Health : What are the health benefits of tea and which tea to choose

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Health : What are the health benefits of tea and which tea to choose

which tea to choose for you

No matter the season, tea is a delicious beverage regardless of whether it is served hot or cold. But which tea to choose? The different varieties of tea are numerous, but the benefits of tea go beyond its refreshing effect. Full of scientific studies show that drinking tea can actually improve your health.

Tea is a very good way to hydrate every day. And in addition to that, scientific studies have shown that tea can help protect your teeth and your heart and it is even possible that tea can help prevent cancer. The type of tea you drink can make a real difference. It is interesting to know that all the teas that are not herbal are made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is the duration of the leaves treatment of this plant that determines whether the tea will be green, black or oolong tea.

Green teas are the least processed teas and contain the most polyphenols and that is why many scientific studies focus only on this type of tea. Some herbal tea is known for its medicinal benefits including to soothe the digestive system.

Which tea to choose according to its qualities?

which tea to choose

Tea decreases the risk of certain cancers

Antioxidants and components found in tea have been linked to a lower risk of having certain cancers. Beneficial effects have been found for cancer of the skin, prostate, breast and breast. The different types of teas have different benefits on different types of cancer and drinking tea is only a very simple way to fight against cancer.

Tea will make your skin healthier

Drinking green tea regularly can reduce the risk of having skin cancer. It is interesting to know that the way to make tea is what makes the difference. Hot black tea is beneficial for squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. Hot tea is better for health than cold tea and brewing time is also important.

Tea reduces the risk of diabetes

Drinking black tea every day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by helping to control the level of blood sugar after meals. According to a study, black tea can reduce the level of sugar even after eating foods containing saccarose.

No matter the season, tea remains a delicious drink

idea which tea to choose

Tea makes teeth stronger

Although drinking tea all day can stain your teeth slightly, tea can also do good. According to one study, green tea has an antibacterial effect that can reduce bacteria forming in the cavity of your mouth. Drinking green tea every day can also make the cavity less sensitive.

Tea is good for the heart

The anti-inflammatory properties of tea can keep blood vassels relaxed and clean, putting less stress on the heart. Catechins reduce inflammation and thus inhibit plaque formation in vital arteries. It is recommended to drink three cups of tea a day for heart benefits.

The tea plant

the tea plant

Tea reduces the risk of Alzheimer's

The thought that you or one of your loved ones can be diagnosed with Alzheimer's is really scary. It is important to know the early signs of the disease to do everything possible to prevent it. Green tea can help you develop resistance to stress and Alzheimer's disease. Polyphenol protects cells from damage.

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

green tea silver needele with jasmine

Tea fights against sleep disorders

If you spend your nights turning in the bed, then try relaxing with a cup of tea before going to bed. Medical tea 'East-Asian medicinal tea' can fight against insomnia. According to one study, drinking tea can improve sleep and quality of life for those with mild to moderate insomnia.

Tea improves the attention span

Caffeine contained in tea can improve attention and alertness. Theanine is an amino acid that is unique to tea. It can also improve attention by relaxing the brain but stimulating it when it's time to focus. If you ever feel that you have problems with concentration, try drinking a hot cup of tea if you have to work or think.

Sencha green tea

green tea sencha

Tea accelerates metabolism

Want to speed up your metabolism while staying at home? So make yourself a tea! Which tea to choose? Opt for a tea that contains caffeine. The caffeine contained in the tea accelerates the metabolism and burn fat. Make sure you do not overdo it with caffeine. A cup of green tea contains about 40 milligrams of caffeine.

Tea can prevent you from absorbing iron

Catechins in tea can affect your body's ability to absorb iron. This means that even if you eat enough iron-rich foods, you will not be able to absorb it and you can become anemic. Even though most healthy people will not be affected by this, those with an iron deficiency should refrain from drinking a lot of green tea. This includes children, pregnant women and all those with kidney disease.

Silver Needle tea – a very high quality tea

drink silver tea

Tea can cause bleeding

Drinking a large amount of tea every day may increase the risk of bleeding more than one minor cut or lump. Tea can make you more susceptible to bruising. It is best to stop tea two or three weeks before an operation.

