Health : What does the way to write about personality say: here’s how to find out

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Health : What does the way to write about personality say: here’s how to find out

Can you judge a book by its cover? No of course not. But on the other hand, we can say a lot about someone’s personality by seeing their writing style. There is even a profession focused on this type of scientific study. Graphology is the science of how to write. And experts agree that the way you write can reveal more than 5,000 different character traits. Recruiters, advisors, interviewers, and people managers use handwriting analysis to help them hire and work with the right people for their teams.

The way of writing can say a lot about a person’s personality according to graphology science

what does the writing say about psychology

It turns out in fact that the way of writing is like a photo of the personal psychic. The way of writing is very similar to body language. Everything that happens inside the person is revealed in facial expressions, posture and actions. Knowing more about handwriting analysis can give insight into the true personality of your family, friends, or coworkers. The way you write is like a physical expression of your internal world, so knowing the basics of how to write can give a better idea of ​​who you are or who is in front of you.

The size and spaces in the writing style

If you want to learn more about the person in front of you or yourself, start by looking at the size of the letters written. The size of letters is the first and most basic observation you can make about how to write. To determine how to classify handwriting mockery, remember the paper you learned to write on as a child. This is for aligned paper with faint center lines in the center of each line. Small letters would fall below the middle line, medium letters would hit the middle line, and large letters would occupy the entire line.

-Large letters are a sign that someone is quite outgoing, outgoing, and perhaps likes being the center of attention. However, larger letters can also indicate false confidence and a desire to be something that one is not really.

– Smaller letters can indicate that someone is more shy and more reserved. Smaller sized letters can also signify meticulousness and intense focus.

-Medium size letters can tell the person is well adjusted and adaptable. These types of people occupy a nice middle ground between two extremes.

Next, you need to examine the empty spaces left between letters and words. Words that are tight together indicate that the person does not like being alone and lonely. This person will certainly choose to be surrounded as much as possible and may have problems respecting the ‘ball’ of other people’s personal space. If the person uses large empty spaces between words and letters, they like independence and open spaces. This person will not like to be overwhelmed and overwhelmed, they value their freedom.

Do you remember the paper you learned to write on? It can help you determine and classify the size of your writing

the way of writing shows the character traits

Check the margins left on the blank page. Does the person write all over the place or do they tend to leave spaces around the edges of the page? If the person leaves more space on the left side of the page, then that person may be someone who lives a bit in the past. On the other hand, those who leave more blank margins on the right side of the blank page may tend to worry a little too much about the future and be anxious about what follows. Someone who writes all over the page without leaving too many blank spaces may be a little spasmodic person with a racing spirit.

The style in the way of writing

The style of handwriting can also reveal a lot about a person’s personality. Study the printed letters. There are several letters of the alphabet that can be written in different ways, and everyone develops their own style and preference. The way someone writes certain letters can be a great personality tip.

-A narrow loop in the lowercase letter ‘e’ may indicate skepticism or suspicion towards others. This person can be guarded and stoic. A wide loop can show that the person is more open to new people and experiences.

-A person focusing on the letter ‘i’ too high may be a more creative and free-spirited person than the person focusing on the letter ‘i’ just above. These people tend to be more structured and more detail oriented. If the dot on the ‘i’ forms an open circle, the person can be more spirited and childish.

– Writing the letter ‘t’with a long line indicates enthusiasm and determination. A short cross can be a sign of apathy and lack of determination. Marking the letter ‘t’ line very high may mimic high goals and high esteem, while crossing the low ‘t’ may indicate the opposite.

-If the person writes the letter ‘o’ leaving it open, that person can be more open to themselves. These types of people tend to be more expressive and willing to share secrets. The letter ‘o’ that is tightly closed can indicate that someone values ​​privacy and may have a tendency to introvert.

The way of writing certain letters such as the letters ‘s’, ‘l’ or even the ‘t’ and the ‘y’ can reveal certain character traits of the person who writes them

way of writing is important

Also observe the cursive letters. Of course, not all of the handwriting samples you get will have both printed and cursive letters, but you will get the most information if you can examine both. Cursive writing offers more clues than you can get through printed writing.

