Health : Slow life, a healthier life

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Health : Slow life, a healthier life

In recent years, but especially with the health crisis we are currently experiencing, the return to a healthier life has been at the heart of our concerns. Indeed, the need to find oneself in a soothing environment focused on the essentials is increasingly felt.

Slow life fits precisely in this perspective. It is based on a healthy lifestyle, focused on ethical and eco-responsible consumption as well as a minimalist lifestyle. DIY (Do It Yourself) trends, ucpycling, the choice of environmentally friendly equipment, and the Zen attitude are in the spotlight. Discover our tips for taking care of yourself, adopting a better lifestyle while respecting the environment.

The natural latex mattress: a perfect example of slow life equipment

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We tend to forget that happiness mostly comes from the simplest things, like sleep. But once you get a taste of slow life, you will quickly understand it.

Adopting slow life comes first and foremost from the comfort of your own home. Indeed, nothing better than to find yourself in a reassuring and comfortable cocoon to soothe your mind. Fortunately, today there is equipment that respects the environment, but which is much better for your health. The natural latex mattress is a perfect example.

As the quality of sleep greatly influences our well-being, choosing the right mattress is one of the essential steps in adopting slow life. You have certainly heard of the many health and wellness benefits of latex mattresses. Thanks to the natural latex mattress, you will be able to enjoy it while adopting a ecological equipment. Unlike polyurethane foam or memory foam mattresses, the natural latex mattress is environmentally friendly, healthy, durable and biodegradable.

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Where does natural latex come from?

The main specificity of natural latex is that it comes from the transformation of vegetable juice from rubber bark. It is therefore an organic material, unlike synthetic latex which is obtained by the polymerization of petroleum derivatives.

Natural latex is a 100% natural and organic material because the rubber tree is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This plant is cultivated mainly in Africa, Asia and South America.

The vegetable juice used for the manufacture of natural latex is obtained through notches made in the bark of the tree. After transformation, the juice will turn into a flexible and elastic material.

The peculiarities of the natural latex mattress

The natural latex mattress is renowned for its flexibility and its very soft side. It offers incomparable comfort and thanks to its flexibility, it envelops the body while providing firm support. Thanks to the high resilience of natural latex, the mattress returns to its original shape after sleeping.

Natural latex is also hypoallergenic. Indeed, it offers good temperature regulation and is very breathable.

We recommend that you choose a mattress made up of two layers of natural latex. These models are reversible, with a denser side and a softer side. In this way, you will be able to find the most comfortable bed for you.

With its long lifespan, you will be able to save money and make the most of your natural latex mattress.

Enjoying its natural side for a healthier life

Note that 90% of mattresses sold in France are synthetic, made with petroleum derivatives. This is the case with memory foam, polyurethane and synthetic latex mattresses. Because of the material used, this type of mattress is far from healthy and has an impact on the environment.

Besides the use of natural material, the latex mattress is made without any chemicals. In addition, the assembly is done without glue, so most brands of natural latex mattresses are awarded the Eco-Institut label.

Organic cotton cover

When you buy a natural latex mattress for improve your living comfort, choose a model with an organic cotton cover. Produced in an eco-responsible way, organic cotton is a material conducive to slow life.

Thanks to its manufacture (hand-sewn cover with a placed stitching), the organic cotton cover is very soft and makes sleeping even more pleasant.

The natural latex mattress to end allergies

Besides its great comfort, the natural latex mattress is much healthier because it does not cause allergies. Indeed, 100% natural latex is hypoallergenic thanks to the natural and organic materials used. In addition, its perforated structure makes it very breathable, which will avoid the formation of bacteria and mites. You therefore do not risk suffering from allergy with a natural latex mattress. You will be able to sleep peacefully, ensure your well-being and your health.

Optimal sleeping quality

The natural latex mattress offers better sleeping quality thanks to its supple texture, but which guarantees good body support. In addition, it offers a optimal sleeping independence, which allows couples to sleep peacefully, without being embarrassed by each other.

For an even healthier lifestyle, opt for a removable latex mattress. In this way, you will be able to wash the cover to combine well-being and health.

Is the natural latex mattress suitable for everyone?

To adopt slow life and enjoy the comfort and physical and mental well-being it brings, you must choose a mattress that meets your needs. Unlike other types of mattresses, the natural latex mattress very suitable for everyone. Whether you have back or joint problems, whether you are pregnant, overweight or in perfect health, the natural latex mattress will provide you with optimal comfort.

