Health : What are the ways to combat winter stress?

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Health :

What are the ways to combat winter stress?

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Winter can be a particularly difficult and stressful time. It is quite possible that the combination of the short days and the drops of temperature will give you the shot of blue and the feeling of being more and more crushed. Everything starts to seem harder to do when it's very cold outside even go shopping without talking about taking the subway to work. But then does winter stress really exist? Yes, fighting winter stress is not always easy.

First of all, it's no secret that winter weather can be the cause of seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder and increased stress levels. According to specialists, the emotional disorder of the season means mood disorders that come back in season. Many of these symptoms are thought to be caused by the lack of sunlight and the impact it has on the circadian rhythm of the body and its ability to produce serotonin and melatonin. This can affect not only your mood, but also your motivation and your energy levels. It can also lead to feeling hopeless and having sleep and appetite problems.

In winter it is more difficult to fight against stress

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But when it's cold outside, it's hard to find the motivation to go outside and find the little sunlight there. So if you too are someone who suffers from seasonal stress, then be sure to take good care of yourself during the coming winter. In this article you will find in addition some means that can be useful to you to fight the stress of winter.

Some tips how to combat winter stress

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Do what you need to change your mind. Cold weather can have a negative impact not only on mood and emotions, but also on the body. We get sick more often during the winter months, which means that the impulse of wanting to stop a little and 'hibernate' can actually be good for your health. Intentionally taking time to rest and de-stress is really important to alleviate the effects that winter stress can have on your emotional well-being and your immune system. At the end of each day, take some time for yourself to change your mind by doing things that really make you feel good. Take a bath with Epsom salts or sit warm with a good book before going to bed.

It is important to change your ideas to fight against stress

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Practice good chatter about yourself. When you are stressed, it is quite possible that you become very hard on yourself. It's no wonder that it does not help to fight stress, but on the contrary. As you can imagine, this is not really good for your overall well-being or your self-esteem. So when you feel overwhelmed by all the things you can not do because of the weather in the winter, start telling yourself good things about yourself.

When negative ideas or the list of things to do begin to come to mind, breathe well and do what you can do at the moment to distract and change your mind. Write a nice message on the mirror in your bathroom. Or do a five-minute meditation. Buy a little book filled with comforting messages and read it to each and every one of you as you feel the need.

Talking can help you de-stress

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Review your daily goals. Yes, it is possible that normally you can get a good dinner in the evening, work on creative projects and do things with your friends in one day. But when winter stress kisses you, having a long list of things to do during the day may not be feasible. And this is absolutely ok! All you need to do is review your daily goals a bit with the idea that your energy levels are lower than usual. Maybe have the goal of exercising three times a week instead of four or doing a housework a day instead of cleaning the whole house. And if you're not used to making to-do lists, maybe it's time to start. And once again, make small daily goals with the intention of getting out of the house or doing something that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Make a list with your goals

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Do not forget your friends. Having a social support network or spending time with your loved ones or with people who understand you is really important. Scientific studies show that this has an immense impact on your well-being and especially on the symptoms caused by stress, anxiety or other mental or emotional problems. Even if some days it seems impossible to venture out at night to go to a concert with your friends, try to do it anyway. And if you can not do this, invite a friend to your house to have tea and chat.

Seeing friends is essential to fight stress

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Do not stop moving. Exercising in any form will always be an effective and healthy approach to fighting stress. While it may definitely be harder to motivate you to move in the winter, doing so will help you control stress levels as physical exercise boosts your mood and energy levels even though exercise can be exhausting at first. . It does not matter if you are dancing on a video in front of the TV in your living room or if you are running in the park, make sure you take the time to move every day.

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Do you create a personal ritual. Having personal rituals is important to give you time each day to breathe or meditate. But you can even create fun rituals. You can light candles, listen to music or do creative activities. It will be good for you to take time to be alone with yourself.

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Try to take as much light as possible. Even if you are not one of the people who have stress problems in the winter, but most of all you have them, lighting the lights in your home will help you to enjoy and reduce the stress levels. If you find that your energy drops sharply when it starts getting cold outside and you feel sad, you may actually need more light and special lighting that has the power to comfort people in the winter.

