Health : Take a 3-day detox cure to eliminate toxins and feel better

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Health : Take a 3-day detox cure to eliminate toxins and feel better

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Summer is always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the weather is nice and warm, Fridays are always a party in the summer and everyone generally seems in a better mood. But on the other hand, summer is also swimwear season. Yes, we hate all those words, but it remains an inevitable reality. And if you’ve ever been in hibernation mode for the past few months and the thought of wearing anything above your ankles scares you, we understand you very well. But instead of frantically signing up for every Yoga class you find, we suggest facilitating your body in a healthy diet and doing a detox cure with our very simple tips to follow.

Doing a three-day detox cure requires increasing your intake of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

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We even spoke with nutrition experts asking them for ideas on how to do a three-day detox with an easy diet to help our bodies reset, deflate, and prepare for bikini season. But if you think that this is yet another diet that will starve you and take all of your energy, then you are wrong. This detox diet is easy enough even for beginners, it will make you feel light and by following it you will be healthier by the end of the summer.

It is important to know that even doing a beginner’s detox will require you to part with certain things on your daily menu. Usually these are dairy, sugar, meat, caffeine, gluten, processed foods, and alcohol. All of these food groups tend to stress the digestive system, causing acidity in the body and preventing detoxification of the body. A great way to reset your body is to eat light foods to improve your digestive system and cleanse the digestive tract, while focusing on whole foods.

Fruits and vegetables are the foods to prioritize when you want to detoxify your body and be in good health

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Why do you need a three-day detox cure?

Your body neutralizes and eliminates toxins every day, so what can be called “detox” usually happens all the time. However, sometimes we tend to eat food that is not very healthy for our body. We consume sugar, processed products and refined carbohydrates and this makes the metabolism process more difficult and the livers get tired. Now is the time to consider a nutrient dense diet to feed cells with everything they need for healthy activity.

Even if we don’t always have the time or the possibility to eat in a healthy way, doing a detox treatment for a few days or just eating healthy food for a few days is always good for the body and a new opportunity to take care of your body and your health and why not establish a healthier lifestyle.

When doing a detox for a short period of time, you should always have two goals in mind – to nourish your body with quality nutrients and to keep your mind calm and focused. It may sound a bit overwhelming, but it’s actually very easy if you don’t see detox as a stressful task but rather as a pleasure for your body and mind and as an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self. Doing a detox will cost you your full attention, but it’s just another way to take control over your life and well-being and feel great.

Perhaps the best time to take a three-day detox is at the weekend, because you’ll have more time to focus on your needs, carefully prepare your meals, and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. But if you ever decide to detox during the week, starting on Monday is a great idea since you could plan your shopping and meals for the weekend.

The detox cure can also help weight loss

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Are you going to lose weight during your three day detox?

Yes, it is very likely that you will lose weight during your three day detox. Although three days is a short enough time to lose a lot of weight, it is still a good way to reconnect with your body, mind, and inner balance. Your body will be nourished with fresh nutrients and since you will no longer eat processed and fatty foods, the weight loss process will occur naturally.


Every morning of your detox, nutritionists suggest starting with a glass of warm water with lemon to help alkalize your system and give your digestive system a quick start. Normally, when you get up in the morning and eat your breakfast, the digestive juices from your digestive system do not flow because your body was resting overnight. Giving your body some nourishment will make you even more tired because your body has worked so hard to digest. Lemon water will help your digestive juices start flowing before your first meal by helping your body operate more efficiently. On top of that, keep in mind that lemon is rich in vitamin C and is a superb food for boosting your immune system which is always needed when trying to cleanse your body.

smoothies for a detox cure

For breakfast, a superfood smoothie with a source of protein like powdered raw nuts, fat to help you absorb fat soluble vitamins and fresh fruits and vegetables is a great start to the day. It’s good to start each day with a smoothie because it is easier on the digestive system than eating heavy meals. You will notice a difference if you try to eat by starting the day with light meals and continuing with heavier meals for the rest of the day. It’s also a great way to load up your system with vitamins early in the morning. Here is a smoothie recipe filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body:

Red berry and mint smoothie

1 cup of coconut water

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of frozen pineapple

1 cup of frozen blueberries

1 half cup of fresh mint leaves

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of optional acai for an antioxidant boost

2 sweet dates. If you have dry dates, you can soak them in hot water before

1 handful of leafy green vegetables if desired

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For lunchtime, it’s all about consuming raw, crispy vegetables and leafy worms to aid digestion and body alkalization, experts say. Salad is the easiest way to do this and you can garnish it with nuts and seeds on top to boost the intake of healthy protein and fat. If your stomach feels hungry around 3:00 p.m., you can also include a snack like berries, kombucha, baby carrots and hummus. Or you can for example try something sweeter like for example Raw Superfood Truffles which are packed with superfoods and taste like chocolate puffs. You can even use them as a multivitamin which is much more delicious than taking tablets.

Having dinner

Nothing is more comforting at the end of the day than a hot meal. But since you are in the process of detoxing, you should forget about heavy meals or pasta for now. But you could always go for a hot meal that will make you happy. Evening is the time to rest, relax and nourish your body. For example, you can opt for a soup rich in fiber which will fill your stomach and give you the feeling of satisfaction. Soup is also very easy to prepare for the days ahead. Squash soups, for example, have a very velvety and creamy texture which will make you feel like you’re eating a dairy product if you have a hard time parting with it. Another option: each soup with spices such as curry soup or tomato and basil soup that will facilitate the process of cleansing your body.

soup for liver detox

Before going to bed, you can end your day with a calming tea such as chamomile, mint or rose tea – all of these teas have healing, cleansing, as well as medicinal properties, according to the specialists. Then you can simply complete this detox plan for the next two days. Feel free to incorporate apples, fennel, dandelion, spirulina, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, leafy green vegetables which will help you cleanse your body and deflate.

Detox tips for hydrating

It is the water that keeps all the systems in the body working properly. Staying well hydrated is the best way to flush out toxins and detoxify yourself. Water helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells; eliminate bacteria from the bladder; improve digestion; normalize air pressure; stabilize the heartbeat; protect organs and tissues in the body. Start your day by drinking a glass of water or lemon water as already suggested above to stimulate the process of natural detoxification of the livers.

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Green tea is another way to keep hydrated. Consuming green tea could reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, and green tea has been linked to the prevention of many types of cancer. These beneficial effects are attributed to the high amounts of polyphenols found in green tea. Green tea also has the power to lower air pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease of the heart. Consuming green tea can also promote weight loss.

Tips for a successful detox cure

Eat clean – eliminate meat, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and gluten. If possible, stay away from salt.

-Drink fresh vegetable and fruit juice twice a day to successfully increase nutrient intake.

-Pay attention to your snacks. Eat nuts and seeds to increase your magnesium intake.

-Add colorful and nutritious ingredients to your diet, freshly prepared veggies with leafy greens, vegetables and brown rice.

– Consume more superfoods to be able to do a detox cure for the livers such as Indian saffron, ginger or spirulina.

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-Increase your fiber intake to be able to eliminate toxins. Opt for chia, flax seeds, leafy greens, broccoli and oranges.

-Drink two liters of filtered water with lemon, chia seeds, turmeric, ginger or grapefruit or herbal teas every day.

-Try to eat only healthy fats such as cold-pressed virgin olive oil, coconut oil or avocado.

-Choose organic and organic fruits and vegetables.

-Try not to skip meals.

– Do an enema to eliminate toxins accumulated in the colon (this one is recommended especially if you eat meat and / or unhealthy foods daily)

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