Health : what is it and what are its four types?

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Health : what is it and what are its four types?

human-design - explanations

Imagine a system that could explain how you are made and how to better respond to the world. A kind of combination between astrology and Myers-Briggs which is a pseudoscientific introspective self-assessment questionnaire indicating different psychological preferences in the way people perceive the world and make decisions. In reality this system exists and it is called “human design”. The creation of human design is as follows: in summary, Ra Uru Hu born Alan Krakowar, a former advertising director and magazine editor, had an eight-day visit in the 80s with a “voice”, which dictated a mechanical system which is literally a four hundred page manual on how we all work, as defined by our time and place of birth. And even if it sounds crazy, when you generate your card, you may be surprised how much it looks like you. While it is easy to have a peripheral understanding of the official site of Ra Uru Hu who is cared for by his family today, you can also download the Speaking Bodygraph or book a reading with a certified analyst. And speaking of a certified analyst, we asked a specialist who teaches Human design to explain how it works.

So what is human design?

The Human design system is a system that brings together the principles of I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and quantum physics. Your Human design card, also called BodyGraph, is calculated using your date of birth, time and place of birth to reveal your genetic sign.

On the most practical level, the system shows where and how to access your body consciousness as a decision-making tool and ultimately how to live by being your own self. The system offers a map or manual that shows how unique you are as a person and guides you to live in a way that is in sync with who you really are. When we live in alignment with our own nature instead of going to chase the one that we are not really, we begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance of what we are instead of chasing what we do not are not – and we are able to live our own purpose in the world. No one is “broken” yet we are still trying to fill the open spaces and try to be what we are not.

Note: Each individual is born with a design that is perfect for you. We all have our mythology and our purpose for which we are designed, our own gifts and magic that we must bring to fashion. These will happen naturally when we are aligned with our mechanics.

What are “mechanics”?

The “BodyGraph” is a genetic code card that shows how our energy is there to properly engage the mode. Have you ever wondered if you are using your energy, your life force correctly? When you look at your BodyGraph, you see how your energy is designed to mechanically navigate the mode. Understanding your card in other words understanding your own design does not require believing in any other presence.

What is the purpose of Human Design? How could this system help people move forward and make their own decisions?

The Human design system offers two main sets of tools, called Strategy and Authority. The BodyGraph shows what your unique strategy and authority are and this information can help you make the decisions that are most in line with who you really are. This will definitely lead you in the direction that is right for you.

When we operate with our body’s natural energy instead of going against that energy, we experience less resistance in our bodies and in our lives. We live in an era of information overload which can be both interesting and overwhelming. It can be a challenge to know how to move around the world and what to engage in. And we can end up using our energy for the wrong things.

What is Human Design? How can it help us to know ourselves better?

the role of human design

We also have a tendency to make mind note decisions by bypassing the unique intelligence of our body. The mind can consider many interesting and inspiring ideas that we can enjoy reflecting on. We can use this when we share ideas and perspectives with others. And this is what this system calls “external authority” while being opposed to internal authority. Our minds, bearing, are not designed to know what is good and correct for our lives. You could say that the mind is like a passenger in a car. Its correct role is to sit and enjoy traveling, not to compete with the driver, which is your body on the steering wheel. The tools in this system help the mind to feel comfortably seated behind. Over time, when you experiment with these tools, your mind will be able to observe and rejoice in your instead of trying to control it.

The Human design card is incredibly revealing. Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the system, said: ‘At the very least, people will feel relief when they understand their design. Take for example a person who likes to read and who feels guilty because he likes to spend a lot of time together. Maybe their friends and family think there is something wrong with this person and they are anti-social. When I look at her design, I see that she has ten lines of the Hermit and a few doors of solitude. In other words, this person is designed to spend a lot of time alone. We all have mental stories about how we cannot be ourselves. Simply understanding who we are and how we are designed can help. We are not designed to be all the same!

What are the different types and their strategies?

There are four different types of aura and each type has its own strategy. The strategy is like a door to live by being yourself, by affirming who you really are and understanding and giving up what you are not. Your strategy will help you work with your own natural energy instead of working against that energy.

Types of strategies:

-Generators: Generators represent around 70 percent of the population. They are the life force of the planet, the builders. They have a definite sacral center and an open and enveloping aura that constantly draws their lives. Their strategy is to respond, as opposed to initiating. It is a sacred answer that lets them know if they are available to give their energy to something or not. When generators start from a mental place (instead of waiting for this answer), they may end up feeling deeply frustrated and degenerate rather than regenerated and satisfied with their life and work.

-Projectors: Projectors represent about 20 percent of the population. Their strategy is to wait for recognition and invitation. Their concentrated and penetrating aura gives them the ability to see deeply into the depths of others. When invited and recognized, the Projectors are there to become our most gifted guides. Their opening makes them vulnerable to conditioning. If the Spotlight focuses on the wrong people and is not really recognized, it can lead to fatigue and bitterness. Projectors must learn to be very discerning when they give their energy. They are very good at mastering systems and when they use their energy properly, they will be happy in their lives and relationships.