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Manage your stress carefully. If you are among those who know that winter is a difficult time for you, be careful not to undertake projects that must be finished in the spring. It is easy to undertake projects in the summer when your energy is at the top, but this is not the case in winter. So resist or try to delay the project deadline for spring or summer when you feel better.

Plan small escapes. One of the obvious ways to fight stress is to escape from it. Sometimes planning ahead can allow you to find good deals for the holidays. And for those who are no longer at school or university, balances after the holidays are also a great possibility to find good deals for the next vacation. Do not forget to laugh! Laughter is one of the most effective natural stress relievers. Read things and look at things that make you laugh or spend time with your friends laughing. Do everything to not take winter or life in general too seriously.

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Surround yourself with music. It's no surprise that in supermarkets and shopping malls he puts merry music around the end of year holiday season. So whenever you have the opportunity, listen to the music you like. You can even create a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs and listen to it whenever you feel like it.

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Do an aromatic therapy. In a scientific study, scientists have found that the aroma of lemons raises the spirits of people who are suffering from winter depression. The aroma of lemons can also work for you and it is not very difficult to try and see the result. Or simply find an aroma that puts you in a good mood and store it in the different rooms of your home so you can enjoy it whenever you need it.

aromatherapy against stress

Volunteer Surprising or maybe not so much, volunteering is something very satisfying. Volunteering shows that happiness does not necessarily include making money. Instead, happiness often comes from feeling useful to the society in which you live.

In addition to the gray and cold weather, winter is also the season of the end of the year. And it's hard for those who feel depressed and tired in winter to get ready for the holidays. Yes, because the holidays present a big list of requests - festive evenings, to make food, to clean, to prepare his house for the guests etc. If you are one of those for whom the holidays are a real challenge, here are some ways that can help you fight stress and have fun at the festivities.

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When you feel stressed, it is very difficult to stop and relativize. Try to combat stress and depression if possible and especially if the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past.

  1. You must first recognize your feelings. If someone close to you has recently passed away or for some reason you can not be with your loved ones, be aware that it is perfectly normal to feel sad or to mourn. It is quite normal to take time to cry or express sadness. You can not force yourself to feel happy simply because it's the stress
  2. Seek help If you feel alone or isolated, call your loved ones or your community or go to social events. They are the ones who will offer emotional support or just company. Volunteering to help others is also a good way to celebrate and feel useful and expand your social circle.
  3. Be realistic. The holidays must not be a perfect moment or necessarily resemble the holidays of the past year. When families change or grow, it is normal that their rituals change as well. Choose some family traditions to keep, but also be open to news that can be created. For example, if your children who are already grown up can not be home for the holidays, try to find new ways to celebrate together, such as exchanging photos, emails, or stress
  4. Leave aside the differences. Try to accept family members or friends as they are even if they do not match your expectations. Let the subjects get angry for a more appropriate moment. And be understanding if others are sad or stressed by something that has happened. It is possible that they also do not feel good during the holidays.
  5. Make yourself a budget and sweat it. Before going shopping or buying gifts, it is important to decide on a budget and stick to it. Do not try to buy happiness by buying gifts.
  6. Set specific days for shopping, gifts, cooking, visiting relatives or other activities. Plan your menus and then make shopping lists. This will help you fight the stress of the last minute when you discover that you have forgotten something. And ask for help preparing the house or meals if you need it.How to fight stress
  7. Learn to say 'no'. Saying 'yes' when you have to say 'no' can leave you irritated and overwhelmed. Your friends and colleagues will understand if you can not participate in all projects and activities. If it is not possible to say 'no' if your parton asks you to work more, then try to remove something else from your agenda.
  8. Do not give up healthy habits. Do not let the holidays become a 'free' time for everything. Too much indulgence only leads to increased stress and guilt.ways to fight stress
  9. Breathe! Make time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone without distractions can refresh you and help you do everything you need to do. Find something that reduces your stress and helps you comfort yourself.

Do not let the holidays become something you fear. Instead, try to combat stress and depression during the cold season. Learn to recognize your symptoms and things that can make them worse, such as financial problems, fatigue or lack of time. With a little bit of planning and positivism, you can find peace and joy during the winter.

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