Health : Reopening of sports halls – how to go to your club safely at the time of deconfinement?

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Health : Reopening of sports halls – how to go to your club safely at the time of deconfinement?

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The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has certainly left its mark on our way of life. It particularly marked our daily activities, including our way of playing sports. Now researchers are starting to get a clearer picture of the nature of the virus. Authorities in European countries are considering various approaches for the coming months. And we all wonder if we can finally resume our favorite activities. This week, we are interested in the conditions in which we could train in the gym from June. To find out more, it’s just below!

Sports halls reopening from June – dates by area

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Engaging in physical activity in the gym makes it easier to motivate yourself. It is also a way to benefit from the help of a professional or to take group lessons in your favorite club. Hence the interest for many people to bet on a subscription.

From the June 2, gyms in green areas are again open. The reopening of those in the orange zone is planned for the June 22. So you could visit your favorite club in the green zone today. However, for the return to a gym in Paris, we would have to wait until June 22.

What measures are taken by sports halls?

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Ensuring the resumption of physical activities indoors safely is a common goal of authorities and sport establishments. To get a better idea of ​​the measures taken by these establishments upon reopening, we asked one of the leaders in the field, Basic-Fit.

Measures taken by clubs

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Whether you are a former subscriber or a new visitor, you can take advantage of the services of your club as soon as it reopens. The sports halls have implemented a number of measures to create a healthy and pleasant environment, while ensuring everyone’s safety.

At Basic Fit, an app-based training reservation system helps limit the number of members who visit a club at the same time. A minimum distance of 1.50 m between people will be maintained. For this, part of the indoor areas will be temporarily closed. The use of certain equipment will also be suspended. Additional cleaning of all areas is also planned.

Actions recommended to members

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If we all knew that we have a responsibility towards others, the coronavirus crisis has certainly helped us to feel this responsibility in everyday life. With this in mind, sports clubs have put in place some recommendations for their members. These aim to guarantee the safety of all visitors.

To practice your favorite physical activity in the gym at the time of deconfinement, you should keep a distance of 1.50m between yourself and others. Washing hands before and after training is essential from a hygiene point of view. Members who wish can also wear a mask and / or gloves.

Gyms also recommend cleaning the equipment you use after each workout. In fact, each subscriber is invited to bring their own mat for exercise. To stay hydrated, plan to bring a bottle of water. You could fill it with tap water, but drink directly from it. Finally, for your health and that of your loved ones, do not shake hands or direct contact with other members.

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