-Look at the lowercase ‘l’. A tight curl in the letter ‘l’ can be a sign of tension, caused by limiting or restraining yourself, while a wide curl can mean that you are more unstructured, easygoing, and relaxed.

– Check the lowercase letter ‘s’. A rounded letter ‘s’ can mean that the writer likes to keep those around him happy and prefers to avoid confrontation. A sharper lowercase ‘s’ is a sign of someone who is curious, hard-working, and ambitious. And finally, if the letter ‘s’ widens downward, the writer may not be someone who is not in pursuit of a job or a relationship that they really want.

-The length and width of the lowercase letter ‘y’ can also mean something. A thin ‘y’ may indicate that the writer is difficult in choosing friends, while a wide ‘y’ probably means that the writer’s approach to friendship is’ more a, the better ‘. A long ‘y’ suggests that the person enjoys exploring and traveling, while a short ‘y’ suggests the person prefers to stay at home.

Examine the shape of the letters. A person who uses rounded letters in a writer’s loop tends to be more imaginative, more creative, and more artistic. Pointed letters can indicate intensity, aggression, and intelligence. If the letters are all connected to each other, the person writing can be more orderly and methodical.

Graphology can help you get to know yourself and others better

the spelling in writing

The signature reveals how a person presents himself to the world. If a person’s signature is illegible, it may mean that person enjoys privacy. She doesn’t like to reveal too much information about herself too soon. This person may appear secretive and distant, but at the same time really pays attention to whom he gives his trust. On the other hand, if the signature is legible, it means that the person is very sure of himself and that he has nothing to hide. A quickly scribbled signature can also mean that the signer is impatient and appreciates efficiency. A careful signature can show that the signer is precise and independent.

The way of writing and tilt, pressure and deviations

Look at the inclination of words and letters. Words can be slanted right or left, or they can be perfectly straight. If the words are slanted to the right, the writer might be easy going, always looking to try new things and meet new people. People whose written words are tilted to the left tend to stay a little more alone, enjoying their loneliness and anonymity.

There is a problem with that. If the writer is left-handed, the right and left tilt analysis should be switched. Or in other words, if a left-handed person tilts their words to the right, they may be more shy, whereas if that person tilts their words to the left, they may be more outgoing and outgoing.

Try to determine how much pressure is used to write. You can easily tell this by looking at the darkness and intensity of the anchor on the white range, or perhaps by flipping the paper over to the other side and looking for any indentations from the pen. People who use heavy pressure to write usually take everything too seriously, but they can also be rigid and volatile. People who write very lightly on paper are generally sensitive and compassionate, although they may also lack energy and liveliness.

way to write a letter

See if there are any sections that are different from the rest of the writing. It can be tiny, cramped handwriting that doesn’t seem out of place in a document filled with large, spacious handwriting. Perhaps there is a segment of the writing that seems rushed, while the rest seems to be written in a meticulous way. Pay close attention to this. Writing that looks different from the rest may indicate uncertainty or even a lie.

How to write and the lie detector

Some graphologists believe that you can tell if someone is lying by looking at their writing. If one person writes in a different way than usual, it could indicate a lie. Too tight writing can also be a sign that the liar is trying to hide their lies, even on paper. People who always add double curls when writing the cursive letter ‘o’ are said to be pathological liars. Handwriting experts say the intersecting inner curls signify a person not feeling comfortable telling the whole truth. The bigger the curls, the bigger the lies.

So now that you know the basics of handwriting, you can try to see if it gets involved with you. You can take a piece of paper and write a simple sentence on it. Then take a look at what you’ve written and see if what the science says applies to you too. It can also be very useful information when you meet someone new or if you are looking to hire someone for a position with your company.

the way of writing shows the character

Just like with first impressions, the way we write can tell others who we really are. If your writing seems weak and fragile, you may be suffering from anxiety or have low self-esteem. If your writing is strong and bold, others will see you as confident and strong. We all tend to wear masks during our day, but our truth will always be revealed to us in our writing.

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