requires a preliminary gynecological examination

A smear must be performed beforehand, before the injection of hyaluronic acid. Sometimes we do other tests too. This review will review the state of vaginal dryness. Above all, it eliminates local contraindications such as an active vaginal or herpetic infection.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection how to do

The examination will also eliminate general contraindications such as blood clotting disorders, anticoagulant therapy and autoimmune diseases. The attending physician is obliged to explain and prevent possible side effects.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection fight against taboos

Hyaluronic acid in injectable form or how is the procedure presented during the injection itself?

One can start with breathing in the MEOPA® gas mask (oxygen-nitrous oxide mixture) which allows a good relaxation of the patients. The gas is eliminated afterwards as and when. Local anesthesia is applied.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection information

The injection of hyaluronic acid must be superficial, submucosal using very fine needles: 27 or 30 G. The areas to be treated are the most fragile and most painful areas, namely those which are the most more sensitive during sex, during penetration. Indeed, it is the vestibule and the lower third of the vagina.

injection hyaluronic acid vaginal intervention without surgery

The dose injected into the vestibule is 0.5 ml on average and 1 ml to 1.5 ml in the posterior part of the vagina. The injection technique at the vestibule is the tracer or fan technique. The injection in the posterior part of the vagina is done by multiple punctures. Basic precautions, such as avoiding the anterior wall of the vagina and in particular the center that houses the urethra are essential.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection inquire

What are the possible side effects for which patients need to be prevented? Indeed, it is possible that the patient has a slight bleeding or passing burns. Then, the patient should be warned that it is important to avoid pressure on the treated area for a few days. This will allow the gel to diffuse and inflate by attracting water harmoniously.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection revitalization

Thus, we must avoid sexual intercourse and the practice of certain sports. It is also recommended to avoid baths for asepsis reasons. It is advisable to renew the injections after six months which is the half-life of the product. In fact, we must not wait for the reappearance of the disorders to be treated. In subsequent years, injections may be more spaced.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection that know

The results in% of Dr. Pascale Sabban-Serfati published in his memoir on the benefits of hyaluronic acid injected following menopause

" This work concerns my activity between the year 2015 and 2017 during which I had the opportunity to treat 110 women on hormone therapy for breast cancer, and suffering from vaginal dryness and dyspareunia. They come either from my own patient or from oncologists.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection without surgery

The results of the first injection are significant and summarized as follows: 15% of women are lost to follow-up at 6 months. At 1 month, 90% of patients are generally satisfied: 75% very satisfied, 15% moderately satisfied. But this satisfaction rate drops significantly at 6 months: 45% of non-satisfied.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection stop taboo

Six months is precisely the half-life time of hyaluronic acid. The very low failure rate is probably multi-factorial in origin and more complex than a simple organic disorder. This six-month efficiency period coincides perfectly with the half-life of the molecule.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection without surgery

This important finding could encourage us to recommend the renewal of the injection within this period, even before the disorders reappear. No complications arose and one session had to be interrupted because of the excessive pain experienced by the patient.

injection hyaluronic acid penis increase

The recommendations and conclusion of Dr. Pascale Sabban-Serfati published in his memoir on the benefits of hyaluronic acid injected following menopause

" As long as the recommendations are followed, treatment with hyaluronic acid allows rapid rehydration of the vaginal mucosa. The sessions are well lived by the patients. The feeling of well-being and local comfort associated with a disappearance of burns and drought is mostly expressed very quickly.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection against drought

Finally, an improvement of the sexual health, the disappearance of dyspareunia allow the progressive restoration of the sexual life. The testimonials are enthusiastic.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection treat

This treatment is revolutionary because it is simple and safe as long as you follow the recommendations. In fact, the sexual health disorder of patients treated for breast cancer is the third biggest concern for women with cancer. ".

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection for self-confidence

Hyaluronic acid injection in humans

The injection of hyaluronic acid in humans allows to treat the intimate problems that concern him. Since the practice is new, the taboos still exist, few are the specialized practitioners in the field. Those who resort to it, advocate its effectiveness and this to the delight of men who still hesitate to use it.

injection hyaluronic acid penis length best cumshot

What are the major problems that men encounter, for which hyaluronic acid could provide the solution? It is the premature ejaculation of which some men suffer daily. Others want to increase the diameter of their penis when the size is a source of discomfort.

injection hyaluronic acid penis treatment

With regard to premature ejaculation:

Two techniques are to consider. A first one to stitch once in the middle of the crown of the glans, by directing the needle from left to right in a rotational movement. This technique makes it possible to thicken the superficial layer, to create an interface and to act on the nerve endings.

injection hyaluronic acid penis

The goal is to reduce the hypersensitivity of the area and delay ejaculation in this way. Hyaluronic acid injection surgery does not hurt. Indeed, a local anesthesia is put before the base of the reproductive organ of the man. The session lasts a short time, about 20 minutes (as for women). The price to be counted is from 280 to 840 €. This price depends on the number of syringes, itself proportional to the size of the glans.

injection hyaluronic acid penis wider confidence

The second technique that can be considered is to inject hyaluronic acid in one session, regardless of the amount. The procedure is always done under local anesthesia applied on the entire circumference of the penis. This injection process occurs more deeply, under the membrane above and in contact with cavernous bodies where the sensory nerves slide. Due to the stretching of this membrane, hypersensitivity is diminished. In addition, the penis gains in volume. The office session lasts a little longer, about 30 minutes.

male hyaluronic acid injection

Whatever the chosen method, we generally observe an improvement in ejaculation because it is at least slowed down. The second technique has an added benefit, the patient may feel more manly. But this has a price! Indeed, for the improvement of ejaculation and penile augmentation, it is necessary to count the equivalent of 8 to 12 syringes, which costs about 280 € each.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection penis syringes

With regard to increasing the diameter of the penis itself:

The first thing the patient has to consider is that after 12 to 18 months, the product is out of life and a new procedure must take place! The technique practiced for medical penoplasty is identical to that dealing with the improvement and slowing down of premature ejaculation.

injection hyaluronic acid penile augmentation

The injection of the hyaluronic acid gel is done at the same place. It allows to add 2 cm of volume to the penis in rest. The 2 cm added are gained in circumference and in length. In erection, the penis keeps the new size just in circumference.

injection hyaluronic acid penis virility

The price of hyaluronic acid injection surgery varies according to the number of syringes applied. It can vary from 2250 to 3500 euros depending on the amount of product injected.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection without fear

Contraindications of intervention in humans:

They are the same as those exposed in women. In contrast, the man can not resume sex as quickly as the woman.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection all know

If the woman has to wait 2 to 3 the resumption of sex and the practice of some sports, the man must wait 4 to 5 days.

vaginal hyaluronic acid injection treat problems

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