Tea can prevent some drugs

Even if the benefits of tea seem unlimited, you should talk with your doctor if you are used to tea every day. Catechins can interfere with certain medications for hypertension and heart and blood. It is therefore very important to discuss this with your doctor.

How much tea can you drink

Scientists do not have an exact answer to this question. It is better to drink tea so you can take all the benefits without overdosing caffeine. To take the maximum beneficial effects of tea it is recommended to take three to five cups of green tea a day.

Dragon Well Tea

which tea to choose dragon tea well

Which tea to choose?

With so many varieties of teas, it can be difficult to choose just one tea to drink. Many people try a lot of different teas before finding the tea they really like. But where to start ? The best way to choose a tea is to start by asking yourself why you want to drink tea. What do you expect tea?

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, all teas come from the same plant. After water tea is the most consumed drink in the world and it exists in over 3000 varieties. The plant Camellia Sinensis is an evergreen bush with dark green leaves. Known as 'ch'a' or 't'e' in the East, teas are classified according to their treatment and are sometimes called after the region of origin.

Pouchong tea

pouchong green tea

It takes about five years for the tea bush to grow, but after that time the leaves can be harvested from 50 to 60 years old. The taste of harvested tea varies from day to day, depending on weather, soil and climate. This is the reason why blends are important because they provide a certain consistency. There are thousands of varieties of tea and they even vary from valley to valley. If the bush is on a sunny valley, its leaves will have a different taste than the bush leaves that grow in the shade.

Japanese tea Gyoukuro

which tea to choose gyoukuro tea

Just the tip and bottom of the leaves of each branch are harvested and the best quality teas are still harvested by hand in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa and South America. . If the tea is harvested mechanically, the hardest leaves and stems are often harvested with the softest leaves. These hard leaves and stems are manufactured, cut, torn and broken to create a powder that will be brewed quickly and put into tea bags.

Which tea to choose according to its health benefits?

Which tea to choose to be healthier? If you buy tea for its health benefits, it is better to opt for a tea that has grown in the shade. Tea that has grown in the shade contains a large amount of chlorophyll and has more nutrients in the leaves. Teas that grow in the shade include:

-Gyukuro tea. It is a Japanese green tea of ​​very high quality but which is also very expensive. It's one of the best teas you can buy.

Keemun black tea

which tea to choose keemun tea

-The Dragon Well tea. It is a Chinese tea of ​​very high quality which has a very sweet taste. This tea is declined in several categories and it is generally quite affordable.

-Matcha tea. Matcha tea is a Japanese green tea powder and it is perhaps the most healthy tea for all teas. This tea requires a unique process and special accessories for brewing. Matcha tea is often added to food and drinks and is very popular among those who do not like the taste of tea in general.

-Keemun tea. This tea is the most popular black tea in China. It has a fruity, sweet and mellow taste with a distinct floral aroma.

Matcha tea powder

which tea to choose matcha tea

Which tea to choose according to its taste?

Sweet teas :

– The tea 'White hair silver needle'. It is the sweetest tea of ​​all. It is a high quality white tea one of the ten most famous teas in China. Given its reputation and quality, it is quite accessible.

– Golden Monkey tea. This is black tea equivalent to 'white hair silver needle' white tea. Both teas only use the youngest buds. It is a very fine Chinese black tea of ​​very high quality and is not easy to find. It is not very popular in the West, so it is not very expensive.

Pu-erh tea

pu-erh tea

Strong teas:

– 'Lapsang Souchong' tea. It is a strong tea, smoked and black from China. This is a good choice if you have stopped the coffee. Try the tea first in a small dose, because you usually like it or hate it.

– 'Pu-erh' tea. A port-fermented tea from China with a unique earthy taste that varies a lot depending on the varieties. Most 'Pu-erg' teas become better over time and therefore their price increases. Many collectors buy them as investments.

– 'Sencha' tea. It is a Japanese green tea with a very strong taste of green tea. It is Japan's most popular tea but it is very accessible. It's a very good tea.

Which tea to choose to relax and de-stress?

The best teas to use to relax and de-stress are jasmine teas. The essence of jasmine has calming powers in addition to those of tea.

Golden Monkey Tea

the golden monkey tea

– Jasmin Silver Needle Tea. It is a high quality jasmine tea made from the famous tea 'White Hair Silver Needle Tea'. It has the wonderful aroma of jasmine and a sweet sweet taste.

