Health : The X-hood protective face shield and why the face shield may be better than the mask

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Health : The X-hood protective face shield and why the face shield may be better than the mask

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No matter if you are exposed to sneezing or coughing, the protective mask may not be able to stop infectious droplets that can come out even from the sides of the mask. So, a stronger protection than the mask is often necessary to be able to protect yourself well from the coronavirus such as for example a barrier or a face shield with a larger surface which can contain more droplets. In this article we will present the ingenious invention to you in the form of a protective face shield called X-hood but let’s first see why the face shield is really capable of offering more protection against COVId-19 than the face mask.

Is the protective screen better than the coronavirus protective mask?

coronavirus protection screen

Wearing a protective mask to avoid spreading the coronavirus in public has quickly become the norm almost everywhere in the world for a few months now. But as people around the world weigh in on the best ways to slowly return to public life, a team of three doctors and public health experts from Iowa City respectfully suggests that the face shield may offer more protection against coronavirus. than the mask.

Can a simple and affordable face shield if worn universally provide enough protection in combination with other protective measures to reduce the transmissibility of the coronavirus below a critical level? Is this a question that we can very well ask ourselves when we see more and more people wearing one?

Face shields come in different shapes but all have a clear plastic barrier that covers the face, wrote doctors Eli Perencevich, Daniel Diekema, and Michael Edmond of Iowa City in their report. For optimal protection, the screen should turn off to the ears and there should not be an exposure hole between the front and the shield of the screen.

The protective screens exist in different shapes but all have a transparent plastic barrier in front

how to protect yourself from coronavirus

The face shield also eliminates the need for those who want to communicate with undersized people and to create tiny windows in their masks because the screen is already transparent. The screens are also mass produced by almost everyone including Nike, Apple, Ford and Harvard University. Although scientific studies on screens are quite rare, a 2014 cough simulation study suggested that the face shield can reduce viral exposure to an expelled cough by less than 96%.

It should not be forgotten that masks are also not a very well studied solution against the virus and not all experts are adamant that they should be worn. Many experts are concerned that home-made masks can provide a false sense of protection and cause people to approach others more than they would without the mask.

Worn with the mask, the screen offers better protection for the person wearing them and others

protective measures against covid-19

Face shields have a number of advantages over protective masks. First, the face shield is reusable after cleaning with soap and water or with disinfectant. Screens are generally more comfortable to wear than masks and they form a barrier that prevents people from easily touching their faces.

On top of all that, when wearing a mask, it is sometimes necessary to take it off to speak, which is not the case when wearing a face shield. And the use of a screen also reminds to maintain social distancing but allows the visibility of facial expressions and the movement of the lips.

The screen is reusable after a good cleaning with soapy water or with disinfectant

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And even though there are not very extensive studies or much information on face screens yet, the first data from their use in patients with influenza are quite promising. It is evident that their success in hospitals provides the basis for their usefulness in public places as we relax the physical distance in the future.

By wearing a protective screen, we may be able to reduce the physical distance from others

Yes, the regular face shield offers better protection with a larger surface to hold more droplets. But the problem is, face shields can be very uncomfortable and heavy. AND to address this problem, the Singapore-based multidisciplinary creative agency created the X-Hood face shield: an elegant, lightweight and comfortable containment hood that protects others and the wearer at the same time.

The X-Hood face shield is an ingenious invention made by Stuckdesign

coronavirus face shield

The low cost and rapid production technique are crucial for the deployment of this solution. To keep production simple, the team that developed a self-supporting 3D case of elegant construction – comprising only sheet elements easily made of plastic and fabric.

By wearing this containment hood, you can even adjust the glasses

COVID-19 face shield

The 2D and 3D construction forms the main body of the X-Hood containment hood, which allows rapid production and deployment. Bypassing the standard mask format, the entire back sheet of fabric can be used as a filter. Combined with an assisted air flow, this large area reduces the resistance to filtered exhalation. The new containment hood format also gives the wearer’s cough more space to dissipate and slow down. This space attenuates the momentum of the cough droplets at high speed and holds more in the hood instead of dissipating around the perimeter of the mask.

Any sheet behind the screen can be used as a filter

adequate protection against COVID-19

The X-Hood offers a more comfortable experience for the wearer with more room to breathe. An additional detail in the design in the form of small fabric openings on the side of the hood allows those who wear it to hear better and make small adjustments to their glasses, for example. The 3D shape formed by the intersecting leaves is also very elegant.

The shape of the screen is very comfortable while remaining very elegant

x-hood face shield

The design is in progress to optimize the exhalation protection and to assess the positive and negative aspects of assisting the air flow with electrical devices, which will increase the range time but increase the disinfection workload for infection control teams in hospitals. If the hood is successful, it will provide a safer face shield for patients while taking comfort and low cost into account.

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