Health : Original Advent Calendar to offer or offer to others

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Health : Original Advent Calendar to offer or offer to others

Christmas Advent Calendar 2019

What unique Advent calendar to make yourself? It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since there's even an Apple app for that. Well, thanks to the Internet, there is an Advent calendar for technology giants and for mobile phone generation. Now, there is also for adults.

surprises 24 favorite movies

Advent Calendar has long been hiding a great potential of ideas to make it unique

The reasons for having or making Advent calendars are very numerous. In general, you can open them at the beginning of December, and if you do not follow the road of instant gratification and do not open all the presents of the day at once, you can enjoy a whole month of gifts at daily.

Christmas tree advent calendar small drawers

Advent calendar, a wonderful idea / great ideas to offer

And despite the fact that they are generally more expensive, they can be a good value if you want to share your gifts, or if you want to try a product or a variety of products of a brand.

Christmas calendar Surprise Gibsons

However, in 2019, Advent calendars are no longer reserved for party chocolates. From hot sauce to sex toys (yes!) To small bottles of luxury alcohol, there are more and more advent calendar ideas.

to be beautiful before Christmas

Idea # 1 of Advent Calendar: a diet before the end of the year holidays

There will be no surprise at the time of opening the box of the day since it is you who will have prepared the diet. On the other hand, there will be the excitement of losing a little weight just before the end of year holidays and ski holidays. Your skin will become more beautiful, your belly will lose weight.

holiday calendar in the world

Each day can present a special and balanced menu. Depending on the diets you know and have already done, you may decide to repeat the diet that relaxes your bowels and releases them. It's not about doing anything dangerous.

cofret products beauty women Christmas 2019

Only the true nutritionist, that is, a biochemist, could prepare you a diet. But reducing sweets and baked goods in favor of vegetables, proteins and good fats, this everyone could try to do without fear.

Prosecco for all tastes

Idea No. 2 of Advent Calendar: an assortment of teas before the end of the year festivities

You can make a kit of tea samples. So you can treat yourself to the best teas on the planet to treat yourself to a different cup of tea every night.

Christmas calendar 24 teas

Idea # 3 calendar for Christmas: a poem to read every night before going to bed

Every night you can choose a poem from a French or foreign poet. The giants of French or international poetry are perhaps over 24 but you can make a selection. Thus, you can indulge yourself every night before going to bed or every morning when you take your coffee.

great poets calendar all the time

Ten poets to know, poets of old: Ronsard, Du Bellay, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Apollinaire, Eluard, Aragon, Prévert, Hugo. Still ten to know or to have heard, poets of today: Bernaud, Emaz, Pey, Conort, Lemaire, Hocquard, Oho Bambe, Sacred, Biga, Ber.

different readings before Christmas

But also: Bonnefoy, Jaccottet, Stétié, Jacqmin, Maulpoix, Bonhomme, Ancet, Bancquart, Masson, Bobin, Meschonnic, Bordes, Gleize, Noiret, Despax, Althen, Peyre, Ray and many others.

You can not miss Shakespeare, Poe, Marlowe, Whitney, Keats, Spenser, Dickinson, Sidney, Heywood, Angelou and so many others.

tales poems news advent calendar

Advent Calendar with Little Disney Storybooks: Idea # 4

Your little kid will enjoy unpacking a special storybook featuring some of his favorite Disney friends, every day before Christmas. Magical tales are a brilliant way to adjust their excitement before going to bed!

calendar small books tales Disney

Pleasure your pet with luxury patches: dog calendar idea # 5

This type of calendar contains dog treats. The treats are good enough to pamper your pet as the big day approaches. There are cheese and apple treats. You can also find biscuits made of soothing yogurt, honey and chamomile. There are also candies in the shape of flowers made from beef liver, fresh carrots, molasses and alfalfa.

delicious fir for dogs

Finally, there is a flavored turkey bone as a bonus for the big day. Is it wrong to say that we think it sounds pretty delicious?

happy dogs before Christmas

Idea # 6 calendar for Christmas: small miniature bottles of different spirits

Between busy travel plans and 24-hour family hours, vacations can be a hectic time for some. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas and take the lead with an advent calendar filled with miniature bottles of tequila, gin, whiskey, vodka, mezcal and more. There are calendars only with small bottles of Bailey's.

alcohol for every day before Christmas

Idea # 7 Advent Calendar: Tiny Jam Pots Happy Mom

Most of you, you take as breakfast only croissants with jam. For you, the Advent calendar with mini jars of jam is going to be a real treat.

take a different alcohol drink before Christmas

Idea # 8 of 24 little gifts before Christmas: your best movies recorded on a USB key

A USB keychain with your favorite movies, is not it a great idea provided you have time to watch them.

Advent Calendar Christmas Movies

Idea n ° 9 calendar counting the days before Christmas: Haribo, C'est bon la vie!

It's not just the bears! The (wonderful) world of Haribo is full of incredibly delicious treats. Very few failures. This is the world of candy.

Haribo Advent Calendar Gift

You have strawberries, green frogs, rainbow-colored frogs, tropifruitti (tropical fruits), dinosaurs, bottles of coca cola, etc.

