Health : Which are the errors to avoid?

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Health : Which are the errors to avoid?

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Following the coronavirus pandemic, the wearing of gloves has become a daily gesture for many people to limit the possibility of contacting COVID-19. And while wearing protective gear properly can reduce the risk of coming into contact with contaminated surfaces, even making a small mistake while wearing gloves can put you in danger without even knowing it. So what are the common mistakes to avoid when wearing disposable gloves if you don’t want to put yourself in danger? Find out!

Wearing gloves can help against coronavirus if you wear them properly

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You use hand cream before putting on your gloves

Even if the skin on your hands can be very dry due to over-washing, using hand cream before wearing gloves can actually do more harm than good. Oil Infection Control Today says oil-based creams can cause latex gloves to break down, allowing bacteria or viruses to pass through.

Wearing gloves has become a compulsory gesture following the pandemic

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You put disinfectant on the outside of the protective gloves

The disinfectant gel may be good for disinfecting the skin on your hands, but using it on the outside of your gloves is a mistake. The use of harsh chemicals can significantly reduce the effectiveness of certain types of gloves. The disinfectant can create tiny holes in your gloves which also means bacteria and viruses will be able to pass through. It is recommended that you read the gloves manufacturer’s recommendations before using any product on them.

Do not put disinfectant on the outside of the gloves

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You use the same protective gloves you wore for shopping when you drive back

Wearing gloves when shopping can give you a false sense of security after you leave the supermarket. If you’re looking for your car keys or opening the car door with the same gloves you used inside the store, you actually brought the bacteria from the store on every surface you touched. And this increases the possibility of taking COVID-19 home with you. To protect yourself, you must remove and discard the protective gloves immediately after you are finished shopping and before touching anything else including the car door or the steering wheel.


You touch your phone with the gloves you used during your races

You may need to think twice before using your phone while shopping and you should change your gloves each time before you touch the device. Otherwise, you expose yourself to bacteria from all the surfaces you just touched. What you are actually doing is touching all the bacteria in the supermarket and transferring them to your phone which will then come into contact with your face.


You open the packages with gloves and you continue to wear the same gloves afterwards

Even if the coronavirus can only survive a few days on surfaces such as cardboard, for example, this does not mean that you can continue to wear the same gloves that you used to open the package. When bacteria and viruses are on your gloves, they then transfer to everything you touch. Unless you are using gloves just to hold the package or pass it to someone else, you should discard the gloves after you open the package.

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You wear gloves after touching your face

With so many carriers of the virus showing no symptoms, you and others are putting yourself at risk if you continue to wear the same gloves you touched your face with. In this way, it is possible that you are transferring the virus from yourself to others. The reverse is also true: if you touch your face immediately after wearing gloves, you are putting yourself in danger.


When you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face, it really doesn’t matter if you wear gloves or not, the bacteria are transmitted anyway. You should therefore wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after removing your gloves.

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You continue to wear the same gloves you touched your car with

If you continue to wear the gloves you tinkered with on your car, you may endanger yourself. Neither latex gloves nor vinyl gloves can withstand gasoline, diesel or brake fluid which create small holes in the gloves through which viruses can pass.

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You reuse the same disposable gloves

Even though “reduce, reuse and recycle” is a good motto for almost every aspect of our lives, it’s not something that can be applied to disposable gloves. Disposable gloves cannot be worn more than once. Disposable gloves wear out very quickly, so if you wear them several times, they will not protect you from possible contamination.

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You do not throw your gloves properly

One of the biggest mistakes you make with wearing gloves is often after you stop wearing them. When you have finished using a pair of gloves, you should throw them in the trash. Leaving used gloves on the table, on the kitchen counter or even on the floor only increases the chance of bacteria on the gloves finding their way to you.

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In reality, the failure to properly dispose of protective gear has become a big problem and also a potential health problem. Many cities around the world then introduced severe almonds to stop people who do not properly dispose of their protective equipment.

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