Health : What to do to strengthen your immunity in spring and summer?

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Health : What to do to strengthen your immunity in spring and summer?

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The weather is changing and for better! The trees start to bloom, the days get hotter and longer … But with the change in temperatures come colds and viruses from spring and summer. And the best thing you can do right now to avoid spending your cold days under the duvet is to try to boost your immunity.

Among the steps you can take to avoid getting sick during spring and summer is to get enough sleep, get more exercise, wash your hands regularly, and pay attention to your menu. But are there other things to improve the defenses of your immune system?

Boosting immunity is crucial for good health

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Given the extremely important work of the immune system, we often forget to give our immunity the attention it needs and has deserved. The immune system is the natural defense system inside our body. It fights germs when they try to invade the body. It kills viruses, fights infections and watches over our well-being.

But even if the immune system tends to do well on its own, it really does not hurt to help it a little when you can. And with spring coming, now is the best time to do it. So if you want to feel good and avoid getting sick when the weather starts, here are some tips on how to boost your immunity before spring and summer.

What are some things you can do to strengthen your immunity?

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Stop your bad habits

If you smoke or drink alcohol often, then it’s in your best interest to say goodbye to these bad habits. According to health experts, tobacco destroys the basic defenses of your immune system and also increases your risk of developing bronchitis or pneumonia. Drinking alcohol too often also has a bad effect on the immune system and can increase the susceptibility to lung infections. Smoking cigarettes can also lead to many other health risks, so you can quit smoking and alcohol if you want to be healthier. Alcohol can actually be consumed in moderation, but no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink for women, doctors say.

Go out more

Fresh air is good for the body and has a positive effect on your overall well-being. Fresh air allows you to fill your body with oxygen and helps you feel alive and well awake. Not to mention that fresh air is good for mental health. And when it comes to immunity, fresh air boosts its general function and also helps to tighten the connection between the mind and the body.

If you want to be in good health and in good spirits which generally go together, then you must definitely go out to take fresh air every day when the weather allows it. Scientists at Oregon State University in the United States have shown that vitamin D taken from the sun outside plays a big role in immunity.

Are there foods to eat that can improve your health?

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‘It is essential to have an innate immune response which offers an immediate defense when health is threatened, but we also have protection against an over-reaction of the immune system which is what we observe for example in the state of sepsis or in certain autoimmune diseases, ‘says Adrian Gombart, a professor of biochemistry and principal researcher at the Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon. ‘This is a very delicate balancing act and without the sufficient amount of vitamin D, your immune system may not be able to have an optimal response,’ says Gombart.

The daily amount of vitamin D you need will depend on your age, health experts say. Adults 19 to 70 years old need 600 IU per day, while adults over the age of 71 need 800 IU vitamin D per day. Most people can get enough vitamin D per day from sun exposure, but others may need more. For more information on the subject, you can consult your doctor.

Play sports

People who are sedentary are much more likely to get colds or viruses. Exercising and moving are great ways to keep your body, mind and immune system healthy. When it’s cold outside it’s much more difficult to find the energy to go to the gym, the pool or even just get out of the house. But you have to persevere because playing sports is not only a great way to stay in shape, but also increases immune function, improves the quality of sleep and strengthens the body. So you can even change the type of sport you practice until the weather improves, keep practicing sport whenever you can.

Fruits and vegetables are well known for their positive effect on immunity

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By exercising regularly, you improve your cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, maintain your weight and strengthen your immune system to better fight viruses and bacteria. According to articles from Harvard University, a regular fitness program can be directly linked to better immunity health because sport increases the circulation of good cells.

By exercising regularly, you can also flush out bacteria from your lungs and airways by improving blood circulation and decreasing the release of stress hormones, which contributes to a healthier immune system. It is recommended that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week with two days dedicated to activities that strengthen muscles. So try spending more time in the gym or go for a walk with a friend – it’s a great way to make sure you get the vitamin D for the day while exercising.

You can also play sports with your family. Find out which sports are fun for your family and have fun together. Going for a walk, biking or rollerblading are great ideas like many other sports that you can also do indoors. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself well. Water is always the best option is coconut water is a very good alternative to sports drinks which are usually too sweet.


Everyone experiences stressful situations every day, but if the stress becomes too much, the body begins to lose its ability to fight disease. It doesn’t matter if you exercise, read or do yoga, it is very important to find something that helps you de-stress. Yep that’s easier said than done, but long-term stress can have a lot of negative effects on your body and lowers its defensive strength.

It says a lot about the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can do good and help the immune system, but there are also lifestyle choices you can take to help your immune system work. Again: high stress levels in the body can compromise immunity. And even if it is not possible to remove all the stressors in your life, you can learn to listen to your body. Don’t ignore him when he asks you for time to rest.

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Sleep well

Did you know that good sleep contributes to a better immune system? Granulocyte levels and daytime rhythm are affected by lack of sleep, which stresses the immune system, according to a scientific study by the Eramus MC center at the University Medical Center in the United States. It is recommended that adults get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, so try to sleep well.

