Health : Lose weight easily in summer

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Health : Lose weight easily in summer

lose weight easily in summer tips

Want to lose weight? Summer is a good time to start achieving this goal. Here are some tips to lose weight easily and effectively during the summer season!

8 tips and advice for easy weight loss in summer

On hot days, outside temperatures can help you burn calories faster. In addition, the warm weather generally invites us to eat less and to favor light meals. Drinking lots of water is also one of the things we favor in summer. And these are all required for all those who wish to lose weight effectively. Not to mention, the sun and good weather also make us move more and spend more time outdoors. Which is ideal for getting back in shape. Below, our tips and advice for getting back into shape effectively this summer!

To lose weight easily, get up early

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If you rarely exercise, summer isn’t the best time to increase the load. In the heat, the air pressure changes and you can have problems with your heart and the blood circulation system.

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So continue at a leisurely pace. Choose a “slow physical load”: yoga, pilates or stretching. Low load activities will help you adapt to the heat quickly.

The advice for beginners and active athletes is to reduce the intensity of cardio workouts and strength loads in the heat by 50%. Train outdoors only when the temperature does not exceed 28 degrees C. So when jogging in the park, it is best to get up early, when it is not always so hot.

To lose weight more easily, follow the rule of 10 times

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If you find it difficult (or just don’t want to) increase your physical load in the summer, choose a more versatile and simple alternative at home. For example, pay attention to the “10 times” rule.

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Do a ten-pack of a specific exercise every two hours. You could try the same principle every time you visit the bathroom or the toilet. You can burn 300-400 calories per day effortlessly and you won’t have a hard time coping with physical activity and heat.

To lose weight easily, decide which activity you will favor

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In hot weather, we don’t want to sweat in the stuffy room or come under the air conditioning. Replace boring workouts with outdoor activities. It will have a wonderful effect on your figure!

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A great way to sculpt your legs, shoulders and butt (and meet new friends) is beach volleyball. Movement on sand is much more difficult. And it helps burn calories more efficiently. Here is a list of some activities and calories that are burnt in an hour.

  • Frisbee: 100 calories
  • Trampoline: 100 calories
  • Dance: 115-150 calories
  • Dives: 120 calories
  • Horseback riding: 150 calories
  • Gardening: 160 calories
  • Kayaking: 150 calories
  • Swimming: 180 calories
  • Tennis: 250 calories
  • Roller skates: 250 calories
  • Biking around town: 250 calories and more
  • Skipping rope: 360 calories

To lose weight effectively, turn on the air conditioning

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Brown fat (also called good fat) plays an important role in the process of weight regulation. Unlike white fat, it does not store energy in our system, but on the contrary, helps us burn it.

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In 2009, Swedish scientists published the results of a study which found that the activity of brown fat is influenced by low temperature. In the cold, the amount of glucose “burned” increases 15 times! Based on this data, you can increase daily calorie burning by 20%, just by opting to cool the room to 16 degrees!

To lose weight easily, lie on the floor

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Here’s another simple idea: to lose weight easily, sit on the floor! Do this while watching TV or working on your laptop. It’s a smart way to burn more calories.

Why ? Well, because on a hard surface your muscles are in greater tension. Besides, getting up from the ground is much more difficult, and it is an additional burden.

To lose weight in the summer, eat watermelon

watermelon for weight loss

Researchers at the University of Kentucky have shown that eating watermelon can have a significant effect on reducing body fat. This is a great option for easy weight loss in the summer. It is low in calories and refreshing on a hot day.

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Watermelon maintains a stable level of energy and hydration – you don’t need to drink high calorie sports drinks. In fact, that’s why bodybuilders eat watermelon to reduce muscle fatigue and for quick recovery after a workout.

To lose weight faster in summer, listen to your favorite music

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Most people cannot imagine sport or daily work without music. In fact, popular summer songs will help you lose weight faster!

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Fast music sets the pace and makes workouts more intense. If the music slows down, you are inadvertently slowing down. This tip is especially helpful for those who love cardio exercises.

To get fit and stay healthy, stay hydrated

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In heat, the amount of liquid consumed increases. Whenever you are thirsty, pour yourself only half a glass of water. You will need to get up from your seat more often to bring water, and to walk in the refrigerator or on the tap. And it will aid in weight loss by helping you burn calories!

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And if you are still looking for other ideas to lose weight or get in shape during the summer period, be sure to consult on swimming. This type of sport is very popular in the summer and it will help you burn calories while having fun. For more information, see this text.

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