The natural latex mattress is comfortable and flexible, yet firm enough to provide perfect support. You will be able to rest pleasantly on your bed and enjoy a restful sleep every night!

As it is healthy, hypoallergenic and chemical free, the natural latex mattress is ideal for children. The whole family will be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

The upcycling trend

Slow decor plays an important role in slow life. It is therefore necessary to adopt an ethical and eco-responsible decoration, focused on home-made furniture and decorative accessories.

The upcycling trend is thus at the heart of slow life. As a reminder, she is based on recuperation. It is advisable to make the furniture you need. It’s so gratifying to know that you have succeeded in making your own accessories.

Give a second life to old objects: cupboards, bedside table … You will find beautiful pieces in your attic or can buy them at low prices in garage sales. You can customize them according to the style of decoration you prefer. If everyone does this, there will be a lot less items thrown away each year!

You can also simply divert objects from their original use to create a new decoration. Also, you can use a wine case as a bedside table, use wooden pallets as a coffee table or bed, transform an old bottle into a vase… The result will be simply perfect!

The upcycling also applies to clothes you no longer wear. Give them a second life! You will see that with a little creativity, you can create unique, very trendy pieces.

Bring nature into your home!

Nature holds an essential place within the framework of the slow decor. Indeed, it gives off positive waves and helps create a more pleasant home.

In addition to green plants, the return to nature is also manifested by the choice of furniture in natural materials. Furniture in raw wood, rattan, wicker or bamboo is preferred in slow life.

The bohemian, rustic and Scandinavian decor are thus at the heart of the slow decor. With tables, cabinets or storage furniture in natural material, you will have more room to store your things while renewing your decor. Dress up your sofa with linen throws and cotton cushions for extra comfort.

Decorative accessories in terracotta, earthenware and porcelain also have their place in the slow decor. Thanks to their sober design and the natural materials used to make them, these decorative objects have a comforting, zen and soothing side.

The important thing is to avoid overloading your decoration by choosing each object sparingly. You will be able to highlight each element.

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A lifestyle focused on getting back to basics

The slow life lifestyle is influenced by ecological currents. The main idea is to create a simple environment to slow down a bit in the face of the hectic pace of life that we experience on a daily basis.

To do this, you have to be careful with your purchases in general by avoiding impulse purchases. Crafts, equipment, clothing and even food from organic production and local productions are in the spotlight.

Handicrafts and DIY in the spotlight

Crafts and home-made products should be favored in slow life. Instead of stacking up trinkets, choose raw materials that are hand-crafted, more polished, and have a much longer lifespan.

To kill time, you can learn to knit to make beautiful sweaters for the whole family, learn to sew, make pottery, try painting… There are so many possibilities, it’s up to you to explore them!

Do with his hands

There are many blogs today that provide inspiration and tips for doing DIY (Do It Yourself). The manual activities and hand-made offer several advantages. First, DIY allows us to work on our creativity and have the satisfaction of having achieved something. In addition, DIY allows you to meet your needs without having to spend money.

You can paint, draw or even start gardening to enjoy all its benefits.

Other tips for adopting slow life

Here are some additional tips for adopting slow life. Indeed, even if the decoration and the mode of consumption are at the heart of slow life, it also involves changes in your lifestyle.

Live quality moments with your loved ones

With new technologies, work and study, spending time with family and friends is becoming increasingly rare. However, these moments devoted to our loved ones always do us so much good. No need to wait for a specific moment. Taking a few minutes to take an interest in each other is more than enough to improve your daily life.

You can also cook together, eat around a good meal in a friendly atmosphere, play a board game… You will see that every little moment will bring real change.

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Slow down…

With our daily routine, taking the time to slow down is a real necessity. You must therefore take the time to slow down. Whether it’s in your movements, your breathing, the speed at which you walk, your thoughts, and whatever tasks you take on, you need to slow down, take more of your time. This is also the very essence of slow life.

Save money

The great thing about slow life is that we realize that we don’t always have to spend to feel good. Indeed, this lifestyle calls for reducing our expenses and thus saves us money.

By focusing on the essentials, you will avoid unnecessary expenses (latest clothing trends, trendy gadget, but which is not essential to you…), outings in luxurious places… By saving more, you will be able to start larger projects, those which are really close to your heart.

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