Christmas gift boxes Haribo

Prosecco O'Clock Calendar: Idea # 10

This indulgent adult advent calendar is perfect for those who love a glass of fizz. Inside, you'll find bottles of sparkling rosé prosecco, cava, brut and more. It can be filled many times, making it a great addition to the big Christmas holidays.

original box prosecco Christmas calendar

Beauty products, small samples of cosmetics never tried: idea n ° 11

Here is another excellent idea of ​​Advent Calendar, namely the twenty-four boxes filled with beauty products. We can find samples of new perfumes, anti-wrinkle cream, small gloss, tiny powders, etc. This Advent calendar would test products that we do not know.

try various beauty products

For example, perfumeries could promote their less popular products or advertise their lesser-known products. This is a beautiful idea that would appeal to all women and girls.

various champoings Christmas calendar

Huge box of twenty-four Yves Rocher products: idea n ° 12

Instead of offering a cocktail of diverse and varied products, the Advent Calendar can only offer products of a single known brand. A huge box divided into 24 niches with cute surprises from Roche Posay, Clinic, Occitane, Petit Marseillais, Nuxe, Séphora, etc. Which one would you choose?

Yves Rocher Advent calendar

Advent calendar with nail polish: idea n ° 13

What if you put different color nail polish every day for 24 days? This feels rather like an experiment but why not? Having in mind that it will be you who will have to apply it to you every day, it will perhaps not be posed in a professional way every time. It will be fun to try!

polish nail every day before Christmas

Huge box full of barrettes, hair clips and hair elastics: idea n ° 14

This calendar will appeal to girls but also to women who do not leave home without bars or scrunchies. There could be, in each box, a bar and a rubber band. The range of these products is extremely rich.

Christmas variety beauty products

There is something for every taste. Professional, basic or fancy hair products. Get your fill of hair accessories for Christmas! Sephora, Claire's, Hello Kitty, and others. Do you have ponytails, mats, buns or just glamor!

cosmetic beauty products surprise

Peppa Pig Calendar: Idea 15

Peppa Pig is one of the favorite cartoons of all. Everyone's favorite pig gets a seasonal makeover with this adorable Advent calendar.

Advent calendar peppa pig

The little ones can count until the 24th with the Christmas versions of Peppa, George and their friends, not to mention the Christmas touches including a toy Christmas tree!

peppa pig calendar Christmas

Harrods boxes: idea of ​​Advent Calendar n ° 16

Those who do not miss to go shopping in London before Christmas, probably do not miss a trip to Harrods. The Galeries Lafayette in English offer opulence and beauty remarkable.

Christmas Harrods magic London

One of the gifts that might catch your eye there is the Harrods Advent Calendar. The stacked boxes are shaped like an elegant Christmas tree and contain various toys and treats for small children.

compliments Harrods Advent Calendar

Lego Star Wars Calendar: Idea 17

For Lego and Star Wars fans, the Lego brand offers an amazing Advent calendar. Star Wars fans, kids and adults alike, will love this Lego calendar. Behind each door is a spaceship, collection or figurine to build, creating a fun and interactive Christmas countdown.

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Playmobil Advent Calendar: idea # 18

Where there is Lego, there is also Playmobil. To each his mark! Kids will have twenty-four doors to open in this fun calendar. This includes gadgets, car parts and the evil Dr. Drone to defeat! With 117 coins, this Advent Calendar will entertain the little ones throughout the holiday season.

playmobil calendar before Christmas

Advent Calendar Thomas and his friends: idea n ° 19

Thomas fans, the little wooden train, will love this gift idea. Each small calendar door contains twenty-four miniature Thomas figurines, each with its own special design.

for those who love Thomas mini

Paw Patrol in an Advent Calendar: Idea n ° 20

Toddlers love Paw Patrol! Their parents are singing the movie song with them. It is for this reason that young and old alike will love this Advent calendar! Behind each of the twenty-four doors is a small exciting figure for the kids. In fact, they will find six main characters of Paw Patrol as well as mini sledges and miniatures. These will be a brilliant stimulant for imaginative children's games.

thomas friends trains woods

Hatchimals Advent Calendar to hatch: Idea # 21

Hatchimals are collectible figurines that are delivered in an egg. This one needs to be warmed up to help hatchimals get out of there. In fact, the warming will hatch the eggs. Hatchimals hiding inside will surprise your little ones every twenty-four days of December before Christmas.

hatchimals collect advent calendar

Harry Potter Advent Calendar: Idea # 22

There are still millions of Harry Potter fans. This calendar will certainly please children. Behind each door is a miniature version of one of the favorite witches, magicians or creatures / characters.

Harry Potter Christmas calendar

Advent Calendar with Puzzle Gibsons 12 Days Before Christmas: Idea # 23

This Advent Calendar from Gibsons puzzle makers is the perfect little gift for you. Behind each door is a puzzle of 80 pieces and the twelve puzzles finally create a beautiful Christmas scene. An enigma so every other day!

Gibsons calendar puzzle offer

Advent calendar of the house, the craft of the stationery: idea n ° 24

It gets colder outside and your kids stay home more and more after school. If they like coloring, this calendar will be the perfect way to keep them busy. Filled with notebooks, pens and pencils, this could be the perfect choice for them. There are calendars for the older ones who also love stationery.

for those who love stationery

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