Health : What are period panties and how do I use them?

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Health : What are period panties and how do I use them?

What are period panties and how do I use them? Find the answers to your questions about how to use period panties in this article!

Menstrual panties – instructions for use

menstrual panties instructions for use

Period panties are specially designed to make life easier during your period. To find out more about this type of accessory and how to use it, we turned to Fempo.

Launched in 2017 by Claudette and Fanny, Fempo is a brand of period panties whose mission is to change the rules of the game during the monthly cycle. The first menstrual panty in Europe, Fempo is based on the experience of women which makes it possible to create hygienic protections that are more practical and perfectly adapted to the modern way of life. With a range of several models and colors, the brand seeks to best meet the specific needs of women.

What are period panties?

period panties fempo rules

Period panties are designed to provide reliable protection during your period. Their goal is to replace traditional hygienic protections throughout the day. Available in several models depending on the flow, they offer protection for 12 hours on average. And they are perfectly suited for outings and all physical activities!

For Fempo panties, it must be said that they are made of hyper-absorbent and equally delicate materials. They also carry the Oko-Tex label which indicates that the products used for their manufacture are safe from a health point of view. The cotton used in the manufacture of panties gently protects the skin against irritation.

How to choose and wear period panties?

period panties reviews and user guide

The creators of Fempo recommend having three to five period panties. This allows you to bet, every day, on a model adapted to your cycle. It is for this reason that the brand offers packs that can be designed online according to your needs.

On the practical side, it is a good idea to test the panties first at home, for example, on a day when you are not planning too many outings. We can then measure the absorption of his period panties and find out how they work in detail. The panties are washable, so they can be easily used several times during your menstrual cycle.

The freedom to combine several protections

Period panties can be worn with other conventional type of protection. This solution would be suitable, for example, on days with more abundant flow. The two ways of protection are therefore not mutually exclusive.

A choice adapted to the body’s morphology

To choose the most suitable model, we usually opt for the usual size of underwear that we wear. But the makers of period panties also offer step-by-step guides to help you make the best choice.

For example, on the Fempo blog, there is a comparison of classic protection products and their equivalence in terms of absorption for the different types of period panties. Thus, everything is made available to better make your choice at the time of ordering.

A wide variety of models are available online today. Thus, one can also easily find those which best correspond to the morphology of his body.

Easy maintenance

On the maintenance side, the period panties are washable and reusable. Manufacturers also offer advice on how to wash and dry them in order to take advantage of the optimal shelf life of the product of your choice.

The lifespan of panties is estimated to be five to seven years. Thus, in addition to providing reliable and comfortable protection, they also make it possible to avoid the use of conventional hygienic products, some of which are a source of pollution of nature.

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