The body rejuvenates and strengthens when it rests. And if you can’t get eight hours of sleep a night, you can try napping during the day. No need to take long naps: 20 minutes is even better than several hours. Your body will thank you for keeping your immune system healthy. Also make sure your bedroom is well ventilated and the temperature is right for sleeping.

Take probiotics

Exciting scientific study reveals that good bacteria in the intestines are actually a great way to keep your immunity in good shape. There are these foods and nutrients that you can eat that will help you maintain good digestion. Probiotics are actually these good bacteria which can be found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso, yogurt, kefir, kimchi and microalgae and which are very beneficial for the health of the intestines and for good digestion.

According to Dr. Mercola, it is estimated that 80 percent of the immune system resides in the digestive system, which makes maintaining digestive health in good condition essential for good defenses. Taking probiotics every day can regulate your digestive tract. When the flora in your intestines is out of balance due to the high level of certain bacteria, it also affects your immune system. And probiotics are the ones that will restore this imbalance.

The bacteria in your stomach have great control over the response of your immune system. Besides eating foods that are natural probiotics or taking probiotic supplements, the best way to increase the level of good bacteria in your gut is to avoid sugar. Because sugars and sugary foods feed pathogenic bacteria. In addition to this, processed foods and some of the grains can be limited and replaced with good fats such as coconut oil, avocado, eggs and nuts. And a good probiotic supplement will balance the level of good bacteria in your intestines.

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Make sure you eat well

Spring, and whenever the seasons change, is the best time to try to improve your eating habits. When it’s warmer, eating less and eating more fruits and vegetables becomes much easier. You will no longer need the heat and heavy food of winter. Er the healthy diet is really very important to strengthen his immunity. If you eat enough fiber and take enough vitamin C and water, you will help your immune system to function better and you will feel healthier.

It is very important to follow a balanced diet that includes all the main food groups including whole grains, lean meats and other proteins, good fats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. These food groups will give you the essential nutrients you will need to keep your immunity working properly. A diet that lacks important foods or a higher proportion of processed foods or sugary drinks and alcohol can even completely suppress the immune system’s defenses and lead to weight gain.

In spring and summer, eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible every day and buy organic and local if possible. Also try to avoid eating sugar and processed foods. Sugar affects the quality of your immune system’s response almost immediately. Sugar also lowers the number of good bacteria in the intestines and feeds pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Sugar can be consumed in moderation if you are healthy, but you should avoid it at all costs if you are not feeling well.

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Foods to consume in spring and summer to strengthen your immune system

Fruits and spring salads : Spring and summer are the perfect times to take advantage of the positive effects of vitamins. When the weather is nice and warm, we are more likely to want fresh salads and fruit juices, and fruits and vegetables may very well provide the protection your body will need when the seasons change. Then go for more smoothies with red fruits and spinach to fill up on antioxidants and include fresh salads at noon and in the evening.

Iced green tea: A very powerful antioxidant, green tea has proven its positive results in scientific studies related to the function of the immune system. When it’s hot, you can enjoy green tea in its iced form by letting it cool and serving it with ice.

Citrus: There are plenty of citrus options during spring and summer including grapefruit, oranges, pineapple and tangerines. These fruits are very rich in vitamins C which in turn helps to reduce the duration of colds and viruses, if you ever get sick. Vitamin C also helps produce collagen, a protein that helps strengthen the body’s blood vessels and improve the immune system.

Spinach: This leafy green will help you strengthen your immune system by adding more zinc to your system. Zinc helps divide cells, grow cells, heal wounds and break down carbohydrates.

Nuts : Eating nuts helps a lot against viruses and colds. The different types of nuts contain zinc, fatty acids and selenium which boosts the immune system. Brazil nuts have the highest amounts of selenium which can also be found in seafood.

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Mushrooms : Mushrooms have been present in herbal medicines for centuries. Because fungi help increase the production of cells that help fight infections and contain polysaccharides that help the immune system work.

Garlic: Garlic is not only a pungent vampire medicine, but it also produces antioxidants when it breaks down. And if you don’t like its taste, taking garlic supplements has been shown to reduce the duration of colds.

Yogurt: Eating yogurt with probiotics will help you better survive colds and viruses. As mentioned before, probiotics fill up on good bacteria that are important for stomach health.

Blueberries: Even if you don’t have a garden full of red fruits, try to eat more blueberries. Bilberries are known for their great antioxidant properties despite their small size. By eating a handful of blueberries, you will be full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in your body.

Orange fruits and vegetables: Carrots and sweet potatoes are among the most common foods in supermarkets and at reasonable prices. These orange-colored delicacies are very rich in beta-carotene which is transformed into vitamin A once consumed. And vitamin A helps keep the mucous membrane in the throat and nose healthy.

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