– Jasmine green teas. Jasmine green teas give you a lot of options. They can be very expensive and of very high quality but can also be very accessible.

Which tea to choose according to its capacity in caffeine?

There is a lot of misinformation about the caffeine content in tea and what is surprising is that some of this misinformation comes from highly reputable sources. Basically, the type of tea does not determine the caffeine content in tea. So we can not say for example that white tea has more or less caffeine than green or black tea. Generally the caffeine content in white tea is quite high.

The caffeine content in tea depends on a number of factors: the variety of the plant, the roasting, the maturity of the leaves and the amount of leaves used for the preparation, and also the soaking time. Here are some types of tea with high or low caffeine content:

Lapsang Souchong tea

lapsang souchong tea

Low capacity:

– 'Houjicha' tea. It is a Japanese roasted green tea which means it contains less caffeine than other green teas. This tea is often given to children in Japan because of its low caffeine content.

– 'Lapsang Souchong' tea. It is a Chinese green tea made from mature leaves so it contains less caffeine. The tea is strong and smoked. Start by trying a small dose of tea to see if you will like it.

– Tea 'Big Red Tea Dress'. It is an oolong tea from Provence Fujian. Oolong teas are usually roasted which gives them a low caffeine content, but this is not always true. This tea is exactly roasted and comes from Fujian and it contains less caffeine than other oolong teas.

Assam green tea

green tea assam

Strong capacity:

-The tea 'Matcha'. Matcha is a green tea powder which means that whole tea leaves are eaten. As a result, it is the tea that contains the most caffeine, but also the most nutrients. It is the best tea for health.

-The tea 'Gyokuro'. It is a green tea of ​​the highest quality. It grows in the shade which means it contains more nutrients and more caffeine in its leaves. This tea is very expensive.

-The tea 'White hair Silver Needle tea'. It is very high quality white tea that is made only from young buds. It contains a lot of caffeine and is the sweetest tea of ​​all teas. This tea is one of the ten best-known Chinese teas, but given its reputation and qualities, it is quite accessible.

-The tea 'Golden Monkey tea'. It is a black tea, made from only young buds and leaves. It is very soft, very high quality and very rare. It is not very popular in the West, so it is quite accessible.

Green tea with jasmine to relax

green tea with jasmine

Which tea to choose according to the ease of preparation?

Black teas are usually the easiest to prepare. Among the green teas, Japanese tea 'Houjicha' and Chinese tea 'Dragon well tea' are quite easy to brew. White teas and oolong teas are both more complicated to prepare.

Which tea to choose according to the price?

Black teas are generally the cheapest, followed by green teas. White teas, oolongs, yellows and pu-erh teas are usually a bit more expensive. Here are the cheapest white, black, green and oolong teas:

-The tea 'White Peaony'. It is one of the best value teas. It is a white tea cheaper than the famous 'White hair Silver Needle' but still of excellent quality. Many people actually prefer this tea thanks to its strong and fruity taste.

Tea Big Red Dress

green tea big red dress

-The tea 'Assam Tea'. It is the cheapest black tea and the cheapest tea in general. It is used in many tea blends.

-The tea 'Gunpower tea'. It is the cheapest green tea. It is usually of a lower quality and has a strong taste.

-The tea 'Pouchong'. It is a Taiwanese oolong tea and is cheaper than other varieties.

Gunpower Green Tea

gunpower green tea

Which tea to choose according to its quality?

The tea 'Gyokuro' is a Japanese tea of ​​very high quality but also very expensive. It's one of the best teas.

-The tea 'White Hair Silver Needle Tea'. It is the highest quality tea and one of the ten most famous teas in China. It is still quite accessible.

-The Tea 'Big Red Tea Dress'. It is an oolong tea of ​​very high quality. This is another tea that is one of the ten most famous teas in China. He has a wonderful sweet taste.

-The tea 'Golden monkey tea'. It is a black tea of ​​very high quality and the black equivalent of the white tea 'Hair silver Needle'. It has a sweet taste, very high quality and very rare. It is not very popular and is still quite accessible.

So which tea will you taste first?

Houjicha tea

houjicha green tea

White Peony tea

white peony tea

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