What are the four types according to the Human Deisgn system?

human design the four types

-Manifesters: Demonstrations represent about 9 percent of the population. By being natural initiators, their strategy is to inform those around them of their decisions before they take action. The demonstrators have a very powerful impact. Their aura is closed and repelling fear to unbalance others and make them want to control the demonstrators. When a Protester shares with others, this act naturally relaxes others and erases energetic resistance by allowing them to initiate peace. Protesters can be an initiating catalyst for other types as well. When they advance in life without informing others, Protesters may end up feeling angry as a result of the resistance they experience.

-Reflectors: Reflectors represent about 1 percent of the population. If all of your centers are open, then you belong to the Reflectors. You have a resilient aura that samples the energies around and reflects them. The way the reflectors treat the experience is very different from the other types. Since their chemistry amplifies everything and everyone, Reflectors have the potential to see what’s going on in ways that no one is capable of. Their greatest gift is to read others and their surroundings. When they are in good health and in the right place, the Reflectors live the miracle and the surprise of life. If, however, the Reflectors eventually identify with what they reflect, they can become exhausted and disappointed.

What are open centers?

We always emit energy and we always absorb energy. The nine centers of the body are hubs of energy that transform and transmit our life force. When a center of your BodyGraph is defined or colored, it is fixed and reliable in the way it works and operates. The centers of your card which are white are open. These undefined centers are not broken or empty, and they do not need to be repaired, but these are the places that are most vulnerable to outside influence. We can learn from them and gather wisdom, but we must not make decisions from these centers. We are constantly conditioned from our open centers when we lived. Conditioning is not something to be avoided, but it can become a problem if one does not do the actions behind it.

human design BodyGraph

What are the different types of Authority?

Your strategy and your Inner Authority go together to guide you. Your Inner Authority is your body knowledge or intelligence, how you know if a decision is right for you. We hear a lot these days about following your intuition. Human Design is specific and shows where your Authority is hiding, so you can experiment and see how it works for you. You can look at your open centers and locate where and how you give your Authority to things and people. When we intentionally practice with our true Strategy and Authority, we align with our unique path and genetic design. Things naturally go in their place.

If you are making decisions using your Strategy and your Authority, then you are not making those decisions with your mind. At first it is very common for our minds to disagree with this guidance. Everyone will feel their Strategy and their authority in a unique way. The only way to take advantage of this information is to experiment with your design. Basic reading with a certified analyst can show you how – there are many nuanced details in each BodyGraph – but in general terms, the types are below:

-Emotional Authority : About 47 percent of the population is in this type of solar plexus authority. The solar plexus operates in a constantly moving wave. Since this guy is always on their emotional wave and going through all the nuances, he takes in information over time. When he reaches a place of clarity or without nervousness in the body, he can make his decisions at this point. If you belong to this type, you always make your best decisions while waiting. Take your time and allow yourself to experience the entire Spectrum of your emotional wave before making decisions.

Sacred Authority: Just under 35 percent of the population have Sacred Authority, and many of these are generators. Your natural tendency is to wait for something or someone to appear before you so that you can respond. Your aura pulls life towards it all the time. You don’t have to go after things, but rather become familiar with the ways you already respond all the time. Your sacred life force is a response mechanism – either open to energize something that is good for you, or closed. The response can be signified by a spontaneous sound or a movement of the body towards something. Someone always asks you a direct question.

types in human design

– Splenic Authority: This type is rarer with around 11 percent of the population and is characterized by intuitive sense or recognition in movement. The spleen is our oldest center of awareness, faster than the mind and deeply rooted in survival, health and well-being. Some people describe this authority as a splenic blow, or for a moment, intuitive knowledge.

Environment / No internal authority : They are approximately 3.5 percent of the population. It’s a Mental Projector with a lot of openness. You receive your guidance through sensory information through your open centers. Using other people like survey bars to hear the truth or the untruth in your voice can help. Being in a good environment is very important to you.

– Self-projected authority: This is approximately 2.8 percent of the population. This type describes a subsection of projectors which are deeply non-energetic and powerful beings. The ability to hear is key. Their truth is expressed through the heart of their identity. Allowing your words to come out without a filter is key.

Lunar cycle authority : With about 1.39 percent of the population, this is the type of authority of Reflectors who derive their authority through the lunar cycle. They have a special connection with the moon. Before making an important decision, you should wait for a twenty-eight and a half day lunar cycle, which provides a consistent and familiar model to work with.

-Ego Authority: This heart-centered authority will come from a searchlight or a protester and represents just over 1% of the population. You have to trust what you say or do spontaneously, right now. The voice of the ego will speak or move the body if you allow it. It’s about letting the words come out without filters and not saying what you think you should say. This authority has a force This authority has a will which is undoubtedly engaged or not.

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