Health : Réjeanne, the brand of organic menstrual panties without toxic products

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Health : Réjeanne, the brand of organic menstrual panties without toxic products

In recent years, period panties have established themselves as a practical, reliable and ecological solution to manage your periods with peace of mind. What’s more, today we can find models of period panties that are designed to combine the comfort and elegance of French lingerie, all without toxic products. To learn more about this solution, we explored the collection of the Réjeanne brand which offers periodic panties made in France and made of organic materials.

A pretty organic menstrual panty without toxic products

French organic menstrual panties

Réjeanne is a company launched by Alexandra and Wye with the ambition to create a product that is at the same time beautiful, innovative and reliable. It is the bet of a pretty panties of Réjeanne rules and the mission of the creators of this mark: to think of the comfort of the women but also of their peace and nature.

What is the technology behind toxic free period panties?

To answer this question, Réjeanne’s team cites the three key points respected during the manufacturing process of its collections:

  • the drainage of the brand’s panties is provided by soft and airy fabrics in certified organic cotton;
  • The ability toabsorption is guaranteed by an ultra-fine fabric that works quickly and throughout the day (the brand offers models suitable for light, medium and heavy flows);
  • THE’impermeability is secured by a leak-proof ventilated membrane that provides protection for up to 12 hours straight.

Reliable, Réjeanne’s organic menstrual panties do not contain silver nanoparticles and have Oekotex 100 certification.

Periodical panties made in France

organic menstrual panties made in France

In terms of comfort and elegance, Réjeanne’s team indicates that it is keen to have its models made by French workshops. The brand is currently working with workshops in the region of Brittany and the south of France. This choice of 100 percent French manufacturing is justified by a concern for quality but also by the desire to offer a product produced under “ethical and responsible working conditions”.

The Made In France menstrual panty thus benefits from a technology developed thanks to the know-how of local workshops. The made-to-measure production gives the brand’s models their attractive appearance but also their finesse and softness. The workshops selected by Réjeanne also work with the major lingerie houses. The textiles chosen for the manufacture of the brand’s panties are odorless and entirely knitted in France.

An economical and eco-responsible solution

period panties in organic cotton

If organic period panties are healthy, pretty and comfortable, they are also a way to save significant money. According to Réjeanne’s estimates, the expenses related to disposable periodic protections represent a sum ranging from 260 to 325 euros over 5 years. For comparison, two washable organic period panties would cost around 65 to 70 euros, which equates to around 200 euros in savings for the same period.

And since period panties allow us to avoid disposable protections, they are also a more responsible choice for the planet!

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