Health : Influence of time on morale or how good weather influences ntore health

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Health :

Influence of time on morale or how good weather influences ntore health

Influence of time on beneficial sun morale

Influence of time on morale: what must be known about this? The sun is good for morale and increases mood hormones, such as serotonin, endorphin, but also melatonin, hormone for form, and vitamin D for bone mineralization.

Influence of weather on the weather nice weather enjoy

Influence of time on morale: tell how much time it takes for you to have a checkup!

It is absolutely true that climatic variations influence us! It's also true that our body is stuck on average conditions and temperatures. Any change to colder or warmer temperatures therefore requires the body to adapt. This adaptation actually results in physiological, chemical, hormonal phenomena, etc. of our body, which causes mood changes.

Influence of time on the moral link certain

Influence of time on morale: how would the weather range affect our sensitivity?

Wind, rain, thunderstorms, heatwaves, low temperatures ... The vagaries of nature can cause various diseases or, on the contrary, can heal us.

Influence of time on the moral good weather happiness

We already know or have heard about rheumatism, psychiatric diseases, cardiovascular diseases, such as infarction and depressions, such as autumnal depression that is treated with artificial light.

Influence of weather on rainbow morale

There is even a study that looks at the relationship between meteorological phenomena and the biological processes of living organisms.

Influence of weather on good weather morale

Influence of time on morale: how would rain affect the living organism?

Rain can be good and bad for your health. She hunts allergens, which is positive. A popular saying says "rain on the tiles, less tears in the eyes".

Influence of weather on the morale strong winds

Its presence in large quantities contributes to moisture. This results in the presence of water in the form of steam in the air. Humidity is the branch of meteorology that measures the humidity level in the air.

Influence of the weather on the sun sun vitamin D hormones happiness

Influence of Time on Morale: How Would Humidity Affect the Living Organism?

Moisture plays a role in the proliferation of fungi, pathogenic diseases and human physiology. Variations in hygrometry and abrupt changes in humidity temperatures would influence the inflammatory effects in the body. We often talk about rheumatism, that is to say, the pathology linked to the joint liquidity, called synovium.

Influence of time on humidity morale

Basically, there is inflammatory rheumatism (affecting the joints, bones, but also the soft parts) and degenerative rheumatism. This does not mean that it can not be inflammatory and then destroy the joints. This is the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Degenerative rheumatism (osteoarthritis, osteoporosis) affects the strength of the cartilage or the bone itself.

Influence of weather on the storm thunderstorms

Influence of time on morale: how would the wind influence the living organism?

The wind is at the base of migraines. In fact, 35% of migraines in general are caused by wind. Moreover, it is attributed the cause of mental disorders, instability of mental and mental health. In addition, the wind causes insomnia. It is not without interest to recall that the wind has become a mitigating circumstance in criminal cases.

Influence of weather on morale strong winds

Influence of time on morale: what is the interest of the storm on the living organism?

Storm, like rain, increases the breathing capacity because it discharges the atmosphere. This is not sufficient in any case that you must go out in case of storm under the pretext that you have to increase your breathing capacity. Although the storm has this small positive effect on our body, it is still vital to seek shelter in the event of a storm.

Influence of weather on storm morale

In the event of a storm, it is a question of negative electricity and positive ions, which would have an effect on the living organism: hair that stands, for example. This imbalance of negativity and positivity in the electric charge that will cause an ion exchange inside our body will create slight changes on the ion pumps, the heart, the lungs.

Influence of weather on morale storm snow

Influence of time on morale: how would atmospheric pressure influence our body?

Some depressions would be due to barometric differences. What is the barometer? It is measuring device that indicates the atmospheric pressure. It comes in the form of a case consisting of a mechanism, a graduated dial and a needle. The barometer can announce a storm or an anticyclone.

Influence of weather on the morale winds humidity

He reacts a little post factum, namely that he reacts to the second close to atmospheric movements. The gusting wind will vary the atmospheric pressure, which will move the barometer needle on the dial. It takes into account changes in temperature, as well as hygrometry (humidity).

Influence of time on the barometer's morale

Atmospheric pressure would cause depressive behavior. The difference in barometric pressure would increase the articular fluid pressure which would trigger pain in the joints.

Influence of time on moody mood

Influence of time on morale: how would too high or too low temperatures affect our body?

Cold weather and heatwaves influence health more than barometric differences. The question of the link between the weather and rheumatism has already been discussed twice. Let's just add that in the event of a storm, the thermal and hygrometric variations, but especially the speed with which the air will cool, would influence the synovial liquidity, which would have inflammatory effects.

Influence of weather on winter peak morale

Because of thermal variation, the myocardium can be affected. It is the second leading cause of death in France. The thermal variation is the winter and summer peaks. You must know that you die more because of the cold than because of the heat. Why ? Well, because the small vessels of the heart tighten and bring less blood to the heart. This is called coronary vasoconstriction.

Influence of time on the morale biométéorologie

When we say that we die less because of the heat, we do not take into account heat waves. In case of heat wave, there are serious dangers of dehydration and heat stroke. It is a question of thermoregulation: to release the heat of our organism that produces itself by the effect of the metabolism.

Influence of weather on the sun's morale

Indeed, it is necessary that the body evacuates including air expires, sweaty skin and urine and feces. Sweat is a cooling mechanism of our body. In case of heat wave, the body can not lose its own heat. In addition, it requires a good cardiac output in case of heat wave.

Influence of weather on heat wave

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